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Full text of "Green Years : Westwood High School yearbook"

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\ n 

Ann-Margarette Giovino 
Karen L. Wolfe 


Ellen C. Eberly 

Charles W. Flahive 

Under brick roofs 

and rain-dampened clouds 

Huddled together 

among shuffling feathers 

First flight is upon us 

Awaiting the ascent 

The Wind speaks of inception — 

Time embarks — 

Fledglings wobble and waver 

So far to soar. 

— Michael Ferry 

V^y 1 1897 




Seniors 10 

Faculty 56 

Classes 80 I \j^ 

Activities 94 

Athletics .... 116 

To Phillip F. Flaherty 

Throughout our years at Westwood High School your supportive influence has nur- 
tured our growth trom uncertain followers to mature and confident leaders. Your un- 
derstanding and concern has drawn us to you. We sought advice and always found a 
friend. Your personal interest in us as unique individuals has guided us through these 
four challenging years. 

You were generous with your time, forever finding a moment for words of encourage- 
ment when days were difficult. Your devotion and enthusiasm for our class have im- 
printed warm memories in our hearts. 

It is with great appreciation, love, and respect that we dedicate the 1980 Green Years 
to you, Mr. Philip Flaherty. 

Phillip F. Flaherty 

Best Wishes For A 
Happy Retirement 

Celia Viall 

During the sixteen years that Celia Viall has been Director of Guidance for the 
Westwood Public Schools, she has proven to lie a valued friend of students, 
parents, faculty, and administration. Her active involvement in a variety of 
school programs enabled her to give guidance and direction to school and com- 

As a counselor, Mrs. Viall has always taken a special interest in each of her 
students, providing them with personal, academic and career/educational coun- 
seling. Each year she provides each student with information about post secon- 
dary alternatives and requirements. 

Celia Viall should be remembered as one who cares greatly about her students. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Wentzell 

Some years back, Mrs. Wentzell stopped by W.H.S. - to help out English teachers for a 
few hours each week. She never left, staying on to inspire and help a whole generation of 
her own classes to discipline their prose, untangle their grammar, and discover new 
worlds of experience and understanding in their books. Hundreds and hundreds of her 
students found her unbounded energy and enthusiasm contagious; it seemed as if she 
never, ever, slowed down. 

Now that she leaves W.H.S. with the Class of '80, is she finally, at long last, going to 
stop? Take it easy for a change? Just sit around and enjoy her grandchildren? 

You might ask her — if you can find her. Try the slopes of Cannon or Wildcat as she 
schusses by. Or try the waters of Long Island Sound or the Caribbean; she might be crew- 
ing on that big yawl or sloop over there. Maybe you'd have better luck on the Champs 
Elyssees, where she could be relaxing, sipping an aperitif in a sidewalk cafe, just 
watching, for once in her life, the world go by. 

Wherever you do manage to track her down, be sure of one thing; those around 
"Libby" are having a better day, feeling younger than they have a right to feel, enjoying 
life more. They will have caught some of Mrs. Wentzell's inimitable zest for living. 

Frederica Richardson 
Beginning in the Home Economics Department in 1967, Mrs. Richardson 
transferred to the Social Studies Department the following year where she 
introduced the courses in psychology. Mrs. Richardson was a teacher 
dedicated to each child who attended her classes. She encouraged each 
student to recognize his own worth, study to his potential, and become a 
better person. She felt each child was basically good and only required the 
encouragement, guidance, and tolerance of an adult in order to develop 
into a responsible citizen. Westwood High will miss the devotion and con- 
cern of Mrs. Richardson. 




The time has come for each of us 
to go our separate ways. We have 
but a mere menagerie of memories 
to depict such a crucial time in our 


The past four years have been a 

period of much anxiety and 

happiness. We have had to make 

decisions that will affect the rest of 

our lives. We have received much 

help and guidance in making these 

decisions. No matter what path of 

life we have chosen, whether it be in 

the business world, the armed 

services, or further education, it is 

our duty to see that these 

obligations are fulfilled. We are 

entering a society with many 

problems. However, each one of us 

will be able to make a substantial 

contribution to amend these 


We were a class of unity and 

spirit, but now we must be 

individuals, and individuals in our 

own right, for each of us will achieve 

success in his own unique way. 

The future holds but a world 

awaiting for us to partake. 

Best Wishes . . . 

— Sonja K. Margeson 

177 Winter Street 

"To each his own" 

Karyn curly hair "This is true" Likes listening to WMF, laughing. The Cars. Pink Floyd 
Dislikes working weekends Pet Peeves school lunches, cliques, Mondays, expenses, 

' Westwoodites ' "Yahoo" Favorite People Raura, Spacmelli, BG found in The Death 

Rider, Dedham, tree blocks at Mac's "T.G.I. F.!" work, college 

Powder Putt Football, 

45 Intervale Street 

"Live for today, tor tomorrow may never be' 

Valerie "cream and coffee strike again legs, different hairdo's Likes track, sewing, mellow 
music Dislikes the song "Valerie. Valera. Valerie. Valerha-ha-ha " Pet Peeve Being called Val. 
up at 5 30 AM Favorite People F D . S T . and all the rest found on the track Plans to go 
to college and graduate school 
Powder Puff Football 4, Winter Track 1, 2. 3, 4, Spring Track 1. 2. 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4 

51 Rexford Street 

"Lite is a dream worth living" 

Gma petite and pretty, wild hairdos "Ay yai" Likes eating, swimming Dislikes getting 
up before 10 00 Pet Peeves boring people, Dentyne Gum chewers "Big as a house" loves 
buying clothes and wearing high heeled shoes Favorite people C B , Alma, llanga METCO 
Found asleep at CB's house Lord and Taylor's airplane pilot, independently wealthy 

Drill Team 1, Softball 1, 2, Pep Club 3, 4. Equestrian Club 3 

89 Rock Meadow Road 

Never put oft till tomorrow what you can do today " 

David "Why me'" Likes loud English rock music, English humor, procrastination Dislikes 
college boards and Disco What's all this then' Favorite People Alan Heyd and Rob Knox 
found outside communing with nature, in the media center Who died and made you King'" 

Boys Spring Track 3, Yearbook Staff 


25 Wagon Road 

"If you will do great things, turn into the wind " 

Camce SB natural blonde, definite gemmi "That's life'" Likes Grateful Dead, Philly, 
sunsets Dislikes Disco, lima beans, late people, poor excuses, dumpings Favorite People )im, 
Lina. Ray baby, the rest know who they are "Don't Ireak out on me man, I can't handle it " 
Favorite activities skiing, "B H ", R U S . Herb, Rocky Horror, tailing. Hoio's at 6 00 "That's alright 
though Found In love bug. on the mountain Thanks Mom g Dad college 

Powder Puff Football, Yearbook Staff, Photography Coordinator, Senior Class Play, Musical 1, 4, Pep 
Club 1. 2, 3, 4, President 4, Spring Track 3, Ski Club 4 

159 Porter Street 

Happy memories are forever friends" 

Lynney "Wicked 1 friendly, always smiling favorite activities partying with friends, dancing 
likes Chinese food, weekends dislikes the ' Frizzies" snobs pel peeves curfews, disco at- 
tempts Hi you guys' favorite people Gary, Linda, Maryann lound at CMM, with friends 
Good luck to K A, DP. SC, and the class of "80 excellent'' college 

Drill Team 2, 3. 4. Captain 4. Chorus 2; Girls Glee Club 1, No Parenthesis 2. 4, Powder Puff Football, 
Spring Track 1; Yearbook Staff, Senior Class Play. Pep Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 1, 2, 3 

190 Pond Plain Road 

I think of friends of yesterday when my plans were giggled in rhyme " 

Karen Wicked short, cute Likes skiing, going to the beach, going shopping, parlies, ex- 

pensive clothing Dislikes filling out college applications Pet Peeves Physics, busy phones, dead 
weekends I don't know' Favorite People ST, SL, MO, many others Where Found 

STs red Firebird. York, Lost Brook Good luck to the Class of '80 college 

Chorus 2. 4, Drill Team 3, No Parenthesis 2, 4. Powder Puff Football. Spring Track 2, 4. Yearbook Staff 
4. Hockey Cheerleaders 3. 4, Senior Class Play, Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Orama Club 2. 3; Ski Club 4. 
French Club 2 

559 Hartford Street 

Each day is the first day of the rest of your life 

Vinme Pet Peeves People that say "I don t care Favorite Activities playing drums. Hying, 

bowling Likes Friday and Saturday nights, Italian Sports cars, airplanes Dislikes Monday mor 

nings. homework "This toils" "Yeh Right Favorite People Belch, John lound Cruzin 
Ihe streets. Marges house cute, quiete Commencal Airline Pilot 

Band 2 WHS Dance Band 3, 4, Basketball Manager 4 

128 Beachnut Road 

"Life is a journey not a destination 

Az. Don Knotts "Pitiful" Always smiling, enjoys snackmg, the A S F L . as well as concerts and a 
good laugh dislikes waking up and Sundays at the lodge pet peeves valiants and people with 
colds 'Its been real favorite people KF.UF.GL.K.L.JS.UW Skip's S Lews 

Oh. yeah " College 

Band 1. 2, 3; Concert Band 1. 2. 3. No Parenthesis 4, Basketball 1 . Yearbook Staff 4 Senior Class Play 
AFS Club 4; Pep Club 2. 3. 4. SKi Club 4 

18 Hooper Street 

Yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream ' 

Cathy blue eyes, blushing likes panda bears, pepperoni, mushrooms and onion pizzas 
Spookie You re such a spaz " T.P with E R, those " conversations. Wiz. and the gang dis- 
likes crowds and bashes pet peeves red hair. "Cheeks", turning red "no, no. no" gimme 
a break favorite people Randy. Kath. and Lis found with the buddies " college 

Chorus 1. 2, 3. No Parenthesis 2. 3. 4; Soccer 3. 4, Spring track 3. 4. Drama club 1; Senior Class Play, 
Yearbook staff. National Honor Society 3, 4 

124 Briar Lane 

All people smile in the same language 

Ana-Maria eichange student from Columbia "Hi 1 " very nice Likes basketball, 
volleyball, French Dislikes Math Pet Peeve people asking too many stupid questions about her 
country Favorite Person Sue W found in school, on the volleyball court future plans 

Volleyball 4; AFS Club 4; YFU Eichange Student 4 

273 East Street 

Winning is not the most important thing, it's everything 

Mike. Zulu tall and enormous . likes football parties, winning pet peeves losing to Medfield, 
weight loss, football practices favorite activities weight training, football found in the 
weight room, WHS football field, YMCA college. 

Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Weight Training 1, 2. 3. 4 


3 Linden Street 

"Smile for no reason and let everyone wonder why 

Sue "You'd love it 1 " always smiling, except on Mondays Favorite Activities soccer, football 
games, shopping Likes Doritos, parties Pet Peeves waiting, school lunches, conceited people 
pitiful'" Favorite People S s . T S . everyone lound at Lost Brook Luck to the Class of 
80 continuing school 

Girls Glee Club 2, Soccer 2. 3. Powder Puff Football. Pep Club 1, 2, 3 

446 High Street 

Go as far as you can see When you get there you'll see further 

Sue THE LITTLE KID "HO 1 ambitious, imaginative likes canoeing, hiking, bee 

keeping, calligraphy, animals, the ALFA, dancing, wool "It's cool" pet peeve waiting for late 
people, problems favorite people T D„ L B . Merlin found in Vermont Buggers' 


School Newspaper 1. Explorers Club 2, 3, Musical 1.2,3. 4. One Acts publicity 3. AFS CLub 4. Ski Club 
4. Yearbook Staff. Senior Class Play 

81 W Walnu< Park 

"I am an optimist It does not seem of much use to be anything else 

Chad. Sir Rise easy going, nice smile likes hoop, "lamming it!" dislikes getting up very 
early, tough practices enioys playing basketball, listening to music found wherever there's a 
basketball, at Gma's favorite people G A , S B , J B tall, dark, and handsome college, pro ball 
Basketball 2, 3, 4 

24 Spruce Drive 

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm " 

Steve Wicked 1 patriotic, somewhat quiet Favorite Activities bowling, biking likes 
loud music, Italian sports cars dislikes Disco, British humor Pet Peeves Democrats, energy 
wasters See. I told you' Favorite People Vmce. John. Dave found in the Media Center, 
stuck on a L R.V. on the MBTA transfer student |umor year "Beatles stink'" College 

Basketball Manager 3. Yearbook Staff, Baseball Manager 3 

265Farm Lane 

"If you're going to do something tonight that you'll be sorry lor tomorrow morning, sleep late " 

Larry. Lar 'Awsome'" likes getting Hat tires dislikes mono, pickles nice brown eyes 
pet peeves fat class of 79. snobs "Really' " favorite activities playing basketball and 
hockey S D . B S „ I D . M W , B.C., C K. favorite people Rath. John & The Boys found in 
Norwood, at Duff s house, in library, at MacDonald's "Tell me about it 1 " plans to go to college 

Hockey 2, 3. Pep Club 2. Yearbook Staff 4 

86 Fo« Hill Street 

there's a |ob to do, she does it, if a challenge, she accepts it; if there's a smile, she wears it." 

Dislikes Hamlet, trig, flunking 
found in Albany, N Y . or at school 

Lau Whoops' Likes roller skating, explosive clothes 
Pet Peeve AP Biology, getting up in the morning Bopsie'" 
with favorite people See Bee, MW, EH Wh3t s up 7 ' 

Chorus 1. 2. 3. Student Council Rep 2, 3. No Parenthesis 2. Sacred Cheese, Editor 3, Student Faculty 
Forum 2, Student Advisory Board, Chairman 4, Boy's Winter Track, Manager 3. Girl's Winter Track, 
Manager 3, Yearbook Staff 4, One Acts, Director 3, Musical 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Play, AFS Club 2. 3. 4; 
Drama Club 1, 2, Ski Club 4. National Honor Society 3, 4, Health Careers Club 2. 3 

148 School Street 

"To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand 
and eternity in an hour " 

Lise not Lisa' red hair, "0 K !" Likes, cheering football and hockey teams, powder puff, 
good music, whales and wildlife pet peeves having French last, losing, decorating halls. Monday 
mornings' "Tell me about it'" found reading, fishing, target shooting or anywhere else Luck 
to the class of '80 college, then wildlife management 

No Parenthesis 4. Powder Puff Football, Spring Track, Yearbook Staff; Senior Class Play, Pep Club 3 
French Club 1 

41 Church Street 

The tree of liberty only grows when watered by the blood of tyrants ' 


345 Oak Street 

"The secret of success in life is for a person to be ready when his opportunity comes." 

Matt green eyes and always smiling What's up 7 " swimming, motorcycle riding, playing 
frisbee in wide open spaces Likes Mr Earls, Mr Kodzis dislikes studying pet peeves being 
late to class, shallow preppies "Go For It'" favorite people N S . D B , Mr B found at the 
Red Coach, cruising, Walpole, with McConnell "That's excellent'" travel and school 

45 Birch Street 

Crown thy delights with a thousand sweet contentings ." 

Tnsh, Dish "Cute!" Short, brown eyes and hair. T ! H enioys parties, r/80. Koala bears, "2" 

dislikes NPGA, JTC s and FBB s Pet peeves waiting, having 5 fingers, being short 
Funny favorite people M rea. Kath', Mau found in Yogis truck, thecal, with Let, Chris. Boo- 
boo and the gang "Should I go'" . college 

Field Hockey 1, 2. 3. 4, Softball 1. 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2; Powder Puff Football 

80 Peartree Drive 

Have strength to change the things you can, courage to accept the things you can't, and wisdom to 
know the difference" 

Chelle Bell "What s done is done Brown eyes, curly hair Likes classy people, Italian din 
ners, dancing, baking in the sun, and Camaros Dislikes arguments Pel peeves Snobs, 
cheerleaders, waiting Down at the Branch" Hey, Hey Brown 75 Camaro, and at 

BayBank College 

Pep Club 1. 2, 3, Drama Club 1, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Class Play 4, U S Y 1,2. 3. Vice-President 3 

44 Gay Street 
Class President 

Let thy speech be better than silence, or be silent ." 

Billy, Pres "I'm serious beautiful red hair Enjoys large get togethers, P J C , Math Depl 

regulars Dislikes accusations, being put on hold or takeover people favorite activities politic- 
ing, playing lawyer, chasing Dicky pet peeves Yardbird. paranoid people, total intellectuals, harras- 
ment by faculty, Proco "outstanding favorite people secret service, abnormals. family 
found roaming the corridors, on the track, on the field, on crutches college, law school, gover 
norship. presidency 

Student Council 2. 4. Student Gov Day Rep 4, Student Faculty Forum 1,2,3. Student Advisory Board 
1. 2, chairmen 3; Boys" State 3, Soccer 1. 2, 3. 4. Winter Track 1. 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1. 2, 3. 4, 
South Pacific, Senior Class Play, Student Announcer 3. 4; Pep Club 1, 2. 3. 4 

10 West dale Road 

"That there should one Man die ignorant who had the capacity lor knowledge, this I call a tragedy 

Chuck Tall, dark, and handsome "Take it easy" Easy to talk to, distinctive walk Enioys 
football, alter hours, post party parties, ski trips "K M A " Likes SB's on the beach, 
Beatlemania HZ. football parties Dislikes C CSC. TWSE, dinner excursions Favorite People 
Karen, CR, members ol the football team Pet Peeves waiting, being ranked #1. busy signals. 
H I W'S Found with Karen, on the field February 18 College 

Football 1, 2. 3. Co-Captain 4. Powder Puff Football Coach; Winter Track 2, Weight Training 1, 2, 3. 4, 
National Honor Society; Yearbook Staff 

95 Mill Street 

"Tis nothing but a magic shadow-show, round which we phantom figures come and go " 

Sue "What time is this over'" quiet, petite, big brown eyes enioys dancing, singing, acting 
likes musicals, the ocean dislikes typing. Monday mornings pet peeves getting up before 
10 00 am "Naah 1 favorite people J and J Cummings, N.AM , CD found at play prac- 
tice, on stage likes the woods, English accents "What are you up to'" . college 

Activities Chorus 1, 2, No Parenthesis 2, 3. 4; Yearbook Staff 4. football cheerleader 2. 3. basketball 
cheerleader 2, 3, msuical 1. 2. 3. 4. Senior Class Play, AFS Club 4; Drama Club 1. 2. 3. Vice President 
4. French Club 1, 2, 3. 4. Natl Honor Soc 3. 4 

267 Dover Road 

"When one sets a goal and then achieves it. it's a dream come true 

Bob. Brooksie curls, last-talker "Hey Joe'" "Don't worry about it 1 " likes: the Doors, 
C B B dislikes, practice. Millis enioys sports, parties, listening to the Doors pet peeves 
grass drills, two-faced people, camp", losing to Medfield "Revert left 1 " "Run it in" favorite 
people the football team and assorted others found on the High School fields, Mattapoisett, Fox- 
boro Raceway. Lost Brook doodling lond memories of beating Millis college 

Football 1. 2, 3, 4. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council Representative 4, National Honor Society 3. 4; 

Yearbool Staff 

14 Oak Street 

"Time endears but cannot tade the memories that freinds have made The happy memories we share 
are a very special tie that keeps us close in thought and heart as the days and years go by" 

Pam, Spam "You re obnoxious" brushing hair, distinctive walk Likes roses, blue Mercedes, 
real friends Dislikes Chemistry, being called a chick Pet Peeves Fights with I F But 

Why'" . Found at Kim s Lechmeres Favorite people B L . K C . R N . J M "You're really 
bugging me College 

Powder Pulf Football; Yearbook Staff. Football Cheerleader 3. Hockey Cheerleader 3, 4, Pep Club 3; 
Senior Class Play 


130 Washington Street 

"When a friend asks, there is no tomorrow 

Jeanette Huh'' always joking, likes swimming. Zeppelin. The WHO' dislikes disco, snobby 
people pet peeves being called clumsy "What do you want me to do'" favorite people J D , 
M.D.. L.K., found in Norwood "What a rush 1 plans Peabody or Johnson & Wales 

106 Strasser Avenue 

Happy memories, like a lighted candle, light the dark places of later life" 

Linda Lin "give me a break " quiet, easy blusher, nicely styled hair Likes soccer, tennis, 
horseback riding, times with the trio, parties, D F s tokes Dislikes homework, diets Pet 
Peeves snobs, waiting for D P , curfews, getting up early pitiful Favorite People M G , D P . 
SC, LA found with friends, at Burger King luck to ASB, M&J, L4G. E. S's college 

Spring Track 1, Softball 2, Soccer 3, 4; Powder Puff Football; Pep Club 1, 2. 3, 4. Drama Club 2, 3, 4; 
Senior Class Play, Yearbook Stall 

66 Crystal Hill. Terrace 

"A man s homeland is wherever he prospers " 

Jon blond and cool "Hey, Raputa!" enioys hanging around with the gang pet peeves 

Sing Sings Ma, WP D likes screamers, football dislikes "Stop dancin' up there!" found 

outside of Westwood favorite people know who they are make millions with the Silver Bullis 

902 Albany Street 

"Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can " 

Charlise Sister "No Sir 1 ' very athletic Likes basketball and sewing Pete Peeves 
When C W forgets late bus Found at gym and at home Future Plans Employee at Day Care 

Girl's Softball Team 2 

36 Dean Street 

"Judge not and thou shall not be |udged ." 

Peter easy going and friendly likes old Chevrolets, big parties, Harleys and "Oldies but 
goodies " dislikes Earth, Wind and Fire, silence, being a Ireshman. and Fords found in South 
Norwood Service Station working hard, with friends, and Draper Ave favorite people Rosey, Irvas, 
OB pet peeves disco, PD of Westwood mechanically oriented 

81 Pond Plain Road 

Lord what fools these mortals be" 

Fran Raah 1 tall, quick to laugh, blue eyed, Roman nose Likes waking up with Charles, 

swimming, Woodman, J T. Doors. WB C.N ., Skis Pet Peeves "Coober Scoober' ' . 'Ya Doors'" 
Favorite People Joes. Z. Seed "We leave behind a legacy never to be completely understood or 
repeated "I hope my kids don't read this!" college, businessman, entrepreneur Member of 
Original Fraternal Order of Joes " 

Student Council Rep 4. Sacred Cheese 3, 4. Swim Team 3. 4. Spring Track 1; Basketball 1. 2, Yearbook 
Staff. Musical 4, Senior Class Play. Drama Club 4, Spanish Club 3 

7 Sunrise Road 

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I 
can, and the widsom to know the difference ." 

Corella "Sup" . . curly brown hair, always smiling Enioys being friends with David, surviving 
Emo's 2 & 3. but not finding silverware, mellowing out Pet peeves B F at Bicks. pillows "Ya 
right 1 Favorite people Deb, M Percks, Trme lound at 369 Clap St , Cloud 9. on the moped 
"Got such the munchies" college 

Soccer 2, 3, Powder Puff Football. Senior Class Play; Softball 1. Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4. Tennis 3. 4. Pep 
Club 1, 2. 3. 4 

75 Cushing Road 

"Dreams do not come true if we only wish hard enough You can have anything in life if you sacrifice 
everything else for it " 

Peter "Hi rerr" big eyes, musical Favorite activities playing drum corp, fishing and camp- 
ing, acting Likes good Italian food, corp parties, competitions Dislikes working weekends, 
homework and D.C.I. Favorite people B AC s, B.F.'s, the D L Found in rehearsal Pet 
Peeves ignorant drum |udges. standing at attention while being eaten by mosquitos. late people, 
bndgemen. and hard rock college 

Band 1.2.3, Concert Band 1.2. 3. Chorus 2, 3. 4. District Chorus 3; Student Council 2. Musical 1,2, 
3. Drama Club 1. 2, 3 


1 Hommagen Center 

"A person who wont be beaten, can't be beaten 

Kl VaMalachi BreJher, Cassanova "UM 1 brown hair, tall, handsome Favorite Activities ski 
ing. track likes ladies, winning, tun dislikes the late bus Pet Peeves Scotties, indoor state 
coat "Just like a duck" Favorite People Metco students lound at the track or on the slopes 

Football 1, 3, Winter Track 1. 2. 3, 4, Spring Track 1, 2. 3, 4. Cross Country 4. AFS club 4. Ski Club 4 

71 Camden Street 

"What you get out of life is what you put into it " 

Bernard, Sugar bear short, dark and handsome, talks loud Hey 1 ' likes eating, traveling, 
girls dislikes rising at 5:30 a m Monday Friday enioys parties, b-ball, football, rollerskatmg 
and swimming "What' pel peeve DCW, late bus found somewhere between Westwood and 
Boston, football field, basketball court, University Hospital favorite people METCO students 
funny, witty (NFL) Future plans Aviation Mechanic 

Football 1. Spring Track 2; Library Club 1. 2. 3. Equestrian Club 3 

16 Millbrook Road 

"Do what you want to do, but be what you are ' 

Beck tall, dark, burnette, humorous "Ready Go!" likes a little drivin' on a Saturday night, 
making people smile, winning states. Uncle Timmy + Co , all members of the S "Blue eyes and 
blond hair dislikes curbs and hypocrites "This is so Queer 1 ' pet peeves being confused 

and worried. The Disease favorite people Jane, Kath, Marea, Son found in the VW or laughing 
with friends college, success 

Band Concert 1, 2. 3, Concert Band 1. 2. Pit Orchestra 1.2, Brass quartet 2, Student Council Officer, 
Treasurer 4. No Parenthesis 2. Powder Pulf Football. Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4. Yearbook Staff 4. Manager 
of softball 2. Senior Class Play, Student Announcers 4, Photography Club 2, National Honor Society 3, 

80 Porter Street 

"Good things come in small packages ." 

Ann Mane, Bonnicelli small, smiling likes disco, gold, lewelry. parties, disco mobile, cat mobile 
dislikes SATs "Take a hike" "What's your problem'" enioys hairdressing. Powder 
Puff pel peeves late people, back seat drivers. Tulloch's A block, The Doors Favorite people 
the gang & Trme. too found at Lost Brook, Boiack LTD, in the Boa Pit college hairdress- 
Powder Puff Football. Pep Club 3, 4. Drama Club 2. 4. Ski Club 4. Senior Class Play 


91 Hawktree Drive 

"Time is too slow for those who yearn, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too 
short for those who reioice. but for those who love, time is not " 

Beth "It's all in your mind" brown eyes, strawberry blonde and brown hair likes The Doors. 
getting mittens. EMO's. Catmobile. all-nighters, swimming dislikes Mondays. B B B pet 

peeves driving around, diets. SG's favorite people "The Gang found at Lost Brook. 367 Clap 
boardtree St., EMO s. anywhere but the pool nursing, college 

Girls Swim Team 1, 2, 3. 4. Powder Puff Football, Yearbook Staff 4. Senior Class Play 

277 Alder Road 

We are all travellers in the wilderness of this world, and the best that we can find in our travels is an 
honest friend 

Sarah enioys soccer. Mulcahy's "BICNAB'S" Likes Bermuda, water skiing, sailing Dislikes 
long laps, people who get mad for no reason Pet peeves MB B , pushy-spastic bears But that 
kmda bugs me. a little bit 1 "Burma, it looks like a penguin 1 "Cookie Smokestacks' found 
in the locker room. Maine, with S C and D L F It's a duck with mascara 1 cute and always 

laughing Psychology 

Color Guard 1. No Parenthesis 2. Soccer 2. 3. 4 Captain 3. 4. Spring Track 1. 2. Yearbook Staff 4. 
Senior Class Play; AFS Club 3, 4. Secretary Treasurer 4. National Honor Society 3. 4 

47 Washington Street 

"It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow 

Sue Cookie Smokestacks Jane Curtain likes Brazilians, summertime, music. Mulcahy's 
BICNAB s , Rocky Horror, dislikes getting up early for school pet peeves M B B . obnonous peo- 
ple Boche found with SC & D L F "Far-out 1 ' green M&M's Give me a break 1 ' 
future plans College for Physical Therapy. 

Chorus 2, Student Council Representative 3. Yearbook Staff 4. Musical 2. 3. 4, Senior Class Play; AFS 
Club 3, President 4; Exchange Student to Brazil 3. National Honor Society 3, 4 

225 Washington Street 

"The deepest rivers flow with the least sound " 

Mad dog. Mont. PeeWee Shut up and line up favorite activities basketball, marching band 
pit orchestra and camping hardworking Likes night competitions, big crowds band fags the 
pit Saturday Night Live "B F Mania'" dislikes losing to Hull. AP eiams, Q tip hats in- 
tense pet peeves Kuz on the toms, Saturday morning M B practice, faulty zippers physics 
favorite people Toff. B F s. and mother magloo Ah-yes found at Friendly s. the football 
game. Club 101 , Mr B s office, on the "boi" College 

Band 12 3. 4. Concert Band 1. 2. 3. 4, W H S Dance Band 4. Pit Orchestra 1 3 4 Spring Track 1 
Baseball 2. Basketball 2; National Honor Society 3 4 

24 Wmslow Road 

"Take it as it comes 

Claybo, Devo "What s up' D-V favorite activities hockey, football, parties, and sleeping 
likes the Doors, red hair, l-mas trees, bimbi s dislikes football camp, warming up pet 
peeves having no gas. Lacoma. "hubdub". doppers "how ya doin'" favorite people Gibbo, 
OB , Martian, The Wife found in the brown Nova, not home "sideways" College 

Football 4, Hockey 3. 4 

30 Bierne Place 

If our desires are put aside, and we concentrate on helping others, we can truthfully say our lives 
were not in vain " 

Kevm "Hollywood found just about everywhere. TBC. New York Europe Likes eating 
disco roller skating. Church activities Pet Peeve late bus. 5 30 mornings' Big as a House" 
Favorite people - Metco students - especially C B Ir college and Grad School 


Spring Track 2. Senior Class Play. Library Club 1, 2. Equestrian Club 3 

172 Birchtree Drive 
"Life is sweetened by risk 

Greg "Pitiful Favorite Activities Playing music, going out for the night, spending money 

Likes Playing the guitar, singing. V H . KISS. C N Dislikes B F s. S G . Goody Goodies Favorite 
People Carol. Mike. Ace Found all over the place Famous and Well Known 

Band I. 2. 3. 4. Concert Band 1. 2. 3. 4. W H S Dance Band 3, 4. Chorus 4 Double Quartet 4 Boys 
Winter Track 3, 4. Musical 4 

85 Elm Street 

There are different people with different problems, and there are some people less fortunate than we 
are So keep your chin up and help one another 

L U l Sq T' k, T "° l . chocola,e ecla,,s a *■»" t"°"" "air glasses en,o,s camping, chorus 

DF ?r ru rT CmS ' C P ' ng T ,S ' dlS " keS Sn ° bS pel peeve sch0 °' *»■"« '«or.te people 
Dt.SG.BM.CB. F found at Saturday Rec . Mrs Reardon s class. WHS Nursery Shool St Luke's 
Nursery School future plans employment 

Chorus 3. 4. Youth SNARC 1. 2. Vice-President 3. 4. Powder Puff Football 

33 Wessex Drive 

You don't look bach, you don't look ahead, the future is what's awaiting you " 

Frank "I'm a man " Black hair, blue eyes Favorite Activities Skiing, Pool Hopping 
Likes Night Competitions, Little Feat, S.C., 72 Chargers Dislikes Practicing competitions in the 
ram Pet Peeves losing to Hull, Double Vision. Pennies in the Tuba "Don't you wish it!" . . 
Favorite People Deed. J S . D S Found with D.S.. in the blue Buick U MASS or U.N.H. 

Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Boys' Swim Team 1. 2. 3; Yearbook Staff. Musical 1. 2, 4; One 
Acts 2, Drama Club 2 

60 Greenacre Road 

all ya have to do is call. Ill come running, you've got a friend," 

Kim "Care" the curly look, big blue eyes likes NO DOZ, weekend, Lechmere parties, being 
late for school, tuna pockets. HL cookies pet peeves school, missing silverware, fat thighs , , . "I'm 
not quite sure" favorite people Mrs Mau, MB, the gang of girls found at D'Angelo's, 
Lechmeres, in the wagon OLDER men' Nadia, Kima But Mum" future plans college, 
fashion merchandising 

No Parenthesis 1, Powder Puff Football, Football Cheerleader 1. 2, Captain 3; Basketball Cheerleader 
1, 2, Captain 3, Hockey Cheerleader 4, Senior Class Play; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 1, 2, 

497 Dover Road 

In charily there is no excess' 

29 Deerfield Avenue 

"They are the footprints left behind by man on his long occasionally faltering, but wholly satisfying, in- 
evitable lourney to the stars," 

Clairebo Likes Doors. Beatles, October found under a comb, behind a book . Dislikes: ul- 
timatums. Lisa's singing "I can't wait ." Pet Peeves lost combs, US H, disco . "Really?" 
Favorite People Zutch. fhe rest know who they are reading, biking nursing, research. 

Student Faculty Forum 2, Sacred Cheese 3; Spanish Club 3. Health Careers Club 3. 4. Yearbook Staff 4 


29 Deerfield Avenue 

"You give but little when you give of your possessions, it is when you give of yourself that you truly 

Lis sincere, dreamer, expressive eyes "Hi guys'" likes solt music, long conversations, fall 
mg of snow, the ocean, flowers and balloons enioys singing, biking, and being buddies . . , 
"Probab lee dislikes falling up the stairs, confusion, and insincerity pet peeves deadlines, 
rumors, curfews favorite people Kath, Cath, B S ' found in Kathy's locker, or making noise in 
the media center college, physical therapy 

No Parenthesis 2, 3, 4. Yearbook Staff; Musical 3. 4. Senior Class Play. AFS Club 4. Pep Club 2. 3; 
Drama Club 1, 2, 3, French Club 3, National Honor Society 3. 4 

41 Country Lane 

Everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon" 

Jim Likes the Rolling Stones. Beatles, George Carlin. playing and collecting musical instruments 
cruising Don't your expressions sound silly'" Dislikes Math found on stage, at practice 
broadcasting and college 

Senior Class Play; Drama Club 2. 3, 4. Spanish Club 1, Musical 4; One-Act Play Contest 2, 3. 4, 

34 Booth Drive 

"It is better to wear out than to rust out " 

Rachel Really' Brown eyes, brown hair, English accent Likes riding her horse and play- 
ing the piano, thatched cottages and white roses Dislikes pollution and artificial colors and preser- 
vatives Pet Peeves Naturally smart people who don't ever have to work to succeed, and the phrase 
"I told you so 1 " "Flipping Heck!" Favorite People: I.C I, and J C II found at Wildwood 
Stables or the Riding School College, C.P.A. 

Glee Club 1. Yearbook Staff 4; Drama Club 1, 2, Equestrian Club 3, 4. French Club 2 

26 Mageletta Drive 

There's only one thing harder than getting to the top, and that's staying there" 

Bill, Otis likes football parties, massages. The Doors, beating Millis "I don't want to argue 
about it I'm right ' pet peeves Leopard's, big mouths, Camp Monomoy, waiting around likes; 
football. Al's workouts, ski trips, arguing with Beth dislikes: Being rated #1, grass drills, the baby 
blue of M , |unk food "Oh. yeah favorite people C.K , football team, all the gang found in 
the locker room, Lost Brook, on the field, at parties red hair, the walk . College 

Football 1. 2. 3, Co-Captain 4, Class Treasurer 3, Coach Powder Puff Football 4, Weight Training 1. 2, 
3. 4. 


453 High Street 

A noble heart, like the sun, showeth its greatest countenance in its lowest estate 

Carol Howdy 1 " Shy. curious. Scorpio Likes Drawing, daydreaming, toggy days, music 
"I'm lost!" Dislikes crowds, being alone Oh Great 1 Pet peeves colds, pushy people, soft 
ice cream lound at Brighams. covered with ice cream, wandering, hopelessly lost college 

Girls Glee Club 1, Powder Puft Football, Yearbook Staff. Senior Class Play 

139 Phillips Brooks Road 

I take my fun where I find it" 

Kevin "Hey 1 Skiing. AS F L likes weekends dislikes Chip found in Lost Brook. 
New Hampshire favirote people - The Gang' pet peeves arguing with T F Leopords. Bermaus' 
Sermons college 

119 Blue Hill Drive 

"Life is like a horn and sometimes you blow it 

Carmie. Pres "Good grief long brown hair, brown eyes, friendly likes music, acting, 
horn solos, making friends dislikes typing, marching in the ram "Tell me about it 1 " pet 
peeves cliques. "Y'all", people who march out of step "If you would only |ust cooperate 1 
favorite people the Band, friends, Mr B & SOS found in the music room college. 

Band 1. 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2. 3. 4. Orchestra 1. 2. 3, 4. Band Publicity 3, Band President 4, Stu- 
dent Council 2; Treasurer 3. No Parenthesis 2, Sacred Cheese 3. District Orchestra 2; District Band 3. 
4; Drama Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Thespian member. One Acts 2, 3, 4. Musical 1. 2. 3. 4. National Honor Society 
3. 4. Senior Class Play Yearbook Staff 

105 Salisbury Drive 

"You ve got to get up in the morning with a smile on your face, and show the world all the love in your 

Sue What a cackle always laughing, cheery, freckles, rings on fingers favorite activities 
cheering, horseback riding likes weekends, Chinese food, E W F dislikes toe gang, snobs 
pet peeves being tall. "Hi girls, twitching noses, busy phones "Of course "Wicked" 
favorite people Dee Dee, Linda, Kerry found at football games. Lost Brook, with the trio "A mo- 
ment of silence. Maryann 1 ". Luck to Cheeks. Lynne and Gary. Esteban So cute college 

Glee Club 1. 2. 3: Powder Puff Football. Yearbook Staff. Football Cheerleader 1. 2. 3. 4. Basketball 
Cheerleader 1. 2. 3; Hockey Cheerleader 4, Senior Class Play. Pep Club 1.2.3. 4. Drama Club 1. 2, 3, 




32 Linden Street 

"The memories that are left behind never fade in one s own mind ' 

Cuch Blond, blue eyes "Oh, my God" Favorite Activities Skating, dancing Likes music, 
parties and high heels Dislikes being called Shorty Pet peeves cliques, waiting Favorite 
people MD. S L. SM. AMC Found at Lost Brook and Lechmere s College 

Powder Puff Football 4. Senior Class Play; Pep Club 1. Ski Club 4 

126 Downey Street 

Present fears are less than horrible imaginings 

Jane We re gonna be late 1 preppie. short, monogrammed sweaters. EARRINGS, Pappagallos. 
and blue eyes likes mint-chocolate chip ice cream dislikes MB pet peeves being called 
loan, sausages and nubby Dean sweaters "What should I do'" favorite people S B , C D , and 
M C found shopping with no money, confused on the Red Line, and attempting to make fillings for 
Dr M college 

Banner Bearer 1.2. No Parenthesis 2. 3. 4. Yearbook Staff 4. Senior Class Play 4 

126 Downey Street 

"The only way to have a friend is to be one " 

Joan I forgot 1 Preppie. short, alligator sweaters and ribbons always smiling likes the 
beach, dislikes being called Jane, taking SAT's and Achievements pet peeves little sisters who 
borrow clothes, frizzy hair favorite people CD. SB. MC found at Islington Pharmacy, at football 
games not knowing what s going on future plans College. 

Banner Bearer 1, 2, No Parenthesis 2. 3, 4. Yearbook Staff 4. Senior Class Play 4 

91 Green Hill Road 

"No one knows what it is that he can do until he tries." 

Carol "Oh. No!" the tallest one in the crowd at 5'4" likes soccer, scary movies, animals, 
dislikes spiders, short pants pet peeves surprise quizzes, Jane bumping into her favorite peo- 
ple Joan, Jane, Sue found at football games. Golden Arches. 411. at the beach future plans: 
College and Physical Therapy. 

Glee Club 1; No Parenthesis 4. Soccer 3. Powder Puff Football: Yearbook Staff 4. Senior Class Play; 
Drama Club 1. 


134 Fairmont Street 

"I have almost forgotten my dream, but it was there then, in front of me, bright as sun — my dream." 

Magic, Skiz Tm down 1 ' Always G Q , humorous likes defeating girls 440 relay, going to 
track, competing, dislikes D CW , practicing, zits favorite activities running, basketball, talking to 
girls, being cool pet peeves going home late and getting up early "Stick to it and win" 
favorite people Metco students. Rog, WB found on the track, basketball court, cooling out 
Vamalachi Brothers Gaining on you "Excuse me, Child" future plans College 

No Parenthesis 3. 4. Sacred Cheese 3. Winter Track 1. 2, 3. 4 Spring Track 1. 2, 3.4, Cross Country 2, 
4, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Play, Photography Club 4 

568 Canton Street 

"Without the way. there is no going, without the truth, there is no knowing, without life, there is no liv- 

Patty "You heard it here first 1 ' blue eyes, always laughing, Enioys Monday Night Singles, 
pranks, #2 and #3 Pet Peeves the code, Pat Scratch Fever "I'm not Beetsie Favorite peo- 
ple "The gang and Trme too" Found At Emos, Lost Brook. 367 Clapboardtree. the Cape "Ob- 
noxious college 

Pep Club 1. 2, 3. 4; SKi CLub 4. Ski Team 3. 4. Senior Class Play 

149 Farm Lane 

Live to learn and learn to live " 

Raleigh What's up'" quiet, tough enioys the martial arts, girls, cars and people in general 
but not football, politicians pet peeve teacher plans to work 

Karate 1. 2. 3, 4 

44 Gloucester Road 

Memories Good times Memories are the good times " 

Cathy Those are the breaks' brown hair and blue eyes Favorite Activities chorus, spec 
talor sports likes music, good times, good movies Pet Peeves school lunches Favorite Peo- 
ple S G . S H . S C , C McD . and others found with friends or cruisin College-nursing 

Chorus 3. 4, AFS Club 2. Pep Club 3. French Club 2 


48 Cherry Street 

"That which is bitter to endure may be sweet to remember 

Marea "I don't get it" noticeable 1 laugh, blue eyes and blonde hair, bad |okes likes Bs in 
BVs 4 15, membersof the OS. DBP's dislikes PWSOI or my feet Pet peeves TWSE crack 
ing knuckles. NPGA. numb teeth Oh queer 1 Favorite people Kev. Kath, Trish, Karen 

found in the Nova, with Rich. Herbie. Beck, and the gang, at Eagerman s Saturday night sign age 
"I've got problems college 

Student Council Rep 4. Powder Putf Football, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. Girls' Basketball 1, Senior Class Play, 
Yearbook Stalf 4, Pep Club 3. 4, Spanish Club 3, Natl Honor Society 3. 4 

92 Hawthorn Street 

Don! take life too seriously, you canl gel out of it alive anyhow 

Sal. Sal D quints, distinctive laugh likes #34, 7/14, Sven. fights with Barry. R&D, EW&F 
found in Sloughton, al Southeastern F-ball games, with my sister Becky. McCube's library pet 
peeves waiting. SEC. being left out always acting crazy favorite people Scott. Beth. Barry 
"Star of the Day MW. CTK, Bird, members of PT, SC. JD more April 13ths College 

Manager of Girls Basketball 1. Softball 2. Powder Puff Football 4. Senior Class Play. No Parenthesis 4, 
Yearbook Stall 4 

101 Lakeshore Drive 

"He not busy being born is busy dying 

Oer. Trench "So Tremendous 1 Lethargic likes soccer, beating up wimps, Whitey and Ed, 
Ouane Glasscock. Springsteen and the Who, dislikes Whitey and Ed, disco, football players pet 
peeves ' 1-0' . "coober" . Medfield "Derwms Theory applies favorite people The Joe's, Scot- 
tish, Mase found al Lost Brook, in the Grey Ghost "Hey, boss" college 

No Parenthesis 1. Soccer 1,2, 3. 4 Spring Track 1.2. 4. Ski Team 4, Secret Service 4. Pep Club 1.2.3. 
4 National Honor Society 3, 4 

104 Magnolia Drive 

"We often grow more by bending with the wind than by standing in rigid defiance" 

lane. JD. Jame What a Killah Big smile, distinctive laugh, good voice, unflexible 

Favorite activities Volleyball, hoop, and tennis Likes the § 21. MDC'ers, CC. Cookie batter, new 
sneaks Precious and Few" and summer Dislikes losing, lammed lingers, and A0 Pet 

peeves Crunching, "nothin". cracking fingers "T hhuhh Favorite people Beck. Tim and Co . 
team members found at the tennis court, anywhere mumbling small writing Always and 
Forever" College 

Student Council 2. 3. 4. Sacred Cheese 3. Volleyball 1.2. 3, 4. Captain 4, Powder Puff Football. 
Softball 1. Basketball 1, 2. 3. Tennis 2, 3. 4. Yearbook Stalf, Senior Class Play, Secretary Natl Honor 
Society 3. 4 

90 Locust Drive 

"What lies before and what lies behind are tiny matters when compared with what lies within " 

Noreen. Buttercup likes Jerry Lewis, using Dad's charges, using Dad s car tavonte activities 
cheerleadmg. partying, Emo's 1,2.3, tennis pet peeves people who are late, misplaced silverware 
phony people "No games'' "Go for it" "BTB," favorite people "Ricky ', the whole 
gang found at Lost Brook. Emo s White Mach V. shopping Rock Steady blue eyes, blond 
hair, long (fingernails) future plans College 

Maiorettes 1, Powder Puff Football; Football Cheerleader 3, 4. Hockey Cheerleader 3. 4, Pep Club 2. 3, 

475 High Street 

As breathing is my life, to stop I dare not dare" 

Sylvia Little Italian Woman dark shiny eyes, long eyelashes, shy, imaginative likes cooking, 
drawing, writing "little ditties,' "wine-making," Beatles, Rolling Stones, English accents, cloudy Fri- 
days pet peeves split-ends, constant talkers, lights on during day found at B C , Stonehill. 18 
Quincy Street favorite people CW.CCSMC future plans England, employment 

AFS CLub 1. 2; Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Drama Club 1. 2; Spanish Club 1, 2 

50 Peartree Drive 

"Death knows no Holiday " 

Hugo Italian, brown eyes, brown hair Likes *80. trucks, Kamakazis. Football Parties Dis- 
likes Football camp, cruising Pet peeves being chased, being rated #1, practice "what'" 
"It's not my fault 1 " "what am I suppose to do' Favorite people Buzz, Guido, T B . Thomas, 
Football team Where found Truck, Football Field College 

Soccer 3. Football 1, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 

149 Partridge Drive 

Laugh, and the world laughs with you Cry, and you cry alone, 

Doreen "Really'" Shy but friendly Likes sewing, swimming, talking, helping people 
Dislikes waiting for people, vandalism . . "Give me a break 1 ' Favorite people E.W., E.M., D.K 
Found sewing College, work 

Chorus 1, 3. 4, Glee Club 1. 3. Musical Costume Committee 2, 3; Yearbook Staff. Senior Class Play 


56 Sunrise Road 

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve immortality through not dy- 

Paul Joe "Put a lid on it" mellow Oiford shirts and corduroys Likes deep Teds, 
fizzles Dislikes Jessica Savich. G N parties Favorite activities analyzing seedisms. playing 
bunk ball. Pet peeves The Who. "Psyched for school' found around Lamborghinis college 

Sacred Cheese 3. Senior Play 4, Spring Track 2, 3. 4 Yearbook Staff 4. SKi Club 4 

54 Oitord Road 

"There is still time to change the road you re on " 

D. D-man Take a beating short favorite activities soccer, diving, eating, tubing at Okies, 
all-nighters and BCG concerts at Okies likes football parties and Skynyrd cute found at 
Convenient. Lost Brook, football or hockey parties, the pool Papa Ginos "You chick" dislikes 
boring weekends, being called chump funny pet peeves Medlield, crashing into Jerry, totalled 
Mazdas. 10 losses favorite people the boys (Tschirchy. too) College 

Football 1. Soccer 3. 4. Swim Team 2, 3, captain 4. Spring Track 3. 4 

151 Strasser A\renue 

"Do not look as past achievements and be satisfied for there are still many more goals and awards to 

Stephen Wait until neit year" Dark eyes, dark hair and shy Likes Camping, travelling, 

the Beatles and Boston sports teams Dislikes work and math Pet peeves Monday mornings 
and the Yankees Favorite people Steve. Bob and Ralph Found at Sporting events College. 
majonng in journalism 

Student Council Rep 1. 2. Baseball 1, Spanish Club 2. Yearbook Staff 4 

8 Pine Lane 

"There is more to life than increasing it's speed 

Sean, Fishman Likes fast cars, soccer parties, funny people "This is pitiful Pet peeves 
losing in soccer 1-0. the baby blue of M , tardy people Enjoys playing soccer, running, eating 
Dislikes W L . Y B "Bush League" Favorite people Ken, Chuck, Gordy Found at Lew's. 

Fining the Rover, cruising in the Regal College 

Soccer 2. 3, 4. Winter Track 3. 4. Spring Track 3. 4 

126 Greenacre Road 

"Love to laugh to live to laugh to love." 

Sue Stnee 1 " logger, friendly, quiet Favorite activities B F parties, cosmic consciousness 
exercises Likes designing cubicles, pigging out Dislikes dust under contacts coathangers 
Pet peeves, cheerleaders, homework, working at the library, treshman B F s Favorite people 
Blane. Mary. M DC tound at music room, getting "lost" in Rocky Woods walking to brook 
with Mary, dirty jokes Like it really doesn't matter college Music Education maior 

Band I, 2. 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3. 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3. 4; Double Quartet 3. 4; Accom- 
panist lor Glee Club 2, 3. 4. Chorus 3. Yearbook Stall, Musical 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Play 

19 Greenacre Road 

"Don't walk in front of me. I may not follow, Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me 
and just be my friend." 

Joyce cheerful, dependable friend "No. I'm on a diet'" enioys long chals with Robin, 
weekends in seclusion, laughing dislikes diets and sophomores pet peeves: Being called lloun- 
der. Big Mac s, misplaced silverware "can you say shimpy favorite people John, Robin and the 
girls found at Emo's. the Cape, Lost Brook You |ust don't do that" college 

Hockey Cheerleader 3, 4. Pep Club 1 , 2, 3. 4, Senior Class Play. Powder Pull Football, Yearbook Staff 

11 Willett Pond Drive 

"Some days it's just not worth getting out of bed " 

Laura "Oh no, Mr Bill" sneakers enioys horseback riding, travelling, reading likes 
Woody Allen, good friends. S C dislikes rushing to classes, crowded halls, obnoxious people 
pet peeves Ireshmen, ee-bees. King's children, cliques "You creach" found at Mac's 
favorite people Me, Too. Janea. Karen "I've been shattered college and enioyment of life 

Chorus 1, 3. Senior Class Play; AFS Club 3, Short Term Exchange Student 3, Ski Club 4. French Club 2 


24 Montrose Street 


Children learn what they live." 

"Big D I Forgot 1 " friendly Likes reading books, playing basketball, having lun and play 

mg with pets Dislikes waiting "I wanted a bigger part 1 " Favorite people D B , Metco Stu- 
dents and Y D B Found at Faneuil Hall and with friends Read 80 books in high school 
Hopes to open her own nursery school 

Powder Puff Football 4, Senior Class Play 4 

5 Hawktree Drive 

"What is lite without a lol of fun' 

Leslie blue eyes and brown hair "Dynamite 1 ' Likes anything pink, rowdmess, the beach, 
and Donna Summer Dislikes taking tests and sloppmess No prob 1 " Favorite People 

Chelle Belles. AP. CH ., PH. and BL. Enjoys dancing, diving, sleeping, sun bathing Pet 
Peeves blood, cigarettes, being tired, and bees Found at B.C.. B U , with the girls", by the pool 
and on the tramp You re kidding me'"' lun times at the Vineyard college 

Powder Pull Football. Gymnastics Team 1. 2. 3. 4, Tennis 3. Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 

114 Willow Street 

"Deep valleys shatter our dreams of gold, how quickly we forget the mighty torch we do hold " 

Mike alias Lance Fortesque "Wah, Wah 1 " long curly hair, outgoing Likes: running, esp 
the mile at Ashland, club, campaigners. |am sessions, writing poetry. Full, Hendrix. partying, "the liner 
things in life Dislikes disco, hard guys Pel peeves Mr Clown, Fishman scrying "pitiful" 
Favorite people: KF, AZ, GL. Don Knots, Class ol 80 lound at Skip and Lew's place, out runn- 
ng w Az. space mountain tears Mugga s huge hands "faced" radical college 

No Parenthesis 4, Sacred Cheese 2. Winter Track 1.2.3. 4; Spring Track 1,2,3,4. Cross country 1. 2, 
3. 4. Senior Class Play. Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Drama Club 4: C H A 1. 2, 3, 4. Short Term Exchange Stu- 
dent 4 

48 Birchtree Drive 

"Learning today will help me prosper tomorrow " 

Marty blonde hair blue eyes Likes parties, weekends, holidays Dislikes Flat tires, Mondays 
What sup'" Favorite activities Camping, skiing, cycling Pet peeves working on Saturday 
night Found everywhere Favorite people Joe, left, MML CPA 

Concert Band 1, 2; Ski Team 1, 2. Ski Club 1 

21 Glen Road 

Happiness resides not in possessions and not in | 

, the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul 

Chuck tall and dark "Really"" likes motorcycles, the Lake, and the Beatles dislikes 
walking, running out ol gas, and waking up early lound at Eric s. Point Sebago. and at Ann's 
Restaurant in the morning pet peeves Monday mornings, yardbirds, working too hard favorite 
people G. E L . L W , L D , K B , and L M Not on the couch. Gary!" . enioys hockey, swim- 

ming, skiing, canoeing, and sleeping college 

Soccer 2, Hockey 2, 3, Yearbook Stafl, Cross Country 2. Pep Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 4. Photography 
Club 4 

110 Croft Regis Road 

Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny spark of possibility withm you into the flame of 

Doreen Can you say that'" Auburn hair, freckles, moody, subject to uncontrollable fits of 
laughter Likes soccer halfbacking. writing, Mulcahy's BICNAB's, FW people Dislikes: Mr 
Clown, shallowness Pet peeves mosquitoes, people who insist I have red hair. Dork Flake House. 
Xavenan boys ' What s on the telly'" Favorite people the Rocky Horror gang, 007, fellow "stuck- 
in-Westwood-dunng-summer vacation 'ites Found on the telephone, with SCi and SC2. Nan Babe & 
Cos parties "Good friend!" "Are you coming'" College, lournahsm. 

Chorus 2; No Parenthesis 2. 3, 4, Sales and Publicity Editor 4. Sacred Cheese 2: Associate Editor 3; 
Soccer 2. 3. 4; Powder Puff Football, Winter Track 3, 4, Softball 1, 3; Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Class 
Play, Musical 3, 4, AFS Club 4, Pep Club 1; Drama Club 1, 2, National Honor Society 3. 4, 

387 Washington Street 

Many receive advice, few profit by it ." 

Tim. Foles too nice Nothin' "... likes: hoop cheese, popcorn, red Chryslers always crack- 
ing wrists found in gym after school, beating ASFL all-stars "Eicuse me for living'" pet 
peeves being told what to do, #5. cars without brakes favorite people Jane. Chew Gerard dis- 
likes Timmy. B.B. funny career in management 

Football 1. 2. Student Council 

48 Dean Street 

"In each one's life he must make a lourney. to where determines the great. 

Hey Buff Tall, dark Likes football, sleep, music . Dislikes, punctuality, getting up Pet 
peeves nagging girls. Bills pessimism and early nights "Digression Favorite people: Tuce, 
2uke Found at parties and on the football field College 

Football 1. 2. 3, 4. Weightliftmg 1, 2. 3. 4. Pep Club 1. 2. 3, 4 

92 Phillips Brooks Road 

Cause I'm as free as a bird and this bird you cannot change 

Keith, Feef, Chuck Get oft my case" pink shirt Favorite activities |am sessions, water ski- 
ing, partying, hockey Likes Van Halen. Zep. tune machines Dislikes Head s stupid remarks, 
mellow music pet peeves Fat Class '79. "Fishman's crying ", Stonewalls "Smarten up 1 " 
Favorite people A2. Michael, Lumpster. Head-Stone. G L Found New Hampshire LB Effer 
Gimme a Break College 

Winter Track 4: Spring Track 4: Yearbook Staff: Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4 


20 Putting Drive 

It all comes out in the wash 

Jodi Likes photography, modeling, parties, concerts 
peeves school lunches Favorite people J H , B F . B 
N.H Fashion design 

Dislikes loud, rude, snobby people Pet 
D Found in Easton, Brockton, Campton 

77 Blueberry Lane 

"I'll try anyting once." 

John "Yee-Haw 1 Radically mellow. CA accent. John Lennon look-alike Likes: hiking, guitar 
playing, music, fast cars Dislikes snobs, Backstabbmg Pet peeves taking the bus, homework 
"Bizarre" Favorite people I.W., J M, M T Found in the basement, California, the Milk 
Street fence Radical 1 

175 Briar Une 

"Enjoy life now, for tomorrow the fun will be over ' 

Keith likes rock music, cars, parties, water and snow skiing, swimming dislikes snobs, hip- 
pies, wise kids, and rumors pet peeves homework, boredom favorite people: Mr Val, T R 
found m the upper media center-AV room plans to go into the armed service and live a little 

Eiplorers Club 1. 2, 3: AV Squad 1. 2. 3. 4 

20 Eastman Avenue 

"There is no virtue like necessity 

Fun loving sort of guy "Get with the program likes: hockey. ASFL life in general, #7. 

bone-crushing hits dislikes bowed legs, pneumonia . "What'" pet peeves "Fire out ", Windy 

favorite people D, RT. BO found at the Y and in the Dent Mobile College, Business. 

Soccer 1: Hockey 1. 2. 3. 4, Baseball 1, 2. 

14 Reed Avenue 

Foe soldiers we never do part, together to the end from the very start." 

Mark Mugga Travolta "Go lor it" outgoing, tall, friendly . . Likes club, skiing, hockey, 
water skiing, skip days. Granadas Dislikes accidents. SATs Pet peeves: Mr Clown, class rank, 
skinny people who think they are fat "Marco, you're dead 1 " . . favorite people They know who 
Ihey are found in the math cemetery scooping in the Granada DC, PC college 

Cross country 1; Hockey 1. Spring Track 2: Ski Club 2. 3, 4. Senior Class Play, Musical 4 

111 Summer Street 

"A foreigner is a friend I haven't met yet 

Alain exchange student from Canada always with brown school bag Likes Westwood, AFS, 
sports, good Canadian food, reading, skiing Dislikes questions like "Where is Montreal'" and "Do 
you have snow in Canada'" Pet peeves school lunches, Monday mornings best friend - his 
dictionary found in the Media Center and in chemistry class "I enjoy everything 1 " college, 
Bois de Boulogne, health science 

Tennis 4. AFS CLub 4; AFS Exchange Student 4, Ski Club 4; French Club 4; Photography Club 4; 
National Honor Society 4 

303 Grove Street 

"Our lite is what our thoughts make it " 

)ohn "What's up'" always smiling, friendly, happy favorite activities going to the movies, 
driving fast likes weekend mghls dislikes getting kicked out of teachers' parking lot, slow 
drivers pet peeves getting tickets, Monday mornings, school lunches "Hey. MF" favorite 
people V A, SB, CS found at WW Sunoco, Marge's place "What for'" work 

Manager of Basketball 3, 4, Senior Class Play 

303 Grove Street 

Dream what you dare lo dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be, Live." 

Sue. Susie "No. you re kidding 1 " nice, considerate ot others, always smiling, happy 
Favorite activities playing tennis, going to walks "Drum Corps' Likes good movies, friendly 
people, tennis Dislikes nol rowdy people at tootball games' Pet peeves Monday mornings, 
school lunches, getting caught in the no pass area by Mr Beurman. waiting tor shorthand test results 
"Peachy ", "Hi, how are ya'", "Seriously!" . . found Mezz with friends, Needham McDonald's, in 
Ihe Blue Bomber" Secretarial School 

Chorus 2. 3, 4, Glee Club 4. Yearbook Staff 4, Youth Snare 3, 4, Pep Club 3 


485 Canton Street 

"I live my hie like there is no tomorrow " (Van Halen) 

Gibbo bad temper, big "Begone with you ", "Let's go sideways 1 Likes fast cars, funbags 
and colt's, all nighlers af Claybos Dislikes talking to dinosaurs and being blamed Pel peeves 
doppers, Yardbirds and Pigmen, accident reports Enjoys Hockey, golf, gruntball, skiing, motor 
sports, midnight landscaping found Lost Brook, In the stang, working at the Links Favorite 
people Pam, Claybo, Stubs, Jerry college 

football 3. Hockey 1. 4; Golf 2, 3, 4 

23 Lonng Street 

We can think about forever, buf we really only live today " 

Mary Beth always smiling "HI HON 1 morning grouch, psyched at 6 00pm Likes sew 

ing. mountain climbing, friendly people, working Dislikes gossipers, phoney people Pet peeves 
Snobs, school lunches, mornings, disco queens "Go for it!" "won der ful 
Favorite people Sully. Page, us guys Found at Milton High, out of town. New Hampshire, with Sully 
"Whoopie Page, I've got Shorthand and Algebra 1 college, work 

47 Spellman Road 

"Once in every person s life comes a shining year that casts its glow over all the long years after " 

Margy Wait for me you guys "That's so good short, loud, Italian likes designing 

and sewing own clothes listening to loud music JT and B J , Fiandaca dreaming ski 
trips Tullochs Nobel Prize Lit , .H 13 dislikes always having too much to do and nol enough 
time to do it in, pet peeves reading long books and F s rankings "I can't even thread a nee- 
dle Hola Chica favorite people M DG , all Westwood and Xavenan friends ' Actios'' 
college fashion design and merchandising 

Soccer 2. 3, 4; Powder Putt Football. Ski Team 1, Winter Track 2, 3, Spring Track 2, 3. 4, Green Years 
Editor. Senior Play. AFS Club 1, 2, 3; Office Aide 4, Orama Club 2. 3, No Parenthesis 1, 2. 3; National 
Honor Society 3, 4, Franklin Mills Teen Fashion Council 4 

165 Nahatan Street 

"Rules are made to be broken " 

Darren, Darenzo crew cut pel peeves W PD and N.PD , Camp Monomoy favorite ac- 
tivities swimming, skiing, football. AC P , 12 oz curls dislikes Medfield and disco Likes rock 
concerts, football parties. The Doors, Kamakazi "Put on the Doors' "Kill, Maim, Destroy 1 " 
favorite people J H . R S , D M found at Lost Brook, cafeteria "D" Block smgalong, 200 Club 
bald college 

Football 4. Swim Team 3. 4. Intramural Weight Lifting 2, 3. 4, Powder Puff football Cheerleader 4 


12 Dean Avenue 

Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm and hard work 

Jimbo determined, personable Favorite activities Football, beating on M D . tootball parties, 
playing sports Pet peeves stupid girls, Medfield, Math, 6 10 at Roche Bros , films "This is the 
trip" Likes beating Millis, returning kicks. The Doors Dislikes being rated #1 Found at 
Islington, Lost Brook, locker room Fearsome Foursome" Favorite people football team, 

Lauren, family S H R F F with Richie college 

Football 2, 3, 4, Powder Puff Cheer leading 4, Weight Training 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4 

220 Alder Road 

"Keep smilm at trouble, cause trouble is a bubble and will soon blow away' 

Mike, Bits "Is that right 7 " enioys golf, soccer, "learning" to ski. ASFL games likes holes in 
one, three day weekends dislikes work, and sandtraps pet peeves 1-0 losses, Monday morn- 
ings, 17th birthdays, fences "Wait a minute 1 " favorite people T K . S K, DW found on the 
course and in the English Seminar room College 

Soccer 4; Golf Team 1. 2,3. Captain 4, Ski Team 3. Ski Club 4 

62 Phillips Broods Road 

"We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore " 

Maire. Mag. Gonzo. Gon: "Hi girls always smiling, long blonde hair, bubbly likes summers 
at C C , Doritos. weekends, sunshine "Hi friend" dislikes busy phones, bieng cold, bologna 
pet peeves gumsnappers, waiting for D P , Pistachio nuts that don't open I am so embarrassed 
favorite people J C . LB. LA, and many others found with Jack, in L.8 s blue car with the 
great horn Good Luck to the class of '80, especially GG, S.C., DP, CK, S&S, S&B, M&J, 
A M G &B M "No prob ' College 

Swim Team 2, Spring Track 1, Softball 2, Drama Club 1, 2, Musicals 1. 2. 3. 4; Senior Class Play, 
Chorus 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Powder Puff Football 

335 Oak Street 

Happiness comes from within 

Bob Favorite activities baseball, hockey, football Dislikes math, mowing lawns, college ap- 
plications Pet peeves getting up in the morning Favorite people the Pond Plaimtes Found 
on baseball field, Buckmaster Pond, in library college 

Spring Track 4, Ski Team 4, Senior Class Play, Yearbook Staff 


83 Smith Drive 

"One s eyes are what one is. one s mouth is what one becomes," 

Guido "Hey you 1 tun to be with, always |okmg enioys football, parties, skiing, likes Satur- 
day nights, quiet Sundays, dislikes school lunches, referrals Pet peeves People over sn feet tall, 
leaning on my head Where am I'" favorite person LYNNE found at Ann's restaurant for 
breakfast college 

Football 1. 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 1. 2 

87 Ellis Street 

"What is life without a little fun'" 

John Johnly Pet Peeves Camp Monomoy, school lunches Likes: rock n roll. The Doors 
Dislikes Disco, the "baby blue" "Hey Favorite Activities skiing, football team college 

Spring Track 1, 2: Winter Track 1, 2. Powder Puff Cheerleading 4, Weight Training 1. 2, 3, 4 


24 Strasser Avenue 

Class Treasurer 

More than love, than money, than fame, give me truth " 

Ed "Oh. Derr 1 " ambitious likes tennis. G fights with Dodo dislikes MBB and leaches 
Pet Peeves National Honor Society meetings, PC s from BB. decorating halls favorite people 
Smutwoman, Dodo, Der, Whitey, SC s not found in homeroom future plans College 

Student Council Rep 3. 4. Sacred Cheese Editor 3, Boys Tennis 1. 2. 3. 4, Senior Class Play, AFS 
Club 4. National Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4 

47 Tamarack Avenue 

"I wish lor you my friend this happiness that I've found." 

"Wimp" lifer, fog. good natured likes music, times with friends, good weather, weekends 
dislikes tests pet peeves critical people, bad moods. AH. "Bums my deal " tavonte peo 
pie T bear, MS, The rest know who they are found al YL "Oh no 1 " College 

Band 1, 2. 3, Concert Band 1. 2, 3; WHS Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Chorus 1. 2. 4. Girl's Glee Club 1, 2. 
Double Quartet 4, Accompanist for Double Q 2, 3. and Glee Club 1. and Chorus 2, 4, Softball 1.2.4. 
Girls' Basketball 1. 2, Musical 1, 2. 3, 4: Senior Class Play; Drama Club 2. 4. National Honor Society 3, 

152 Lake Shore Drive 

"I can resist everything including temptation " 

Scott. Scottish "Ya, right" occasional atro, side burns Likes soccer girls in general, parties, 
going fast, volleyball "might" Pet Peeves 10 losses, broomsticks, sticky fingers found in 
goal, the showers, in math seminar Favorite People howie, Gordy, Mulg college and a happy 
and successful life 

Concert Band 1. 2, 3, 4, Soccer 1. 2, 3,4, Winter Track 4, Spring Track 1, Golf 2, 4, Yearbook Staff; 
Senior Class Play. Pep Club 1. 2. 3, 4. 

96 Woodndge Road 

"I do not speak English Please help me I come trom Ecuador " 

Esteban, Rican, Teby "I do not speak English 1 " rolled up leans, happy smile, foreign likes 
playing soccer, tennis, playing the guitar, making friends in America. AFS, Coke, disco, dislikes mos- 
quitos, vegetables pet peeves sad people, being short "Hey you 1 " tavonte people the 
Williams, the Rogers, and everybody else found with A and N , at football games, at parties 
"Whatsat mean'" future plans College, learn to ski 

Boys Soccer Team 4. Swim Team 4. Tennis 4. AFS Club 4, Exchange Student 4, Spanish Club 4, 
Photography Club 4 

Vj Gloucester Road 

No bird soars too high if he soars on his own wings " 

Alan "How should I know 7 " procrastinating, Mickey Mouse t shir t. en|oys 60s rock, aviation, 
running dislikes: math, homework pet peeves being called Al favorite people Robert K , 
David A , William M found in the upper media center future plans College, maior in Engineer- 
ing, become a pilot 

Boys Winter Track 2. 3, 4, Boys Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Basketball 1, Boys' Cross Country 1, 2, 


422 Everett Street 

"The past and present are our means the future is our end " 

Lou Likes whistling, Geils "Give me a break " Dislikes sweaters, BB Favorite activities 
B-Ball, ASFL, "200 Club" Favorite people: JS, TF.JM . Found in the gym College 

Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 

55 Lyons Drive 

II what you lost comes back to you. it was meant to be yours, II it doesn't, it was never meant to be 

Red, Lawrence long finger nails, strawberry blonde hair, always talking likes M L T M , gym- 
nastics, dancing, Italians, Frenchmen, Clubbing, Writing letters, analyzing, gooting dislikes 
headaches, getting bagged "WIB" "For Real'" favorite people Mark. Michelle K , Les, 
Pee, Bern, Shell, Mike, Donna Summers pet peeves milk, studies, diets "Did you ever think in 
6th grade that " Where found Hull, Bay Bank, with the girls college. 

Girls Glee Club 2; Girls Spring Track 1; Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff. 

1581 High Street 

"The rays of happiness like those of light are colorless when unbroken " 

Stace "Lite's tough, huh'" short, loud, proactive voice likes food and Red Sox, swimming, 

and eating dislikes school lunches and snobs pet peeves morning, people who think they do 

everything Whatever 1 favorite people CM and L P found at Young Life and anywhere 
there is food hairdressing school 

Chorus 4, Girls Swim Team 2, 3. 4, Powder Pulf Football. Yearbook Staff 4, One Act Plays 3, 4. Senior 
Class Play, Drama Club 4 

55 High Rock Street 

"We love things in spite of what they appear to be " 

Paula Polly Smiley, brown hair, brown eyes "Stop it 1 " Likes Cape Cod. being with 
tnends. and enpymg herself Dislikes slobbiness and arguments Favorite People M K . MB., 
L.F., L.H., B.L. Found with Michelle and the other girls, with Mitch, at home "Yea 1 " Pet 
Peeves aggravation and Monday Mornings college 

36 Deerfield Avenue 

Do not follow the path, but make one that others may follow " 

Rich Be there or be square working, snowmobiling, fixing cars likes firebirds, weekends 

and the beach, dislikes rainy days and cameras pet peeves boring weekends, snobs, homework 
, , favorite people: R.C., G.T.. P D , found in the mezzanine, at Lechmere s and Friendly s plans to 
go to Blue Hills Tech and becoming a carpenter 

1036 High Street 

Don! pray for an easy life, pray to be a strong person. 

Howie Captain . . . rowdy, loud, funny, freckles likes Vounglife. soccer, track, screaming, dis- 
likes: homework, school food pet peeves: 10 losses. K-Lee. Yard Sadist favorite people Scot- 
tish. Jimmy. Der Hey Herman 1 ' found roaming the halls with Mulg, combing hair. Saturday 
nite parties future plans College 

Boys Soccer 2. 3. 4. Boys Winter Track 2. 3. 4: Boys' Spring Track 2. 3, 4: Senior Class Play. Pep Club 
1. 2. 3. 4: Drama Club 1. 2. Ski Club 4 Secret Service 4 

130 Alder Road 

"To ski is to be free 

Hurls "Tell me about it!" likes Molies. snow bunnies. Dottie's notes: dislikes chemistry no 
snow curfews favorite activities: skiing, all mghters, ASFL pet peeves Leopards, dull 
weekends. Murpht's parties ALA'' favorite people Warren, Dottie. Mass Ski members , . . 
found on Cannon Mountain. Humarock, Littleton. N H future plans College and Dad's business or 
ski bum. 

Boys Spring Track 1. 2: Ski Team 1. 2. 3, 4. Ski Club 4: Yearbook Staff 4 

33 Marshall Street 

"There is a pleasure in being mad that only madmen know 

Janice C est LaVie Gullible, strong-willed Likes rock lobsters, insipid doors Dislikes: 
wet socks, insincere people Pet peeves attention seekers, elastic waistbands, wet cookies . . . 
Cookie smokestacks (RHPS) Favorite people Class of 80. field hockey players, Le Groupe . . 
found m the wrong place at the wrong time Get the net!"' . college and become financially 

No Parenthesis 2. 4: Sacred Cheese 3. State Rep 3: Field Hockey 1. 2. 3. 4. Co-Captain 4: Powder Puff 
Football: Winter Track 4. Spring Track 4. Softball 1. 2. 3. Basketball 1: Yearboook Staff 4. Senior Class 
Play: AFS Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Pep Club 1, 2. 3, 4 


199 Canton Street 

"Success is failure turned inside out 

Herbie accident prone, brown hair, green eyes likes hockey, sports. FDOSP. swallowing 15 
goldfish, harassing Marea dislikes hockey practices, broken bones, warnings pet peeves 
thumbing home Irom NH, BEES, letting in goals, playing tan I didn't do it!" favorite people 
hockey team. "The Gang found at the rink. Lostbrook. parties. Pine Acres #1 graduation party 
Metersill "79" "80" "Hey T' ... future plans Millionaire 

Soccer 2. 3: Football 1: Hockey 1, 2. 3. 4: Spring Track 4, Powder Puff Cheerleader Pep Club 

40 Lynn Terrace 

"You may do foolish things - but do them with enthusiasm." 

RU. Richie . fun to be with, always whistling or singing . "Read my lips" likes hockey, soccer, 
weekends. being mischievous, food. cars, and Halloween 79 with Tish dislikes. 4 am hockey prac- 
tices, totalled vehicles pet peeves Holliston, Medfield. stonewalls & guardrails on 128 . . "Y.I.H." 
favorite people Fearsome Foursome. Linda, the Man's found at the rink. D.S.. in the 56, the 
stang. or Ramsey SH.R. with Jimbo Boston Garden deciding 

Soccer 1, 2, 3. 4: Captain 4: Hockey 1. 2. 3. 4; Captain 4, Powder Puff Baton Twirler. 

69 Gloucester Road 

"To love the game, is beyond winning ." 

Dottie, Kottie contacts, bad back, rather foggish, no-mind I give up": "Keep your antenas 
up "; Pinch, how s the headache'" . . likes F D.. parties being around people dislikes hospitals, 
driving around. EMO's driveway pet peeves late people B.S., 11:30 p.m. enioys twirling, 
munching out. watching t.v favorite people Chaz, N P The whole gang" found Lost Brook, 
"Pinch Mobile" 

Nursing, Powder Puff. Trick Twirler 1. 2. 3; Winter Track 3: Spring Track 1. 2, 3: Yearbook Staff 4; 
Senior Class Play. Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 1. 

126 Tamarack Road 

"Unborn living, living dead, bullets strikes the helmets head, and 

it's all over for the unknown 

Kaneo. Huey . . . "Ni!" . Likes football, lifting, making money, beating Millis Dislikes: The Doors 
and the bandwagon Pet peeves leather freshman. Hi Dad, King Favorite people Laneo, Magel 
Red Found at the football field, the weight room 

Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 2, 3. 4; Spring Track 2. 3. 4, Powder Puff Cheerleader 4, Weight Lifting 
1. 2. 3. 4. 

83 Lyons Drive 

"Life's heaviest burden is having nothing to carry" 

Tom, T K "Are you kidding'" good sense of humor enioys basketball, trisbee likes the 
CDB. G Block arguments. Nasuset Beach dislikes Registry Officials, winter pet peeves practice 
sets, and Mondays "Really 1 Favorite people : J.W., J.K, M G found at the Cape or New 
Hampshire College, Business Administration 

Spring Track 4. Basketball 1, 2. 3, Basketball Intramurals 1. 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 

887 Gay Street 

"Don't take lite too seriously we're here today and here tomorrow" 

Kathy brown hair, brown eyes, tall pet peeves being called Mary and Miss Kane — it's Keane 
likes Monty Python, Saturday Night Live, Abbott and Costello re-runs dislikes homework. 

Mondays "Seriously" favorite activities watching TV, needlepoint "Well e»ccusse me 1 " 
found in media center or caf future plans college 

No Parenthesis 4, Powder Puff Football 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Class Play 

80 Alder Road 

"With all the Sham. Drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world Strive to be happy " 

Shell big brown eyes likes skiing, tennis, Bob Seger. M.L T M , clothes, Boosters, munching out. 
Donna Summers dislikes boring people, nothing to do Whaaaat'" "Do it up", favorite people 
Danny. LH . LF. B L, PH, C.J "W I B " pet peeves getting up, waiting for people, L.H. un- 
litecig where found with the girls. Cape Cod, Hull, with Marie , T.T, "Stop analyzing LH" 
Plans a career in Journalism 

No Parenthesis 4 tennis 2, 3, 4. Ski team 1 

26 Pine Lane 

"II laughter be a crime, a master criminal she would be" 

Beth likes the color maroon, vogue clothes, the song, "I Love You "I'm starving ." pet 

peeves outdated clothes, being called Creech, Kev s toys enioys spending money, arguing with Bill 
pranks dislikes chalk, costume lewelry. being aggravated "Do you want to see if it's raining 
outside 7 favorite people Kevin, Mrs C , all of the gang found wherever Kevin is. with the gals, 
in the locker room nice clothes, always laughing, always eating plans to attend college 
Thanks for everything Mom and Dad! 1 

Soccer 2, 3, 4, Winter track 2, 3, 4; Spring track 1, 2. 3, 4, Powder Puff Football 4, No Parenthesis 3, 4, 
Pep Club 1, 2, 3. 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Senior Class Play 


34 Caroll Court 

"The greatest | 

J you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his 

Joe daydreamer, sense ol humor 'Really' " enioys cycling, stamp collecting, rock music 
and the outdoors dislikes disco and winter pet peeves dumb TV commercials, busy signals 
tavonte people B M . T K , R C . I M , D H found on bike and in Norwood Bethel 79 
College and Engineering 

Winter Track I, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Stall 4, Cross Country 1, 2. 3, 4, Senior Class Play, Vice Pres 
Astronomy Club 4, Treas Photography Club 3, 4 

22 Thompson Avenue 

God gave us memories so that we might have roses in December 

Colette, Colettie, Let always smiling, easily psyched, big green eyes Likes a good joke or even 
a bad one, the soaps, donuts, driving with Beck, good times with S Club, Feb vacation Dislikes 
being bored, cold, or turning red Pet Peeves SATs, constant dieters, seaweed Favorite people 
Maura. TS & B, MAG and others Found at meetings. WHS (ball and B ball games, in a fog 
Wished Class of 80 much success and happiness college, social services 

Basketball 1, No Parenthesis 1. 2, 3, 4, Student Council Rep 3. 4, Student Council Pres 4; Student 
Faculty Forum 3. Student Announcer 4, powder puff football. Senior Class Play, Yearbook Staff 

40 Locust Drive 

"We do not remember days, we remember moments." 

Chris outspoken, involved, LATE "Stiff!" Likes comedy, music, the Muppets Dislikes 
math, empty studies, people who are on time "Sorry 1 "" Pet Peeves maps, freshmen en- 
ioys dancing. Young Life, musicals Favorite People Mo, Elmo, Bourno's gang Found at 
Bergson s, in the art room. U Mass "Sister Smart college 

Chorus 3, Glee Club 1, 2, One Act Plays 2, 3. 4. Musical 1, 2, 3, 4. Senior Class Play - Student Direc- 
tor. Pep Club 1. 2, 3, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4 

35 Hawktree Drive 

Quietness and confidence shall be your strength 

Oonna Good gom' 1 fremdly. Quiet, hard worker, initials on glasses likes movies, swim- 
ming, get togethers, dancing dislikes snobs pet peeves school, getting up early "Come on 
now, lets get serious here 1 ' favorite people DD, EW. EM,, found working at Islington Phar- 
macy "Don't count on it' future plans employment 


-. •- . ..- . . 

- . ; ;,.--- ■->:-,! : _ >•■: : :.. :;l:'. b : -■■.•.:. MB :-':■"'" 

, . . • -r .: ,.- ■ -t-:::n :• '.' •■ »' >'■: - ■-■'■'■ ' '- ' : - : " 

.-; -;;-.-; c : - r *c !..-o:: '■ ;" ■ ■ * ' 

: »:- : . - -' :. 

; : ; : - .»;,■ 

. . . *-': - ' : : 

-■ : . 

•.■--.■ • "- 

• -■ . - -■- - •: ~.*".ir VI ii --..-- 

• .- : - 

: - i .'.':• i "ii-,,-- : :,.'-:■! ■■.- . ' - 

':>. «re i :- m :' Ttij . - - - 

■ • - . - 
. - . - ■ -'■ .■-.-■'.: -:c e 

. .: i -.-.-.' Ihl - • " - 


: ■: ' -•-.'. . 1 ■■ . . 

• • : • j- « . - • - ■ - 

- . . ... 

. "51* •- «— • 

: - ~ - - - ■ - "i .:*. ". 


.-.'--•■- i naoat' 


■ . : . - i e :> : •- *. 

...... — . .... 

— e I 



- - 

- • • -■-.-■■■,.■- . - 

. • : - - '; - ' ■ ■ ' ■ " • • 

:• •£ : '- - " -" '■■• :'•-: .-.--- 

.:;-•- ;-"■<■- .- - .- . - 
FDMK. We Swmida Hindi. S ant Si ftnmtt at "fcmei s »■: . 
oA jians » lenrAirg ar?: ^usc 

■-. '.r ■ ■.:■■: i .- . . . i :-- : .: . i ; •:-' =.- : . :., ».■:•. i 
..■■-- i 

: ■ Lane 

■■:■!-:: ■•: - ■• 

- :" : •: ~ ~t "-- ~s : .- I ■:. ic : r" ; -' i~ ! '■' '-■■'■'■*' ~ r ~ 'f. >•*"./;";: 
; - -.-■"- : : -:.,| • : i --i Li : .r .„-<:.::■. -< :■- {-■ : ..::■•' 

- - . ■ •: : : . .- - -- 


' . ■ . 

- - -.- 

; !'; "- : *«-: :■ v . . - T"< "r -e ■ : _ :r< : •« is: 

. - ": .:.:':•■ •- ? :i.» •£ : 

. •» artic cute juw ftsikes snakasir. pfpeoes : 

:-■:...-■:: ' : .r.: ■ t - »«•:•«- • - ; •- • .-*-.: . " - i- 
lfa»taral»Saftarf'ssi»imtE2raamrauncsrl 3 SfflnarQass Play Drama :.: : I I FteadkOakl 


52 Bayley Street 

"I believe in the sun even when it rains" 

Bug blonde, blue eyes, dresses up, lots ot jewelry "For real" likes dancing to "BOS", lying 
in the sun, gold iewelry. Natalie Cole; dislikes curlews, diets pet peeves contusing night, busy 
phones, standard cars Hey, you know what'" tavonte people L M ,L P ., the rest know who 
they are. found in Westlield with LB, everywhere and anywhere "But I don t get it " plans; 

Swim learn 4. Powder Pull Football, Winter Track 3. 4. Spring track 2. 3, 4, Gymnastics team 2, 4; 
Football cheerleaders 1, 2, 3, basketball cheerleader 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 

168 Pond Plain Road 

By making things perfectly clear, people will become totally confused " 

Jane likes weekends, sunsets, J Geils. real people pet peeves disco boys, curfews favorite ac- 
dislikes snobs, pushy people, worms, homework, being late 
favorite people 2 Ms, Raura, D block group found at 
a good complamer "Look on the bright side 1 " travel, 

livities skiing, partying, being outside 

"Who'" "Bye now" "Obnoxious! 
Cape Cod, working, LB, out of town 

Powder Putf Football 4. Yearbook Staff 4; Work Study 4. Pep Club 3. 4. Ski Club 4 

212 School Street 

"Why should the Devil have all the good times" 

Tom black.wmged hair likes parlymg dislikes disco pet peeves school favorite 
people Bob Steeves, Randy Cram. Scott Steeves where found golf course, hanging around 

23 Spellman Road 

Weak men wait lor opportunities, strong men make them " 

Gerry 'Ya think so'' mellow, smiling, friendly likes track going to concerts. Pink Floyd, 
club, campaigners, coaches dislikes leglilts. W T mornings practice, licensing officers pet peeves 
races at Franklin Park, Jim T , working two |Obs "How's it going, boys' tavonte people 
SM.MF.GLKL , lound at Az's. running the streets, at Feet's. DCPC. with ML.NR.MG.DC Vw action 
"No really, really" plans college, business management 

Winter track 1.2.3,4, Spring track 1,2,3.4; Boy's Cross Country 1.2,3. 4; Pep Club 2. 3. 4. National 
Honor Society 3. 4. AFS Club 4. Senior Class Play. Yearbook Staff 4 

68 Strasser Avenue 

"Between the worlds of men and make believe. I can be found " 

Greg freindly, relaied "I don't care 1 " Likes days oft. mountains, beaches Dislikes 
braces and English Pet Peeves staying home, Monday mornings Enioys sports and dreaming 
no shoes Found at Club with ML. G.M., K.C., G.L., N.R„ and others . college 

Spring Track 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Winter Track 3, 4; Senior play. Pep Club 1,2,3, 4. Cross Country 
3. Yearbook Staff 

122 Edgewood Road 

With affection beaming in one eye and happiness shining out of the other ' 

Janice Blue eyes, always laughing Likes sweaters, d weekends Found at the drug store 
Dislikes working weekends. P J C 79 "Will ya come with me'" . Pet peeves. I.. Marty, H TT H., 
R.L.L . getting volunteered "Can I have a ride'" . Favorite people Jeanne. Kalhy. and "those 
guys partying. L B.G.C.. being with friends "You guys, come on 1 " College 

Maiorettes 1, 2.3, Co-captain 3. No Parenthesis 2. 3. 4, Powder Puff Football, Senior Class Play, A F S 
Club 3. 4, Natl Honor Soc, 3, 4. Yearbook Staff 4 

24 Chester Avenue 

"Talk with yourself, you II hear what you want to know Life in time will take you where you want to 

Ken, Lumpy Ya goof deep green eyes, easy going Swede, versitile Favorite activities 
playing hockey and snackmg Likes Aerosmith and running at dusk Dislikes depressing people 
and guardrails Pet peeves Fat Class 79 and dull parties "Really?" Favorite people S.A., 
KF.SD Found at Skip and Lew's place, Linda s and running in Dedham "What a Killer 1 " 
College majoring in journalism and communications 

No Parenthesis 2, 4, Winter Track 4, Spring Track 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4. Cross Country 4, Pep Club 1, 

2. 3, 4 


47 Westdale Road 

"One road was simple acceptance of like, the other road ottered sweet peace, when I made my deci- 
sion my vision became my release " 

Marco "Hows it going'" brown eyes, friendly smile enjoys skiing, playing guitar, traveling, 
being with friends, clubs, long distance phone calls, beaches mountains, sailing pet peeves car 
heaters that don t work, running in the snow, i-country skiing in the mud. raking leaves "S-man. 
you got the jeep'" favorite people GL.NR.MG.GM.BS.KH, friends far away found in the blue La 
Sabre, with friends, cruisin to Micky D's in the bug milk toast "you live there!" "Pub!" 

Spring Track 1, Ski Team 2. 3; Ski Club 4, Yearbook Staff; Senior Class Play. 

14 Barley Street 

- - - -. - - fee worli) seems brighter, when we smile our cares grow tighter 

Seal •" udie Pet peeves: snoDs, cliques. loggers busy phones Favorite activities swimming 
lies -;-.= .ng to dnve. Cathy s rJonuts. Freebird Dislikes: SATs, being 17. curfews '--. 
you senous Do it up No can do Favorite people Narg LCSTLM. DFKAMO Found 

at Burlington Plaza. Lechmeres. Lost Brook Blonde hair, blue eyes loud, always laughing 

'■■ -\- 

Swim team 2. Powder Puff Football. Pep Club 1 2. Ski Club 4. 


: : -:- '-/-.: 

"You only Inre once; Irve eyery moment to its fullest 

Craig fnendty and happy, a hard worker Right' he tatari s having a good bme. and 

parties dislikes short hair Monday mornings and being misunderstood found: outdoors, in 
Norwood, and on Cape Cod pet peeves women drivers and running out of gas favorite people 
JO EC . and B.C. Right 1 You re ■ the Ar-r, '. . 

:-■ : v:;l- v;- 
453 C=- - 

Don't put off until tomorrow what you could today 

Dude. Magei always smiling, blue eyes & brown curls S: Mus favorite activities foot- 
• -:*mg the shot, after throwing the shot fshmg likes: singing, papering Redden s house, par- squeaky voices. B F s pet peeves, football practice, police with flashlights, up- 
towns and you make me sick!" "You got a pencil 7 favorite people Becky S B . football 
team found at Becky s. the track, or weightroom Ni College 

Football 1. 2. 3. 4: Winter Track 2. 3. 4: Spring Track 1 2 3. 4: Powder Puff Cheerleader: Yearbook 
Stafl •'•; i £ I. 2. 4 

159 Mill Street 

l.: . advantage in the past is ludged «i the light of the final issue 

Greg St Louies Likes partying, free blocks but not disco pet Peeve gabbmess 
the carport 

■:.": " 


108 Sunrise Road 

"Having ha is my way of Sfe." 

I --. -•■>:-? -avonte activities ASFL games, basketball, football cute., likes 
sports food, laughing. Sal and Beth. Meg blue eyes dislikes getting up for school awesome 
pet peeves mono, having no car. no money E S Buddy favorite people El. Chewy. Caryn. 
M w and members of the O.S. found ■ the gym or with Ella College 

Intramural Basketball I, 2. 3. 4: Intramural Baseball 1 2. 3. 4; Winter Track 4 

273 Oak Street 

The world nay be rough, and things may be tough, but don t give up. you II soon be dead 

lohn rollm eyes, growtin. ejtremefy neat cute ... "I don't knowi" . 
telephones . dislikes ancient b bail uniforms. Ken's Homer enjoys hoops watching TV pet 
peeves weekday monwigs, Wayland s guards. Dedham cops B S D -up found on any b-ball 

coat the mail. D.P.C. favorite people hoop team. JKF. B.G . Larry fun to be with college, 
■ .- Law 

Basketball 1.2 3. 4. 

76 Pine Lane 

■ t 'or you my friend this happiness that I havrfound 

Barry likes N G s. cyclists. U.F. . . found on the phone. Y L . dislikes phonies, insecurity . 
"Going for it pet peeves busy signals, combing hair disco . . . cycling skiing, writing letters 
favorite people J K . D C, CM. preppy, talus m circles college 

Football 1. Swim Team 2. 3. 4. Spring Track 3. 4 Senior Class Play: Yearbook Staff 4 


61 Dean Street 

If a man cannot cry. then how can he care' For surely tears are the mark of leaving 

Sam, Magee Gimme a break Conservation, inquisitive, enjoys art reading girts, and dancing 
dislikes locks or brains pet peeves snobby people, breaking up Right" . favorite peo- 
ple Di. Holly Jennie found with Danne. at Demoiay Member of Demotay. Dedham Chapter 
Green Chevy Ah. Yes Art College, earn; marriage. 

Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4: Musical 1. 2. 3. 4. Drama Club 3. 

120 Downey Street 

"Seize the Day" 

Jerry Brown eyes, logger likes hockey. Baseball. Boston Garden, cruising in last cars, 

holeshols, Gibbo's driving ability dislikes Chemistry, being radared at 115 mph, being late "I 

don't know favorite people tearsome foursome, the ASFL gang, Linda "What'" pel 
peeves WPD. Holiston Where lound on the ice, with Linda college 

Boys Hockey 1, 2, Captain 3, 4. Football 1 , 2. Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3. 4. Sacred Cheese 3. 

56 Martha Jones Road 

'You only have one life, live it to the fullest e»tent ." 

Lis This is true" rowdy, easy going, freak, brown hair and eyes, long legs likes Club, 

munching out, weekends, parties. The WHO 1 dislikes getting up in the morning, working Fridays, 

school food "Take a test " . . . pet peeves "the gang." found at Lost Brook, the "D" cruiser, 
FSC, college and travel 

Yearbook Stall 4. Musical 1. 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Drama Club 1. 2, 3 

101 Willard Circle 

"The moment may be temporary but the memory is forever ." 

Sonia loud, always laughing "The epitome of the situation" Favorite activities disco, talks 
with Kathy, gossiping Dislikes hot dogs, being bored Likes funny people, dancing, being with 
friends, chemistry class, driving up Blue Hills "chic and definitely vogue" Pet peeves waiting 
for people, busy phones, staying home "S S " Favorite people MP, L C , D K and others 
Found having a good time Thanks M & D College majoring in fashion merchandising 

63 Strasser Avsenue 

"A man of integrity will never listen to any plea against conscience ." 

George, Skip Yipe type, mellow "Skeeber coober scoober ." enioys track, reading, and tunes 
likes beaches, Vermont morning, Springsteen, J T Elvis C dislikes physics. "Abba", EWF, 

BeeGees pel peeves races at Franklin Park, being called "Coober ", losing to Ashland, Mickey D s 
"See you at Shrewsbury. Toots' favorite people Ger. Sides. Neilsy found in the locker 

room. Fenway untavonte activities leg lifts. NHS Meetings College 

No Parenthesis 4. Editor in Chief 4, Sacred Cheese 3, Winter Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Spring Track 1, 2. 3, 4, 
Yearbook Staff 4, Washington Workshop 3. Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Captain 4. Senior Class Play. AFS 
Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4 


31 Wmslow Road 

"Time and time again I thank them for a peace of mind to help me find myself amongst the music and 
the rhyme that will change you there 

John, Mase "T" , Likes Playing the guitar, skiing. RVS southern bands, and mean guitar 
Dislikes French with AMT. dicso Pet peeves sold out Who concerts, chicken livers, airheads, 
leeches "This is a song by Dicky Betts "In memory of Eliz Reed Favorite people EMT 

Becketites Found at the Loaf, Jamming B CG, eyebrows, T.T M M & S College 

WHS Dance Band 4. Pit Orchestra 3, 4, Swim team 2, 3, Captain 4. Spring Track 3, 4; Yearbook Staff, 
Senior Class Play; Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4. Ski Club 4 

50 Hawthorn Street 

Live your lite like there s no tomorrow " 

Dave, Massive Likes joking around, the Who. partying "What s up'" Pet peeves football 
practice. Camp Monomoy, being broke Favorite activities burning Dodge Coronets, baseball huge 
parties Dislikes disco. Logan Airport. Gibbo s parties "No way 1 Favorite people Jonly. 
Stapes, Darren. Lisa, the football team Found at Lost Brook, the football parties College 
Football 1, 4. Baseball 3. 4 

10 York Way 

Do not remember days - remember moments 

Mazz blonde curls, nice smile, good listener "You're right" Enioys beating Holliston. doing 
12 oz curls, and K EG parties dislikes not knowing what is going on until the last minute pet 
peeves LO Dya think so'" favorite people Kath, Fearsome Foursome, Mum, KW 

found in the super bondo machine, on skates, with Kath "really #9 College 

Hockey 1. 2. 3, 4. Football 1. Soccer 1, 2, Powder Puff Cheerleader 

14 Ford Place 

"What you see is what you get" 

John "Get me a leopard" Crazy, funny, insane Likes sports, partying, and girls Dislikes 
phonies and psychos Pet peeves galoshes, Provincetown swingers I've got lellybeans little 
girl Favorite people Spam, Beck, Thomas Found at parties Thanks to New Zealand Japan 
and Holland tor the free ones Future plans Make a million 

, ■ 

619 Normandy Drive 

"Face piles of trials with smiles, it riles them to believe that you percieve the web they weave, and 
keep on thinking free " 

Sandy "We out of here or what" auburn hair, devious laugh likes skiing, tennis, sleeping 
late dislikes disappointments, backstabbers pet peeves mornings, interruptions, snobs "I 
don't think so " favorite people K B , K M , D B , J P lound in the Monte and over the B's 
college, accounting 

Youth Snark 3, 4. Yearbook Staff 4. Ski Club 4 

86 Lake Shore Drive 

"My peace I give unto you Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid " 

Mac "AH, yes" Freckles, weird laugh, short, curly hair Enjoys Club, driving, going to foot- 
ball and hockey games likes Italian tood. blues and greens dislikes Mondays, neat people, 
wool clothes, shorthand tests pet peeves skinny people who think they are fat, getting caught in 
No Pass Area" by Mr B, SAT s. snobs, neat writers You twit 1 Give me a break" Found in 
a green Torino. Baybank, in Dedham, mezz with S H . L P , and other friends college. Business 
school. Accountant 

Chorus 3, 4; Powder Puff Football, Yearbook Staff 4 

53 Lorraine Road 

"My lite is a tender leaf, and no matter which way the wind may take it, it finds pleasure in it's sway 

Nadme Oh, well, such a life 1 " petite, brown eyes, talkative Favorite Activities entertain 
mg, drawing, writing poetry Likes J F , L M , ocean. English accents, elephants, musicals J C ', 
C D Dislikes Vandy, B.S., cliques Pet peeves rumors, Marty, curfews Favorite People 

Sue. ) M , Bubs Found on stage College 

Chorus 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1. 2. 3. Musical 1. 2. 3. 4. Senior Class Play, Drama Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Drv 4, 
One Acts 1, 2. Thespians 3, 4, Coordinator 4 

101 Sunrise Road 


by with a little help from my friends 

Thomas, Mas "Sultan Pride" considerate, energetic Favorite Activities Singalongs, football. 
soccer Dislikes losing to Baby Blue, riding the pine Likes the green, white and gold, Kamakais, 
our light song Pet peeves cat food, 200 club, W.P.C Found "Dom' it to em at Forum" kick- 
ing off, in purple tights hexing opponents at hoop games Favorite people the gang, Ribo. Lynne 
"Woolverme Mania' 

Soccer 1, 2, 3, Football 4. Spring Track 2. 3. Basketball 1. Ski Club 2, Powder Puff Football 


279 Pond Street 

"The earth has music for those who listen 

Von Von Take a beating' brown hair, green eyes enioys singing, acting, bugging Miss Con 
gdon dislikes being late pet peeves tilling out forms, blushing "An attempt'" favorite 
people Ruffie, Winnie, Doreen lound in Music room college 

Orchestra 1. 2, Chorus 3, 4, Glee CLub 3.4, Drama Club 1,2. 3, 4, Musical 2. 3. 4. Yearbook Staff 4, 
Senior Class Play 

52 Saxon Road 

Happiness is found in simple things - a sparkling laugh, a refreshing tear, an understanding smile " 

Jeannie "Aloha has three meanings" likes smiling, talking on the phone, listening to records, 
photography, meeting new people, dislikes quitters and moving pet peeves spelling her name 
wrong, talking to someone who isn't listening "Oh. I get it'" favorite people Class of 80. 
teachers and students who made her feel welcome found anywhere plans to attend junior 
college for dental hygiene 

Prom Committee 3, Softball 1. Girls' Basketball 1. Yearbook Staff 2, 4, Health Careers Club 4. Pep Club 
1, 2. Ski Club 4, French Club 1. Photography Club 2. 4 

461 High Street 

The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cant do 

Jeanne I m so embarrassed' cackle, big blue eyes Likes partying, "golfing , W.J., d. p., 
B'. Latin |okes Dislikes cliques, frizzy hair. W T G Y L I T . PJC Pet Peeves being called "Jean- 
nie ". prodigious chicken, pointing at Banana Man I don't feel too well'" Favorite People 
friends and family found at Pocasset "Guess what'" college and success 

No Parenthesis 2, 3. 4. Sacred Cheese 3, Powder Puff Football, Yearbook Staff, Senior Class Play, 
A.F.S, Club 2. 3, 4; Drama Club 1, Equestrian Club 3. 4 

82 Rock Meadow Road 

"I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday, and I love today 

Wendel. Mueller worn down clogs, leans, always munching "It s like you read about" enioys 
skiing, R V S , pranks. Cape excursions dislikes dumps. ALA S backstabbers, SATs math, being 
blackmailed by C. likes pooh, domf's, MGA. "Landslide" Herb "Foot-loose. and fancy tree" 
pet peeves cinnamon gum, curbs, late people "What was I going to say' Favorite people know 
who they are found where the action is. EMO's C C "perfected" Thanks Mom and Dad' 

Soccer 1, 2. 3, Spring Track 2. 3. 4. Drama Club 1. 2. Green Team 3. 4. Pep Club 1. 2. 3, President 4. 
Ski Team 4; Powder Puff. Musical 1. 2. Senior Class Play. Yearbook Staff JSS. President 

41 Pond Plain Road 

"It's not time for a change- Just sit bach and take it easy ." 

Joe likes good rock, long weekends, messed up ski trips. Wayland Inends Pet Peeves: "The 
Lodge . Monday mornings Favorite People Marty, the boys Dislikes disco found on the 
slopes, cruising 

26 June Street 

When I was young and Ihey sent me off to school, they taught me how not to play the game ." 

Mark And so it goes Short, (unloving Enioys playing hockey and backgammon likes 
music and concerts dislikes disco and homework pet peeves homeroom and leather jackets 
favorite people Nevs. Marty and Hubb found at work or down the Cape college majoring in 

No Parenthesis 4. Ski Club 4 

392 Oak Street 

We do not remember days, we remember moments 

Kim Where are my keys''' strawberry blonde hair Favorite Activities tennis, swimming, 
playing the piano Likes weekends, holidays Dislikes Latin, snobs Pet Peeves under- 
classmen. Bubbling Brook, crowded halls "What' Favorite People S G ., V A , S found 
in the Media Center, with Debbie "Huh' ' college 

No Parenthesis 4. Volleyball 2; Yearbook Stall, Health Careers Club 3, 4, Senior Class Play, Drama Club 

55 Wagon Road 

Education is the best provision for old age " 

RICAHRD. Rich brown eyes, always smiling, friendly enioys water skiing, drawing, and boating 

pet peeves "always working to make a buck"' likes swimming, ice cream, summer, partying 

. dislikes anyone who rushes or hurries "eicellent 1 decent 1 ' found studying in the media 

center or the gym favorite people Pres Bill, Mark G. Mike F "What' college, engineer 

Winter Track 1, 2. 3. 4, Spring track 1. 2. 3, 4 


30 Russell Avenue 

Happiness is |ust being friends 

Jimmy. Mugsby blond hair, blue eyes, funny easy going, smiling Good Natured ' likes 

bowling, arcades, horseback riding, surprises, and friendly people dislikes football camp, 
homework, crutches "Ah yes, tell us!" pet peeves attempted hard guys KLUTZ" 

favorite people Jan (8/1/79). Howie, Scottish and Co college, graduate school 

Student Council Rep 4. Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Winter track 4. Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4. Basketball 1. 2. Pep Club 

1, 2 

38 Bonney Street 

The future is uncertain and the end is always near 

Bonnie, bones OK, Fine 1 ' Long blonde hair, glasses, hazel eyes Favorite activities sum- 
mer sports and watching soaps Likes getting a sun tan and partying with friends Dislikes 
waiting in line and locks, traffic and math Pet peeves scooping ice cream, speed limits "So 
listen" Favorite people SB, S C . the gang Found at Babson and furlong's "I.A.B" 

Soccer, manager 2; Powder Puff Football. Softball 2, Basketball 1 

73 Bayley Street 

Be what you want to be Go where you want to go Dream what you dare to dream. Live 

Chuck What are we doing tonight' brown eyes, blonde hair Favorite activities Pat s 

games. ASFL Likes Saturday all nighters and friendly girls Pet Peeves Mondays, homework, 
Dover Road, backstabbers, flashing blue lights Favorite People Fearsome Foursome. Kev. Jerry and 
all the guys found sleeping, driving in the Cutlass, at parties College 

Football 1: Hockey 1, 2. 3. 4. 

34 York Way 

Maybe in a year or two we could laugh and lei it all out" 

Murf longhair . "Life goes on .". crazy Likes music, cruising. S.D and R& R. the beach, 
weekends Peace pet peeves no money, staying home, snobs favorite people M D , CO , 
E . J L dislikes homework "Neil" found in Cape Cod, Norwood Cross Country, 


Powder Puff Football 

35 Conant Road 

The secret of life is rot to Oo wnat one likes, but to that which one has to do " 

Demse "Give me a break. Ma 1 ' superstitious, shy. smiling, easy going enioys tennis, sew- 
ing, dances Likes hot fudge sundaes, animals Dislikes trench, math, waitressing Pet 
peeves Scratching the chalk board, chewing Bayer aspirin . 'That's life for you 1 '' Favorite people 
Provo. Kay, C J found at New Seabury. Angelo's, Mac s. disco s. on the phone cat lover 
college, B S in Nursing 

Health Careers Club, Medical Explorers; Orchestra 1. 2. Chorus 4, Glee Club 4, Powder Puff Football; 
Tennis 2. 3. 4, Musical 2, 3; Senior Class Play; French Club 1 

57 Stearns Street 

If a man does only what is required of him. he is a slave, the moment he does more he is a free man " 

Phil. F '. Fro Man Surely you jest 1 ' flowing locks enioys running, eating, conversing with 
people who have something to say. skiing, reading Likes good movies. Harvard Square. 
Doonesbury, cheesecake, true friends Dislikes Sundays, leeches Pet Peeves F-105, leisure 
suits, procrastination, unauthorized violations of The Locks Favorite People Mase. D ) the Mer- 
cedes Kid. and many others found in the latest F MURPH -mobile, searching for The Truth 

Hockey 1. Winter Track 2. 3. 4. SpringTrack 1, 2, 3. 4. Cross Country 1. 2. 3. 4. Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4; No 
Parenthesis 4. Editor of Sacred Cheese 3. Chairman of the Student Advisory Board 3 4 Natl Honor 
Society 3. 4. Yearbook Staff 

230 Sycamore Drive 

"What the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve 

Mike baggage blonde hair, blue eyes, quiet Likes soccer, baseball. (Road house) Blues 
and Bad Co Dislikes phony laughter, greasy hair Pet peeves 1-0 losses, foolish mistakes 
"How s it going, buddy?" . Favorite people the boys, the girls, and the family Found in the gym 
at Lost Brook, at Papa Gino s ; College 

Student Council Rep 4; Soccer 1. 2. 3. 4, Captain 4. Baseball 3. 4. Basketball 1. 2 Ski Team 3; Pep 
Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Nat I Honor Soc. 3. 4 

91 Strasser Avenue 

"Do not follow where the path leads, rather, go where there is no path and leave a trail " 

Lainey dimples and blue eyes, always laughing "Are you in a big bad one' Likes 

Sunglasses, wide whale chords, alligators, and a certain blonde Dislikes wisdom teeth, wind 
sprints, M D C , broken streaks "No biggie 1 " Found on the court, at parlies, with M&W in the 
b-tub enjoys being "state champs", makme a scene, Martha s Vineyard Pet Peeve matching 
soi. "college-college ". tight clothes Favorite activities hoop, getting in a laugh, skiing "Have a 
good one 1 Favorite People: Ms Delaney. L.W., AD. DS and (every one) else college 

Glee Club 1. Class Secretary 2; Powder Puff Football; Softball 1. 2. 4. Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4. Tennis 3; 
Senior Class Play, Pep Club 1. 2, 3. 4. Homecoming Court 3; Boy-Girl Hockey game 4 


504 Pond Street 

When it rains it pours." 

Nicks cat eyes, unintentional hate faces, always singing, never on time, great listener Likes 
Emo s Hi .2.3, long talks with close friends, writing all-nighters with T or the gang, beaches. Bob Segier. 
i 73.X -mas coffee. Ted Dislikes falling off t-bars mornings, people who always rush, diets, 
claustrophobia Found with Ted, at Lost Brook, at T's telling true confessions, with the girls 
"You re a loser No sir" Favorite poeple F. J&B, friends. J. Keeta and Poo Future plans com- 
munications in college 

Powder Puff. Field Hockey 1. 
Hockey Cheerleader 2 

4, Yearbook Staff, Football Cheerleader 3, Basketball Cheerleader 3, 

115 Strafford Road 

"To err is human but squeezing a glass is stupid " 

Spock, Spook "Where s my compensation' Always iniured Likes leisure time and 

weekends, golfing and fishing Dislikes work and homework Pet Peeves writing lefthanded. 

Poindeiter "I hate where I work" Favorite people Gary. Rear Found around town 
Future plans veterinarian 

Spring Track 1. 2. 3; Yearbook Staff 4. 

175 Alder Road 

"Life is one great race, but you must accept the challenge 

Kevin, B "Tell me about it dependable, always on time likes parties, movies, sleeping 

late. 57 Chevys pet peeves the morning after. Haffie's. disco music. Westwood. "Right!" 
enioys dirtbike riding, working on cars . . favorite people Claybo. Marty, Massive Whatta ya 
doin'" found around the Oak St area Trade School. 

111 Lake Shore Drive 

"When life knocks at the door no one can wait, when death makes his arrest we have to go 

72 Smith Drive 

"I must be travelling on now, cause there's too many places I've got to see " 

Okie likes Skynard. driving sideways, intense parties, bare tooting, bending elbows dislikes 
sailing, school. 6 00 practice, hospitals "Hurtm' Unit" favorite people pepe, E F G , K C , The 
class of 80 pet peeves two timers, letters, smoke bombs, disco, tackling cars Where found N 
Falmouth, in the War Wagon, rink class of '80 is #1 . . . college 

200 Club 2, 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4 

133 Farm Lane 

"A smile costs nothing, but means so much " 

Missy blonde You're kidding 1 Likes shopping, gymnastics, parties, preppy clothes , . . 
Dislikes boring weekends, F'sculu Pet Peeves Oaken eggs "What'' Favorite People Rose. 
Susan T, K A Found in the red Firebird, New Hampshire, out of town "Go Easy' Future plans 

Powder Puff, Spring Track 1, 4, Gymnastics Team 1; Hockey Cheerleaders 1, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 

^K * 

24 Pettigrew Place 

"Time is constant, but so often changing" 

Oges clean cut, always smiling Enioys Football E.W.P.C., Sports "Oh no 1 " Likes Bakes 
classes, the guys and gals Dislikes losing rings in sewers, stupid laughs, boring weekends, 
Falmouth Hospital Pel peeves Monday AM, camp, being rated HI Favorite people Ribo. 
Marea, Red Bombers, Jimbo Found on tootball field, at Lost Brook college 

Football 1, 2. 3. 4, Winter Track 1, 2.3, 4. Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Golf 4. Pep Club 1, 2. 3, 4. Powder 
Puff Cheerleading 4 

44 Mill Street 

"Cherish the past, embrace the present and reach out for the future" 

E M "Wanna not" enioys southern weekends up North, Monday night singles "getting 
mittens' dislikes force of the inertia m the Deathmobile pet peeves Beth's dog, The Code 
"you heard it here first" favorite people DHS friends found at Lost Brook, parties, the Cape 
"Get organized" 

Field HOckey 3. 4. Powder Puff Football, Softball 4. Ski Club 4, 


196 Conanl R oad 

"To be fully human is to be unpredictable " 

Dano tall, blue yes Likes lively people, the Cars, Skynard, concerts, weekends Dislikes 
Disco, Medfield, cig smoke "pitiful" Favorite people Richie, partiers, B.H., M D Pet 

peeves OTR people, losing football games "Pooner Man" Found at Higgles, cruising, listening 
to I8L sound The Service 

Football 4. Baseball 2. 4. Manager 2 

84 Salisbury Drive 

"Smile and let the world wonder why " 

Rose petite, big brown eyes, cold hands "Of course" Likes deep conversations, quiet 
nights, fires Dislikes organized people Gnomes Pet Peeves routine life styles 

Charles trips to Florida, socializing Favorite people ' Doldrum, Missy, KESLRJ Found out 
with the girls, in red Firebird college 

Powder Puff Football, Girls Spring Track 1. 2. Gymnastics 1, Football Cheerleader 2, 3, Basketball 
Cheerleader 2. 3 

II Baker Street 

"Thought is deeper than speech, feeling deeper than all thought " 

Linda "You're kidding 1 " long hair, funny laugh likes drawing, painting, reading, children, 

music, vacations dislikes rainy days, snobs, cold schools, homework pet peeves getting up, 

boring classes found babysitting, at Young Life favorite people K H , C M , S H college, 

No Parenthesis 4, Drama Club 4, Powder Puff Football, Senior Class Play, Yearbrook 

198 Farm Lane 

Those who say it cant be done are usually interrupted by others doing it." 

Steve "Take a beating smiling and curious likes golf, tennis, working outside and listening 
to music pet peeves getting up early, working in rain favorite people Sue, Russ, Marty met 
in England, m this school The kid from jolly Old England aviation management college 

Boys tennis 4. Ski Club 4 

204 Oak Street 

"The first great gift we can bestow on others is a good example 

David dark hair enjoys playing baseball and tennis, txiwling. the piano Dislikes pessimistic 
people Likes travel, meeting people, local sports teams Pet peeve doing homework on Sunday 
nights Oh. my God 1 Favorite people SB MN.JK Found in classes college 

Chorus 1. 2: Sacred Cheese 3 Manager of Baseball 3. Manager of Basketball 3. 4; Yearbook Staff 

64 Hawktree Drive 

The seekers can conquer with the will to make dreams happen.' 

Diana. Dee-Dee. OP. Di such is life Greek, cat eyes, outspoken Likes Running. S.C. 

*-----;s celebrating food "Cream and Coffee strike again Favorite people teammates, good 
friends, radicals Pet peeves bad ankles. Joe gang, rushing, time and space Dislikes diets. AM 
practice, depression, being confined . . found running, locker room, here and there times with 
the trio. Fisch s and Rogs jokes cackles. Lost Brook, winning, thanks for the rides L S A. College 

Cross-Country 2. 3. captain 4, Winter Track 1, 2. 3, 4. Co-Captain 4: Spring Track 1.2 3. 4, Volleyball 
1. Sacred Cheese 3. No Parenthesis 2. 3. Editorial Staff 4. Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4; AFS CLub 3. 4: Powder 
Puff Football. Senior Class Play. Yearbook Staff. Drama Club 1 Musicals 1, 2.3. 4 

159 Weatherbee Dnve 

Reach for the impossible 

P-flanz always laughing, smiling Enioys travelling, laughing, summer and fall. Saturday Night 
Live Dislikes Monday mornings, surprise tests Pet peeves living m the "boomes. cliques 
Favorite people class of 80 and 81. found in Germany, at the beach college 

Orchestra 1. 2. 3: Soccer 3. Yearbook Staff. Manager Soccer 4, Senior Class Play: AFS Club 4. French 
Club 3. 4 

11 Wagon Road 

III get by with a little help from my fnends 

Pinch . short smiling, big mough, blue eyes BTB Get lost' Likes cruising with N.P. 

and N.D Pet peeves being short, phonies, misplaced knives, diets, snobs Enjoys 

cheerleadmg. partying. EMO «1.2 3 Beeping Favorite people 'The Whole Gang , N.D . N.D.. D.K. 
& cousins Found at Lost Brook. E.N H.. cruising in white cougar. Walpole with D F 4 M F Nur- 

Powder Puff Football. Yearbook Staff: Hockey Cheerleadmg 3. 4. Senior Class Play: Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4 


445 Washington Street 

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men 

Chris L'kes weekends people who sneak out late, hockey, being funny "Bunion a. -- 
Drslikes 600 practice, early nights lovely Pet Peeves Monday mornings, parking behind 
C.H.M and E.F.B Favorite People fearsome foursome. Claire. K C Halloween with R J 
found at hockey nnk. Chuck's house, flirting with the girts college 

Soccer 1. 2. 3. 4: Hockey 1. 2, 3 4 

110 Wmthrop Street 

Feed me cornbread and tell me it's cake 

Tisha Cool out" short, wears leans, heels Enjoys bowling. Softball, reading, baseball 
Likes Mercedes Ben*, listening to mellow music Pet peeves gum popping, being lied to. unconstruc- 
tive criticism Favorite people T E.. 2 W , Metco Students Found in the Business Dept . Library 
College, Air Force 

: ag T 'ack 2 Softball 1. Powder Puff Football, Yearbook Staff 

42 Oriole Road 

Your time has come to shine, all your dreams are on their way 

Katn Oh funny" blue hair & blond eyes, always happy Likes being with friends, mellow 
songs Marea s laugh. Members of the OS Dislikes TWSE. crunching, room 31 Pet peeves being 
upset & confused having an early curfew, rocks & trees & sticks & grass "Wanna hear somethm 
wicked funny' Favorite people Man Marea, Beck Karen. Kath Found at a meeting, in the 
caf . with Man . 10 27 Lost Brook, long talks with KW g MD That s too funny college 

Class Pres 1: Student Council Rep 1. 3. Student Council V P 4. Student Faculty Forum 3. Powder Puff 
Football. Softball 2, 3. 4. Yearbook Staff. Senior Class Play 

91 Alder Road 

I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday, and I love today 

Linda always smiling enjoys partying listening to good music, skiing dislikes being 
rushed, pushy people, boring weekends being gullible Excellent What' Really" . . . 

likes ice cream, clubbing, reading mags, summer nice clothes, gold jewelry. Martha s Vineyard pet 
peeves cliques backseat drivers Monday mornings, diets, first dates, forgetting things favorite 
people G M , L L L C the gang college 

Swim Team 1 Gymnastics Team 1.2 3, 4. Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Powder Puff Football: 
Senior Class Play 

17 Alder Road 
Class Secretary 

"Time endears but cannot fade the memories that friends have made The happy memories we share 
are a very special tie that keeps us close in thought and heart as the days and years go by " 

Proc Go for it paranoid, superstitious favorite activities emo's all mghters. playing 

guitar, tennis likes mud. homemade Chinese tried rice, cookie dough, Chicklets (tiny size), Boz 
Scaggs pet peeves late people, superstition, misplaced silverware, touchy people, driving around 

What time is it?", BB favorite people "The whole gang", Melvm "I'm psyched" 
where found Lost Brook, boa pit, Pinch mobile, on the court, the Cape College, nursing. 

Girls Basketball I: Tennis 1. 2. 3, 4. Yearbook Staff 4, Hockey Cheerleader 3, 4. Senior Class Play 

122 Hawktree Drive 

The smallest deed is better than the grandest intention 

Marianne "I love it 1 " petite, pleasant, neat "Get psyched 1 Enjoys travelling, piano 
playing, driving. Disco . "I'm totally serious ." dislikes acid rock, mushrooms, being rushed 
favorite people Thanks mom and dad, Denise. Mrs C found at X.D., Mac 's. in white Mustang 
Health Careers Club Favorite activities swimming, running, dancing pet peeves Taking tests, 
being rushed, show-offs future plans college, nursing 

Chorus 4. Glee Club 3, Accompanist 1.2.4, Swim Team 1, 4. Winter Track 3.4. Spring Track 3.4, Pow- 
der Puff Football, Senior Class Play. Drama Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Health Careers Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 

1 2. 3 

1 Park Circle 

"Reach for the stars, they're within your grasp Look for knowledge, it's yours Hope for the best and it 
will surely come to be 

Neilsy Hoo Ah 1 " fun to be with Favorite Activities hiking, football and hockey games, 

scuba Likes sailing. Boston Harbor parties Dislikes unplanned weekends Pet Peeves 
rainy weekends, homework, checks at the Honolulu BDH' Favorite People M L , M G ., G.L . 
and friends found in the van or cruising with friends "Chickie in the basket!" travel, 

Band 1. 2. Concert Band 1, 2; Senior Class Play 

426 East Street 

It dreams are so beautiful, then why aren t they in color' 

Mike Chip, shut up 1 indescribable Likes SADARAR D Block Pops. Dip and Sip, 

munchies, G W dislikes A Block. B Block, etc . B W's pet peeves Pintos, RKO, B H , walking 
home from Chip's, spazes Where s Colburn? ' favorite people Russ, Chip. Spock. Moon, Con- 
die found at Chip's, Ben Whites, in the car Rear. B H , Super Boy future plans College, 


35 Alaska Street 

"All things work together lor good to them that love the Lord " 

Lois Honey" director of Gospel Choir favorite activities basketball, singing, attending 

church, bowling likes Volvos, school, being around people pet peeves boring people, rainy 
days, conceited people "Child favorite people lames, KC, GC lound at church. Sears. 
Safety First Insurance Agency future plans CPA 

Girls Spring Track 1 

61 Sycamore Drive 

"When a man points a linger at someone else, he should remember that tour ot his fingers are pointing 
at himself " 

Chris. Redd, Louie likes the Doors, parties, bagels in the morning. Magell s house on days off 
Shut up Fount pet peeves being rated #1. bigcenters. living ripples, duck walk, thumbs up with 
Tnsh enioys Papa Gs on Friday nights, football, track. F D S dislikes wood piles, long track 
meets, the dockers of A "Keep Smiling favorite people 2(Ph), Georgie, Joes, OSB, Football 
team "Notfun" found in the blue sport, the weight room, on the field, with the boys plans 
lo attend college- 
Football 2, 3, 4. Winter Track 2, 3. 4. Spring Track 1, 2. 3. 4. Weight Training 1, 2. 3, 4. Powder Puff 
Cheerleadmg 4 

3 Stafford Place 

"Green Grass and High Tides Forever" 

Paul. Ribo, Ribes likes chocolate chip cookies and milk. Captain Carl and Stephen Garvey pet 
peeves Medtield Warriors, driving with Dick Og, Curtis house, beach fleas, Monday mornings, day 4. 
Game 1 of Brums vs Canadians, Corky favorite activities egg tights in Wayland. Holliston hockey 
games, football games. D block. Rockland girls, basketball games "Dick you chick" "Kev's 
turn Barlata favorite people A L , "T". L W , the boys found at the Cape Cod Hospital, 

WHS root College 

Football 1, 2, 4, Yearbook Staff. Weight lifting 1. 2, Pep Club 1, 2. 3, 4 

151 Fieldstone Road 

"A faithful friend is beyond price - his worth is more than money can buy " 

Kathy. Ricey "Does anyone have a gun'" easily embarrassed, short, always combing hair 
likes soccer, bieng with friends, weekends, Latin |okes dislikes long laps, catty people, 
NBATFT.P. Oh, sorry" pet peeves yellow M&M's, JL's directions, homework on 
weekends Eicuseme' J Ms truck favorite people friends, soccer team "That's dis- 
gusting 1 ' College 

Orchestra 1; Chorus 2; Girl's Glee Club 1. Accompanist for Madrigals 1 No Parenthesis 2,3.4, Sacred 
Cheese 3, 4; Soccer 2. 3. 4, Swim Team 1, Yearbook Sales Coordinator 4. Senior Class Play, A F S. Club 
4 Drama Club 1. 2. National Honor Society 3. 4. 

108 Parker Street 

A heart to tiold a million friends ' 

Roachie Wicked' very Irish, green bread on St Paddy Day. Makita hat. never early Ac- 
tivities and Hobbies soccer. P T Peers, running, being FW likes chocolate, hats, the color green, 
long laps dislikes Disco, WVBF. and heading the ball pet peeves going to Boston. N's eating at 
As, YL cliques - Rageous' favorite people F.W.N B R , Cat, and everyone else AM . found 
in the library, N.R s, on the phone "Cars!" - , . Future plans College 


Chorus I, 2. Powder Puff Football: Winter Track 2, 3. 4, Softball 1 
Play. AFS Club 4. Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4, Drama Club 1 

2, 3. 4; Yearbook Staff Senior Class 

438 Clapboardtree Street 

Comedy is the hight point of ecstacy in the subconscious state of immortal inhumanity 

Nan babe. FW Cheekin buns' freindly, prepped out, double peirced left ear, red roller skates 
likes skiing, being crazy and FW, New Wave music, vitamins dislikes warm weather during ski 
season, E R s put downs for preppiness pet peeves anything artificial, scratches on new skis, girls 
who constantly sing in school Are you coming'' favorite people AMW Aunt Mary. ER 

found on top of Cannon Mountain, in Alex s Sciracco, at Williams for dinner "I'm confused!" 
future plans College. Skiing. 

Glee Club 1. Soccer Team 3. 4; Ski Team 1. 2, 3. 4, Captain 4; Ski Club 4; Powder Puff Football Pep 
Club 1. 2. 3. 4. AFS Club 4; Senior Class Play. Yearbook Staff 4 

86 Canton Terrace 

You will never be a success unless you plan to be that way 

Dan found wherever there s a good part Likes meaningful music, Ann's for breakfast, the 
Doors, weightlifting 
"Hows life' 

Do you have a watch' Dislikes disco lovers. Green Gremlins. Mondays 
favorite people M K . football team college 

Football 1. 2. 3. 4 

260 Burgess Avenue 

The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart." 

Rosey Only when it rains" tall, brown hair Likes Harley's. Vettes. Dislikes Disco Pet 
peeves Pintos. twmkies, super tuners Favorite people Dub. Iris, Hampster Found at Draper, 
work S W s college 


208 Weatherbee Drive 

Reasons to be cheerful, 123" 

Debbie Ahyees 1 Hair like Rocky's baby likes going to N H, rollerskating. disco dis- 
likes rats, sneakers pet peeves Fred s old sneakers, falling down ditches Oh that goof!" . . 
favorite people Sue Fred. N.H and courtyard gangs. Dawna found in N H .at discos "I'm leav- 
ing. Bye' nursing. 

Scorekeeper Girl's Swim Team 2, 3, Senior Class Play. Office Aide 1. 2. 3 Drama Club 3, 4. Yearbook 
Staff 4 

208 Weatherbee Drive 

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change the courage to change the things I can, 
and the wisdom to know the difference ' 

Joe likes sports, parties, girls, Fridays dislikes Mondays, breaking down m cars, work , 
"Whats up'' enjoys baseball, football, hockey "Shut up 1 pet peeves disco, having 

enough money, expensive girls, the honor roll "Why'" favorite people Tammy. Saturday night 
partiers, and the gang found at Ruggiero s Market, in the yellow comet plans to work. 

Football 1, 2, Baseball 2. 3. 4 

21 Draper Lane 

"All the wealth of the world will not buy a friend 

Rich, ins dark hair, nice eyes "But no'" 69 Likes Harley s, old Chevy's, loud music, 
Jimi Hendru. concerts Dislikes disco enjoys cruising and partying Favorite people 2if. 
Rosey, K C NANFG Found Draper, Pinto wagon work 

15 Stanford Drive 

"Life, no pain, no strain, no strain, no fame, no fame, no gain " 

Cliff "It's clobbenn time! hard working, pro-nuclear, religious likes astronomy, firearms, 
mountain climbing, Chinese food. Canon A-l. winter dislikes A P Exams, working Friday nights 
pet peeves speed bumps, vacuuming the pool, anti-nuclear demonstrators . . "Live long and prosper" 
favorite people Jeff, JRS. Rai found riding moped, Chinese restaurants "D-up 1 " future 
plans college, military 

Boys Soccer 3. Boys Winter Track 3. 4. Boys Spring Track 2, 3. 4. Boys Basketball 1, 2. Yearbook 
Staff 4, Astronomy Club 1. 2. 3. 4. President 4. Spanish Club 3; Photography Club 4, Vice-President 

116 High Rock Street 

"For when the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name He marks - not that you won or 
lost - but how you played the game " 

Scalesy "Catch ya later" brown hair and eyes likes golf, b-ball, summer, vans & pickups, 
but not leaving car lights on, school pet peeves lost golt balls.losing at L B s, back seat drivers, 
lammed fingers favorite people the all night gang, found on the tee, in the gym. at parties, Lost 
Brook "What are you doing tonight'" Plans college 

Boys Winter Track 4; Boys' Basketball 1. 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Golf 3, 4. Senior Class Play, National 
Honor Society 3, 4 

72 Bayley Street 

"Life may be hard, but the feeling of having coped with it is special ." 

Buzz, Barlale, Russell "T", 32 short, cute "Hugo, how's life'" "Rear have another!" 
"Ribo" "What's wrong'" Likes parties, DB P . The Doors. Van Halen dislikes Disco, being 
short Pet Peeves football camp, crutches, Analysis Enjoys football games, listening to music, 
seeing Mike the Trainer favorite people Janie, Mike, Chip, Mr Gille, Spud found LB, Chip's, 
Football Parties college 

Football 1, 2. 3, 4, Winter Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Intramural Weightliftmg 1, 2 

103 Woodland Road 

"Say a prayer tor the pretender who started out so young and strong only to surrender ' 

Ted, Joe calm. cool, collected "You live there 1 " likes golt. football, Leif the Luck, sing 

alongs. and Monty Python dislikes punks, and day two "Pitiful' 1 pet peeves "one reason", 

looks, Z-runs. hypothetical situations favorite people Lifers, toe. everyone The Doors, -S-, 
B + G Fan Club college, working with people 

Chorus 3, 4, Double Quartet 3, 4; District Chorus 3, No Parenthesis 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Golf team 3, 4; 
Musical 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Drama Club 2, 3 

121 Magnolia Drive 

"The secret of lite is enioymg the passage of time " 

Randy likes the Who, Skynyrd, good company "Ridiculous" dislikes endings, being mis- 
understood, greenback scandals "It's all fixed'" pet peeves the system, blatant people 
favorite people Cathy, J T , Woody Allen, others Nickie, concerts, winning, taking a chance, beating 
Val, Saturday morning pool matches found behind the chips, playing cards business school 

Football 1, Winter Track 1, 2. 3, 4, Cross Country 3. 4, High Explorers Club 2. Ski Club 4. Yearbook 
Staff, Senior Class Play. 


51 Hawthorn Street 

"Yesterday is a cancelled check. Tomorrow is a promissory note, Today is ready cash - use it." 

Beth an original laugh, nice brown eyes "That cracks me up" Favorite people Photo, Sal D , 
the Boys Found in McCube's library McDonalds, dancing in Tl Maxx, on the phone Likes blue 
eyes, #43 Dislikes people who sing and don t know the words, windshield wipers Pet Peeves 
waiting, due dates "Do fish swim'" Favorite activities going mental with S D.,M W ,B C ,CTK. 
] D Remember the Folemobile. Zuch s party Future plans College, career in nursing 

Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Manager 2, Powder Puff; No Parenthesis 4; Senior Class Play, Year 
book Staff 

206 Alder Road 

"The individual who is more bound to be loyal to his conscience than to any other thing is truly an in 
dividual " 

Barrie always smiling "Excuse me, but enioys being with friends, laughing, and sunny 

days on Cape Cod pet peeves singing auditions, uncooperation, and rainy days found on the 
stage, in the Little Theatre, in the Art Room likes acting, "flowers" and people who understand 
"Can I say something'" favorite people BS, KW . L C , N F . and SOS 5/31/79 college 

Color Guard 1, Class Secretary 1, Student Council 1. 2, 3; No Parenthesis 1, Recreation Commission 1, 
2, Swim Team 2, Spring Track Manager 1, Yearbook Staff 4, Musical 1, 2,3,4, Senior Class Play, AF S 
Club 3, 4, Exchange Student 3, Drama Club 1. 2. President 4, National Honor Society 3, 4; One Act Play 
Contest 1, 3. 4, Drama Festival 3 

239 Oak Street 

The setting sun and music at the close As the last taste of sweets, is sweetest last Write in remem- 
brance, more than things long past 

Jennif, Shambo "You're kidding" Strange laugh, big brown eyes, dimples, freckles Likes 
band, warm sweaters, N H , night competitions Dislikes being cold. Saturday morning practice 
Pet Peeves Mondays, cold mouthpieces "That's pitiful" Found in the Band Room, at the Football 
field with all the B F s. "What'" Future plans college 

Band 1.2,3.4. Concert Band 1, 2,3,4. Orchestra 1.2, 3. 4; Band Librarian 4; Concert Band Librarian 
4, Orchestra Librarian 2. WHS Dance Band 1.2,3, 4; No Parenthesis 4. Yearbook Staff, Pit Orchestra 
for Musical 1. 2, 3, 4. Senior Class Play. AFS Club 2 

122 Smith Drive 

In the end I'll know, but on the way I wonder ." 

Barbs friendly, sincere, air-head likes puddle lumping, watching the sunset, rivers in N H . 
Chinese shoes, romantic evenings dislikes homework "I can't believe this!" pet peeves 
slow drivers, indecision favorite people Miss Piggy. Booboo "I love Richard Dreyfuss 1 " 
lound with Steven or at Roches "Gather Ye Rosebuds ." "Chickie in da basket" college, 

Winter Track 1, 2. Spring Track 1, 2 

39 Hawthorn Street 

You can t have your cake and eat it too 1 " 

John Brown hair Likes, acting all sports, parties, plays, the Doors, the Beatles Dislikes A P 
History with I.R.S, disco Pet Peeves Ireshmen Favorite people toe's and seedman Found 
getting kicked out of the media center, in the cake line in the cafeteria . Future plans: college 

Football 1. 2. Musical 2. 4. Senior Class Play. Drama Club 3. 4 

725 Shawmut Avenue 

"Do unto others as they do unto you; but do it first 

Todd Distinct smile, walk, talk Likes basketball, partying, associating with people Pet 
peeves not enough sleep, getting up at 5 00 AM every morning Favorite people Mother best 
friend. Richard Pryor Found Roibury . College. 

Spring Track 1. Basketball 1 

102 Croft Regis Road 

Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.'' 

Debbie Really 7 tall, brown-eyes. long, brown hair Favorite Activities: swimming, dancing, 
horseback riding Likes Shopping weekends. Florida, vacations Pet Peeves underclassmen 
tests, Monday s Right' Favorite People KM. P T . A R found in the Media Center and 
Cafeteria Fashion 

Chorus 1. Sacred Cheese 4 Manager of Volleyball 2: Musical 4; Senior Class Play: Pep Club 1. 

54 Magnolia Drive 

Be as you are as you see as I am I am 

John. Skell freckles, personable Favorite activities soccer, skiing, photography, running relat- 
ing during studies Pet Peeves 1-0 losses, do-nothing people. Etomc cleats Ah yes Likes: 
JT Outlaws. Who. good limes. KP s. Watney s. Red Barrel, Dislikes: Medfield. boring weekends. Art 
History, preps Found on the soccer field, at Attish ML. with friends Favorite people Guy Le 
Mur Der, Mase. Stoney Future plans college 

Sacred Cheese 3: Soccer 1. 2. 3. 4, Winter Track 2; Spring Track 1. 2; Basketball 1, Yearbook Staff: Ski 
Team 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Natl Honor Society 3. 4 


565 Gay Street 

Bruce Looking good Likes friends, basketball, tennis Dislikes people taking things 

without notifying him Favorite people Coach Thwing, Miss Jackson, and Mrs Reardon Found 
in the classroom or the no pass area Pet Peeves being bored Future plans be well known 
married, be a cook, and be a basketball star 

40 Aran Road 

We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat 

Chewy tall, quiet "Holy Cow!"' . Likes: slamming. Geils, Skynyrd, 200 Club Favorite peo- 
ple M W . the All Nighters. Bird, PJ.P.II . Dislikes Short people, activities, foi hunting, hoop. allN's 
What a thrill' Don't be stupid " . . . Found on the hoop court. Lost Brook, AS F L Future 
plans college, business & basketball. 

Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4 

24 Linden Street 

The happiest times are those shared with friends • 

Sue You guys quiet friendly, easy going Likes soccer, dancing, Saturday Night Live, par- 
ties Dislikes homework, working weekends, cold weather Pet peeves waiting, shorthand. Mon- 
day mornings You know what I mean' Favorite people The Sue s. E.T , B.W . the Class of '80 
found on the phone, at work. Lost Brook No. you re kidding!'' ...§22 .. Junior college, 
medical assistant wishes the class of 80 the best of luck in the future 

Glee Club 2, Soccer 2. 3, Powder Puff Football; Pep Club 1. 2, 3. 4 

54 Hawktree Drive 

Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it!" 

Brigita likes: hot sun, ocean. Faneuil Hall Pet Peeves mispronounced names Barne s driving 
Oh. God 1 enpys drawing, dancing, swimming, laughing . "But really, it's good for you!" 

dislikes Monday mornings, pushy people found in the art room. Cape Cod. Harvard Square, 
Boston college 

No Parenthesis 2. 4. Art Editor 4. Student Faculty Forum 2; Girl's State Rep . Yearbook Staff 4, Musical 
2, 3. 4. Senior Class Play; AFS Club 1. 2. 3.4: Drama Club 4. Ski Club 4: Spanish Club 3. National Honor 
Society 3. 4: Health Careers Club 3 

52 Fisher Street 

"Always give it everything you have." 

Ron. Stapes easy going, tall and blonde "let's see how things go" enioys driving around in 
his car on Saturday night, Rock and Roll, and having a good time dislikes long days and short 
weekends favorite people Johny, Barb, Mass, and Daren; "Cra2y, Stapes 1 " likes playing 
sports and cards career oriented 

Football 1. 4. Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4 

501 Hartford Street 

"To know him is to appreciate his qualities' 

Dave Cute, smart, space cadet pet peeves Westwood lingo, trigonometry 
days at the Cape, water skiing dislikes rainy days "Yea, right 1 " "Noway 1 ' 
pie J F , S C . S L found at the Cape; future plans college 

Winter Track 1; Spring Track 1, 2, Ski Team 2. 3, 4; Cross Country 1, 2. 3; Ski Club 4 

enioys skiing, 
favorite peo 

18 Fauview Street 

"You are not a failure if you are envying life " 

Stubs a real playboy "Let's go sideways" likes 16 oz curls, water skiing with Okie and 
girls, football parties, '65 Mustangs dislikes disco, Medfield Pet Peeves Camp Mono, Mohawk 
Trail. F BO "Do it up 1 " Favorite people Ellen, Gibbo. Devo Found al Zoo Mass, NASC . 
LB, D block LA Woman "This baby's on fire 1 " college 

Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Powder Puff Football Cheerleader 4 

5 Wagon Road 

Enioy yourself, it's later than you think." 

Rock, Gordi Likes fast cars, loud music. |unk lood "Hey" Hobbies soccer, AS F L 
Dislikes short skis, Medfield Pet peeves mellow music, no snow. 1-0 losses Favorite people Scot 
tish, Fishman, Chuck, Az Found at Cannon and in the trainer's room Prep School 

Soccer 1. 2, 3. 4, Ski Team 1, 2, 3. 4, Senior Class Play, Yearbook Staff. Ski Club 4 


345 Weatherbee Drive 

"I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, the sinners have much more fun " 

Amy Yeah quiet, short brown hair Likes sKung. running, parties, expensive cars. Z-28's 

Dislikes running anything over 3 miles, warm beverages Pet Peeves getting up in the morning, 
coming in last, thighs, waiting for phone calls "Where's the party 7 " Favorite People Sue 3 , 
Tracy, someone special found skipping practice, at the beach, in the Vega, at parties long talks 
with Peg, 10/4/79 - Doobies, climbing Blue Hills, Marshall Tucker 6/79 college. Colorado 

Student Advisory Board 1, 2, Drama Club 1; Gymnastics Team 1, Ski Club 1, 2, 4, Winter Track 2. 4, 
Spring Track 1, 2. 3, 4, Cross-Country 2. 3, Powder Puff Football 

398 Dover Road 

There are things that are known, and things that are unknown, in between the doors " 

Dan. Joe "Ruh 1 " Likes skis, football, small gatherings at Zutch's. singing at Brooksie's field 
BSG Ian club Dislikes good-natured people, sophomore women, lifers Pet Peeves nosey AD s, 
turbo valiant "It is foolish to fear that which you can not avoid found in the locker room 
College, marriage Happy, Humble, and Rich 

Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Track 2. 4. Golf team 3. 4. Ski Club 4. Intramural Baseball 3, 4, Weight Training 3, 
4, Powder Puff Cheerleader, No Parenthesis 3. Yearbook Stall 4, Pep Club 1, 2. 3. 4 

50 Oriole Road 

"If you love something very much, set it tree It if doesn't come back to you, it was never meant to be 
yours, if it does, love it forever " 

Kathy, Kath. Sul sensitive, short, big eyes "Are you serious"" enioys dance, music, 
beaches & bon fires, convos with Chris & Tish. secret signals, and partying likes strawberries & 
cheese, sunsets on the beach, kids n puppies dislikes Physics and spiders pet peeves waiting, 
rushing, the RC D dilemma, snobs, LW beatings, being cold T live it 1 " favorite people )C. D. 
C. LW. and The Gang found in the cat & at OBs "2 1 " cat eyes college 

Yearbook Staff, Hockey Cheerleader 3, 4. Powder Puff Football 

129 Blueberry Lane 

A merry evening maketh a sad morning 

Sully "Really" likes hockey, baseball, motor biking, good tunes, attending concerts, parties 
and long Monday mornings pet peeves disco, homeroom, black leathers favorite people left, 
lohn, Mark found at concerts and parties "Oh WOW 1 " future plans college bound 

1689 High Street 

Happiness is not having everything you want, but wanting everything you have 

Sue 'You re kidding blonde hair, brown eyes enioys weekends, parties skiing, dislikes 
snobs, homeroom, school lunches pet peeves cliques, being twins, rainy mornings I don't 
believe it" favorite people M . M and "The Sue s found at Lost Brook, in the Firebird 
bound for college good luck class of "80." 

89 farm Lane 

"I came to live in the glory of Love and the light of Beauty, which are the reflections of God' 

Elaine Oh, cute 1 ' smiling, happy Likes talking, acting, singing, water-skiing, volleyball. 
Young Life Enioys listening to music, both loud and mellow, weekends Dislikes math, being 
broke, shoes Pet Peeves Marty at Retail, snobs found listening to James Taylor, at Class par- 
ties. Club Favorite people KR, Sue, everyone "Pitiful 1 Luck and love to the Class of 80 

Chorus 1, 2. 3. Double Quartet 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Powder Puff Football, Yearbook Staff 4 Musical 1, 
2, 3, 4; Senior Class Play. Pep Club 1, 2. 3. 4. Drama CLub 1. 2. 3. Secretary 4. Ski Club 4, Spanish 
Club 1. 2. 3. 4; One Act Play Contest 3, 4 

240 Oak Street 

You shall above all things be glad and young 

Anne Really'" smiling, expressive eyebrows Likes ping-pong, making bad |okes, moun- 
tains and beaches. Christmas Dislikes her left leg. poision ivy Pet Peeves insomnia, tornado 
warnings muy muchas 1 Favorite People Leadfott, Tanjie (E R ) found at football games, 
outdoors, with people Gather ye rosebuds Boston College 

No Parenthesis 1.2.3. 4. Powder Puff Football. Pep Club 3. 4. Yearbook Staff 4. Senior Class Play. AFS 
Club 2. 3. 4; French Club 1. 2; Spanish Club 1. 2. National Honor Society 3. 4 

10 Pear Tree Drive 

Time will be a a key, let it take you there 

Rick , Thomps Pet peeves flashing blue lights, B.F s, being called Dicker T Likes sun- 
daes. Skynyrd Dislikes bologna, getting caught Doppers' Gork Likes to ski, sail, 
socialize Favorite people PT Bomar, EDKA, The boys' plans include college 

Band 1. 2. 3; Football 1. Concert Band 1, 2. 3, Spring Track 3. 4. Ski Team 1. 2, 3, 4. Captain 3, Pep 
Club 1. 2, 3. 4, Ski Club 4 


210 Mill Street 

Our thought is the key which unlocks the doors of the world 

Joe T dependable, easy going Favorite activities baseball, fishing, golf, hockey Pet peeves 
ringing phones, attempts Likes the Son. 70 Impalas, winter Dislikes losing, rainy days 
"Let s go' found working hard college, engineering 

Class Treasurer 2; Spring Track 1,2 4, Math Team 2, 3 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, President 4 

68 Alder Road 

The coldest days can produce the warmest smiles 

Lauren short with curly, dark hair No Way 1 Likes traveling. Led Zepplin partying and 

having a good time Dislikes homework Pet peeves waking up early, snobs "Crazy" 
Favorite people Murf, Ma|as, O'Mail College 

31 Millbrook Road 

A mistake is not serious unless it is repeated 

Tschirchie. Super sign stealer. "T Beaver Cleaver. Smiling, laughing Likes Partying, all 

nighters at KeV's. EMO s. Falmouth snow bunnies, Roadhouse Blues Dislikes Kev's tub, baby pow 
der fences, cookouts at 5 00 A M , Suzie Chapstick Pet peeves working, wet roads, getting picked 
off Found around Westwood, The Memorial, the 6 9 mobile, the cave Favorite People Dicker-T 
K S the gang of "80 "Dicks a chick" College 

Student Council Rep 4, Sacred Cheese 3, Football 1, 2 

44 Webster Street 

Whatever she dares to dream she dares to do 

Paula "You re kidding 1 tall, friendly enioys movies, weekends, friendly people Dis 
likes being bored, Monday mornings Likes cats, traveling, watching soaps Pet Peeves 
homework, underclassmen, snobby people ' I don t believe it "Really 7 found in West 

Ronbury, Dedham favorite people D S . K M , N M favorite activities tennis, swimming, playing 
pool plans college 

42 Lorraine Road 

"Who ever said Senior Year was easy' 

Mary Reasons to be cheerful" 

at Mac s, parties, Chan, Woody, Geils 
mornings, cliques, diets, keys 
found Lost Brook, W R , Gurdy's 

Powder Putt Football. One-Act Play 3; Senior Class Play; Ski Club 4 

rushing, blue eyes, cold hands, sweaters Likes breakfeast 
Dislikes chauvinists, governor Pet peeves being on time. 
You worm Favorite people Raura, Jeanea. As-ho 

bad news ". "Eeh Bee college, graduate school 


85 Tamarack Road 

Always do right, this will gratify some people and astonish the rest " 

Zutch likes afterschool football games. Doors found at Alex's dislikes weekends without 
C.C. Subarus Sorry' pet peeves German favorite people Claire. Joes skiing 

California college 

Boys' Winter Track 1. 2. Boy's Spring Track 1. 2 


43 Aran Road 

Class Vice President 

And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm ol his hand ." 

Lynney, Lynne. Fag cute, warm smile "Ah yes' basketball and growing are among favorite 
activities likes the #3. being with friends, winning, being a 79 state champ, green M&M's, and 
Shining Star dislikes losing and pes bybb Pet peeves donuts, SR&U, sprints, college-college, 
sad songs, and Abington Tm psyched favorite people IKP. ELN, Proc.Dish, Mas, Ribo, Ms 
Delaney and teammates found with M & W in the tub, selling donuts, on the court "Who's BF'" 
Best ol luck to class ot '80 Thanks to Mom & Dad college 

Class President 2; Soccer 2. 3, 4; Captain 3. 4, Softball 1, 2. 3. 4; Captain 3. 4. Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4. 
Captain 3, 4. Powder Putt football; Senior Class Play 

98 Forbes Road 

"Man should live by his own principles and never somebody else's" 

Jim Iceman freckled, quiet "Really Likes Geils, weekends, Italian food Dislikes losing 
Pet Peeves turnovers, curfews, crowded cars "Guaranteed Favorite people the all 

nighters Found in the gym, at parties college 

No Parenthesis 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4; Yearbook Staff. 


58 Tamarack Road 

Take a right at the lights; from there, boy, you're on your own 1 

John Sneakers and Levis Sailing, lacrosse, skiing, eating likes Friday nights, tun people. 
CYO dislikes all-male parties, working pet peeves people with purple hair, dripping ice 

cream cones, J D , Spinning wheels. Jaguars with sharp, shining teeth Favorite people J M , J W . 
AH found |oking with Wellesey, at Friendly s. St T s. Sandy Valley, Everywhere "A twin'" 

College, and a life in Switzerland 

Spring Track 1. 2. Yearbook Staff, Ski team 3, 4, Cross Country 1, 2. Senior Class Play. Ski Club 4, 
National Honor Society 3, 4 

176 Strasser Avenue 

"Self pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in the world " 

B W , Buffalo "We'll never make it!" red hair, friendly, dependable likes the Doors, Woods 
and football parties enioys EMOs#l,2and 3 Al's workouts dislikes football practice, inter- 
ceptions pet peeves leopards, being tt\ "On two 11 " favorite people the gang, the football 
team, S.S found in the locker room and at Bill's house #10 college 

Football 1, 2, 3. 4. Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4, Powder Puff Cheerleader 4 

524 High Street 

"Live to learn, learn to live " 

Warren serious, intrepid, plain spoken likes swimming in the quarries, woods parties, camp 

mg. National Seashore, "all-nighters "., Idney dislikes waking up early, schedules pet peeves 

getting rousted, coming up empty handed favorite people B S . P T . and all the young dudes 

Band 1. 2. Concert Band 1, Swim Team 1 

17 Alpena Avenue 

"Remember yesterday but live for tomorrow." 

Page short and cute "Well. I don't know" Likes Horseback riding, drawing, dancing, tood 
and mderstandmg people Pet Peeves pushy people, snobs, school lunches, macho men, cliques at 
a party, weekdays that end in "Y". being under 20 "0 Kaaay Favorite people Mary Beth, Jean, 
real friends Found at Milton High, out of town parties, in the sun A loving relationship is based 
on trust 1 . Good Luck to MB*-RS. MW + EC. JM + EV Oh no 1 Mary Beth double ceramics 1 

Future plans school, travel 

48 Weatherbee Drive 

If you have one true friend, you have more than your share ." 

Cheryl What 7 ' quick to give a smile, hazel eyes, bubbly likes spring swimming, Syracuse, 
piano. Beiley pet peeves snow, nuts, snobs, split ends favorite people EM . SD. CX. found 
at Golden Temple. Brookline, West Roibury, Casper Street future plans, college accounting 

Glee Club 2, 4: No Parenthesis 4. Powder Puff football. Yearbook Staff 4 

114 Seiton Avenue 

"The smile that lights the face will also warm the heart 

Kath preppy, gullible, smiling likes strawberries, unicorns, Marvin, and sweater weather 
enioys: drawing, riding, and being buddies Are you sure' pet peeves rabbit, wormmgton, 
and T D |okes Kaboobulated found with Lis. Cath, and B S 2 in the art room room 116. 
and in the Le Baron those famous battles of the bit's art career, college 

No Parenthesis 2. 3. 4. Powder Puff Football. Yearbook Staff 4. Musical 2. 3. 4; Senior Class Play. AFS 
Club 4; Pep Club 2. 3, French Club 3. Photography Club 3, National Honor Society 3. 4 

72 Blueberry Lane 

"Day is ended, dim my eyes, but journey long before me lies Farewell my friends 1 I hear the call 1 

John Likes skiing, sailing Dislikes unloyal friends, dodge darts Pet Peeves Massachusetts 
drivers Favorite people MM. J W , J F . Found under the car or water Future plans 
college and engineering 

206 Burgess Avenue 

Happiness is the only good The time to be happy is now, the place to be happy is here, the way to be 
happy is to make others so 


101 Fearing Drive 

"Don't look back, look ahead 

Athena Blonds have more fun, right Steve' blond hair, blue eyes, blushes easily enjoys 
skiing, bowling likes disco, surprise parties, dance, late Friday and Saturday nights pet peeves 
braces, eye tests "Prove it 1 favorite people Steve. Tim. Cathy found Norwood. New 

Hampshire college, marriage 

Powder Puff Football. Ski Club 4 

144- Briar Lane 

Let each man follow his own course ." 

Whitey Who can buy' sarcastic, a good procrastinate, a bit shy Enioys skiing, writing 
music, harrassing teachers Dislikes mayo , Monday mornings, getting sick reading Likes #2. 
snowstorms, golf, beaches Pet peeves HEP s, D B Practice. Bean shoes Favorite people SC. 
Der . BC. ETMHI. Joe. OTHERS not found in church college, hopefully money 

WHS Dance Band 3. 4. Accompanist for Musical 2, 3. Sound Liberation 2. Class V P 3.2. 3. Sacred 
Cheese 3. Tennis 1. 2. 3. 4, Math Team 2, 3. 4, Nat I Honor Society 3. 4, Senior Class Play Musical 4. 
Yearbook Staff 

213 Whitewood Road 

Good order is the foundation of all good things 

Mary Mare blue eyes, in a daze, hyperactive But why'" Favorite activities soccer, piano, 
waitressmg Likes Raindrops on Roses", #17. summers at Nantasket Dislikes snobs, early cur- 
fews, writing essays ■ Pet peeves Kavenan dances, B B . selling lucrative obiects, dieting "I'm so 
confused 1 Favorite people soccer team, class of 80, and other special freinds found working 
in Faneuil Hall, everywhere and anywhere "Cookie Smokestacks" (R.H PS )" College 

WHS Dance Band 1, No Parenthesis 2. Editor-in-Chief of Sacred Cheese 3, Girls Soccer 2: Tn- 
Captam 3 4 Powder Puff Football. Girls Winter Track 2. 3. 4. Girls Spring Track 2, 3. 4, Yearbook 
Stafl Sports Editor 4, Senior Class Play, AFS Club 2, 3. 4. Spanish Club 2, 3; National Honor Society 
3. 4. Vice-President 4 

96 Woodndge Road 

Blessed are the cheesemakers'" 

Alei plaid flannel shirts "Looks like a penguin skiing, gumballing, new wave. Doors, fast 
foreign cars dislikes useless courses, disco anything, poor stereos pet peeves physics. OPEC 
nations "Alright, drop em" favorite people N A R . the Joes found in the red Scirocco 
Joes ieep concerts "Yah Doors' plans to enioy the real life College 

Spring Track 3. 4. Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4, Ski Club 4. Ski Team 2, 3, 4 

197 Hartford Street 

Say what you think and act as you leel 

Dave . "Okay. Wow!" quiet, blue eyes, unpredicatable Favorite activities baseball, golf 
Likes money, getting high on lite. Red Sox. Patriots Dislikes attempted roughnects Pet peeves 
getting up in the morning, being called Deed lound in Toyota, anywhere Favorite people Old 
Blue Eyes Don't Quit' college 

Musical 2. Spring Track 3, 4, Astronomy Club 3. Pep Club 3. 4. Ski Club 3. 4 

355 Canton Street 

"The smile that lights the face warms the heart 

Winnie Really" short brown hair, friendly blue eyes activities and hobbies talking on the 
phone, swimming, spending time with a good friend likes people who make you feel happy dis- 
likes people with bad tempers teachers who never smile pet peeves waiting for people who are 
late getting up on rainy mornings "Tell me about it" favorite people E M , D D . C.C., 
found on the phone college 

Chorus 1. 2, 3. 4. Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4. Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Class Play. Drama Club 4. Musical 1, 2, 
3. 4 

53 Crystal Hill Terrace 

"Friendship is a chain of gold, shaped in God s all perfect mold, each link a smile, a laugh, a tear, a 
touch of the hand, a word of cheer " 

Maura, Mau, Mo likes swimming, coaching, making faces for B & S, S Club big blue eyes 
pet peeves crunchy noises, backstabbers, sunblisters. moody people "Only kidding ha ha 1 ' 
dislikes loud people, DPD, getting haircuts favorite people J S, CTK. Bird, March 17th gang, Don 
Knotts & Co "Plasma" found in the pools, at basketball games, in Norwood with TB,MD,CTK, 
and with Chew Really" nice smile College 

Swim Team 1,2,3, captain 4. Basketball 1, 2, Powder Pufl Football, Spring Track 4, Pep Club 1, 2. 3. 

60 Olde Carriage Road 

Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death " 

Sue. Wiz, Wwy "Hey there, chick 1 " tall, slim, kinda shy enioys volleyball, travelling in 
lapan, nice clothes, and the boy's soccer team Dislikes getting up early, math classes "It's 
worth a shot" Pet peeves selling tickets, deadlines Favorite people Cath, Karen, Lisa lean, 
teammates Whatever turns you on" Found with HBGS, PTP'ers, on the court plans tor 
college, a happy life 

Volleyball 1. 2. 3. 4. Captain 4, Powder Puff Football. Yearbook Staff. AFS Club 2. 3. 4. National Honor 
Society 3. 4; Spanish Club Cheese 3. Basketball 1. 2. Spring Track 1. 


53 Beacon Street 

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it If you dream it, you can become it 

Karen a sweetheart "You know what I mean always late, skirts with tights, blushes easily 
enioys writing, ballet, analytical phone calls, after hours likes strawberries, viotets, the island. 
Beatles. SB's on the beach, dislikes being told to calm down , TWSE, stomach attacks pet peeves 
knives, bug breakdowns, the sweater heist "I can I believe you |ust said that 1 " favorite people 
Chuck, Kalh-', Marea, Ma;z found with Chuck, without shoes, at the football games Feb 18 
tons & tons long talks luture plans College 

Yearbook Editor. Swim Team 2 Powder Puff Football, Senior Class Play. Hockey Cheerleader 3. 

60 Pear Tree Drive 

Opportunities are seldom labeled 

Gary good natured, honest Likes: Chinese food. Cape Cod. leisure time. Syrian bread Dis 
likes studying, empty wallets Favorite activities running, fishing, swimming Pet Peeves 
waiting in line tor gas, Poindenters Mousetrap" Favorite people Spoc. Al, CC gang 

Found in the Math Seminar, Mousetrap Future plans college and engineering 

Winter Track 3, 4, Spring Track 3, 4. Cross Country 1. 2, 3, 4 


Some builders builded a temple 
they wrought it with grace and skill; 
pillars and groins and arches 
all fashioned to work their will. 
Men said, as they saw its beauty, 
"It shall never know decay; 
great is your skill, Builders, 
your fame shall endure for e'er 

Some teachers builded a temple 
with loving infinite care, 
they took pains with all their efforts 
planning each stone with prayer. 
None praised their unceasing efforts 
none knew of their wondrous plan, 
for the temple the teachers builded 
was unseen by the eyes of man. 

Gone is the builder's temple 
crumpled into the dust; 
low lies each stately pillar, 
food for the consuming rust; 
but the temple the teachers builded 
will last while the ages roll, 
for that beautiful unseen temple 
was a young man's immortal soul. 
- M. Reid 

Donald Stivaletta 


And now 

it's time 
to look before us; 

the future awaits. 

But first 

we stop, 
taking time 

to say good-bye. 

Past is gone 

but memories linger; 
Your contagious laughter 

and cheering enthusiasm. 

Friendship in the past; 

we miss your sincerity, 
eagerness and devotion, 

to hockey — to life. 

Time to go; 

good-bye's to each other, 
But not 

to you. 

Instead we hold your spirit close, 

carrying the memory 
within our hearts — 


— Karen Wolfe 


Senior Class History 

Freshmen — that dirty word given to the "little People" of the high 
school scene was finally being attached to us. The fall of 76 thrust us 
through the massive gates of Westwood high and into the beginning of our 
four busy years here, trying to sort out our feelings for the future. 

Even though the Seniors seemed monstrously huge as well as potentially 
dangerous, and the entire faculty was out to get us, we managed to swallow 
our fears just long enough to establish ourselves as a class with class. 

One of the first activities we encountered was the magazine drive spon- 
sored by the A.F.S. Club. We pulled together as a class and raised the most 
money ever by a freshman class. 

Our athletic ability was demonstrated by the great number of freshmen 
participating in varsity sports. We enthusiastically cheered the girls' basket- 
ball team as they broke a national record, winning 73 consecutive games. 

Although we were "beat upon" as freshmen on athletic teams by being 
forced to wear signs on our backs or uniforms to school, we knew that one 
day we would be upper-classmen ... and get revenge. 

In addition to our athletic ability, we proved that we were also musically 
inclined. Many of us participated in the production of "South Pacific." 

In early May, as we watched in shock and surprise, some unexpected 
guests squeaked into the cafeteria unnoticed. An uproar soon began as 
greased pigs squirmed their way through the cafeteria, under tables, chairs, 
and feet ... a memorable senior class prank. 

Under the able leadership of President, Kathy Powers; Vice-President, 
Allen White; Secretary, Barrie Sesnovich; and Treasurer, Ed Hanley, we were 
the first class ever to raise money in their freshman year. In June, we had 
our first class field trip, to Lincoln Park. As the buses rolled back to the 
high school, we knew our freshman year was over ... we were more than 
ready to advance to sophomore standings. 

Sophomore Year: 

Led by our extremely capable class officers: President, Lynne Walsh; 
Vice-President, Allen White; Secretary, Elaine Nee; and Treasurer, Joe Tof- 
folom, the class of '80 finally started to plant its feet solidly on the ground. 
As seemingly inferior sophomores, we ventured into the world of biology 
with Mr. Sams and Mrs. Saltmarsh, and Oral English with Miss Shute and 
her diaphragm exercises. 

This year, too, we were introduced to junior varsity and varsity athletics 
and, boy, did we come through! The winter track team captured the state ti- 
tle, while the J.V. boys' and girls' basketball, and the J.V. baseball were all 
immensely successful. Perhaps the most memorable events of this year oc- 
curred in the Boston Garden and the Holy Cross Gymnasium. In the Garden, 
the Wolverine hockey team won a come-from-behind overtime victory over 
Ipswich, with our own Jerry Malloy scoring the winning goal. In our next at- 
tempt in the Semi-Finals, we bowed to Barnstable in a gallantly fought 
game before multitudes of Wolverine fans. You'd never know we lost by the 
way we demonstrated our sportsmanship on the bus ride home. Secondly, 
the varsity girls' basketball team stomped over all opponents, roaring to the 
state finals before losing a rather questionable (refs!) contest to Drury, 42- 

Financially, our class was prosperous in selling refreshments at "hoop" 
games and various bake sales, led primarily by Joe T. and Mr. Earls, our 
class advisor. 

This was also the year of the unforgettable "invitation-only" Frye bash 
which featured live entertainment and flashing blue lights. 

Other highlights of our sophomore year included the school musical 
"Hello Dolly," the surprising Thanksgiving Day upset against Holliston, 14- 
0, the successful sophomore semi-formal, and, of course, the unforgettable 
Mohawk haircut fad, a profitable fad at that, as Gibbo walked away with 

So ended our years as under-classmen for we were about to enter the 
world of upper-classmen and with it, superiority. Though, it was to take the 
upcoming summer vacation for us to adjust to our new status. 

Junior Year: 

Our junior year was long awaited, and at last we gloated as upper- 
classmen. We all received warnings of a tough academic year, but we were 
wished the best of luck. PSAT's, NMSQT's, SAT's, and Achievements were 
taken for the first time, and we took them on with confidence. 

Our class officers: President, Chris Redden; Vice-President, Allen White; 
Secretary, Nancy Procaccmo; and Treasurer, Bill Crabtree did a great job of 
keeping up our class unity and spirit. We were fortunate enough to partake 
in the First Annual Homecoming Week. Elaine Nee was elected by the ma- 
jority of our class as a member of the Homecoming Court. As far as the 
class competitions during Homecoming Week, we know who really won! 

This year was a great one for many athletic achievements, as the girls' 
basketball team and the winter track team were state champs for their divi- 
sions. The boys' basketball team, the hockey team, the baseball team, and 
the girls' and boys' tennis teams all partook in tournament action. 

The highlight of our year was the prom held at the Blue Hills Country 
Club. Many of us danced the night away, but not to "The Long and Winding 
Road." Of course, being a Junior Prom, it was one of the most successful in 
W.H.S.'s history. The suspense in waiting to discover who would be Queen 
was highlighted by Kathy Powers, Kathy Welling, Marea DeAngelis, and 
Maura Winslow being selected members of the Junior Court. 

Two other memorable activities during our junior year were the spring 
musical "Anything Goes!" with our classmates Sue Downes and Betsy Lan- 
don taking part, and the A.F.S. program, which gave Barrie Sesnovich the 
chance to spend the summer in Turkey, while Sue Christiansen visited 

At last we all met the qualifications to be seniors. We had lots of class 
spirit, class unity, anticipation, and a sense of superiority. We were on our 
way, leaving trademarks behind - our most famous being the forbidden 
corner of abandoned lockers where the OSB's, the UA, and the Sultans used 
to reside. Thank-you, Mr. Burke, for laughing with us; we left some happy 
memories behind us. Now we're on our way to the very top. 

Senior Year: 

Finally, we had arrived. Having survived three eventful years, we were 
now the "big-shots" on campus. For the past three years, we had exhibited 
an unprecedented amount of class unity and had made many lasting 
friendships that never were to be destroyed. Before our year had even 
begun, the class of '80 had successfully pulled off its first prank. Upon 
arriving at the school on our first day, we were greeted by a courtyard full 
of "borrowed" signs. Thank-you, guys, for your midnight construction. 

Our deserving class officers: President, Bill Brady; Vice-President, Lynne 
Walsh; Secretary, Nancy Procaccmo; and Treasurer, Ed Hanley — together 
with an extremely active student council and National Honor Society — 
organized many great activities which were to keep us busy throughout the 


The Second Annual Homecoming Week was again a huge success and 
only further united the school as a whole. Class decoration of the halls had 
a few minor difficulties, but otherwise the week ran smoothly. Other daily 
activities included Clash Day, Green Pride Day, and Hat Day. We 
demonstrated good sportsmanship as we accepted our last place position 
with dignity. A special thanks and congratulations to Mr. Fischler for sym- 
bolizing the true spirit of this week. At the end of the week, the queen and 
her court were announced. They rode in the Homecoming Parade, well 
protected by Brady and his secret police staff trailing behind them. The 
three seniors elected were Ellen O'Neil as queen, and Karen Wolfe and 
Marea DeAngelis as the senior court. All three, it was agreed, characterized 
great school spirit and a few other exceptional traits. 

The Halloween Dance was another immense success. The variety and 
originality of the costumes were quite a sight, with Ed Hanley winning an 
award as the second coming of John Belushi, boldly dressed in a toga. 
Another success was the winning duo of Jane DeSisto and Tim Foley — will 
they ever grow up! 

As a class, we all extended a helping hand to successfully build the class 
treasury. A fleamarket became reality through the hard work of our class 
officers, school clubs, senior class faculty advisors, and many athletic 
teams. This particular fleamarket was also the beginning of a new fad. Jeff 
Smith eagerly volunteered his stomach as a fishbowl and cautiously "slid 
down" two goldfish. 

Not to be outdone, Herb Irvine quite nonchalantly swallowed sixteen of 
these live fish to add to the half-time excitement at the Homecoming foot- 
ball game, held the following Saturday. 

Also, thanks to Lynne Walsh, the class of '80 sold doughnuts each morn- 
ing, raising money toward defraying the costs of various class activities. 

Around the beginning of October, we began giving serious consideration 
to the matter of college. SAT's and Achievements, campus visits, interviews, 
and applications — these words were drilled into our heads, not only by 
guidance counsellors, but by parents and teachers as well. 

From the first weekend in September, our social lives screamed for 
variety and, boy, did we find it! Thanks mainly to the football team, parties 
became a constant event in our lives. Proceeding the Schaefer Stadium 
game, we caravanned to Zuch's house for one of the best "screamers" of 
the year. "Those Insipid Doors" were forever blaring as the football team, 
like a choir, echoed the tunes of "Roadhouse Blues." From that night on, it 
was non-stop partying. First Bill's, then Chuck's (complete with live enter- 
tainment), followed by Emo's, and the partying climaxed at Bob's, who 
featured the glories of the great outdoors. 

When the "men in blue" did occasionally find themselves at a party, it 
was off to Lost Brook, which accommodated us rather nicely. Another fad 
seemed to be that of all-nighters where "signage" and returning mailboxes 
had its origin. Perfectly enough, "Animal House" reappeared and it was off 
to the movie house for a class learning experience. 

In this, our senior year, there were many outstanding individuals: Rocky 
and Schroeder performed admirably, lending friendship and an occasional 
laugh to our year. Our A.F.S. exchange students were warmly invited into 
our class. Esteban Herrera, from Ecuador (a Daily Transcript all-star soccer 
player), Alain Gendron from Canada, and Anna Maria Ayerbe from Colum- 
bia, all studied hard, made new friends, and were seen at our parties. 

A fun-filled memorable day for our class occurred on Teacher's Conven- 
tion Day, October 24th. This year Bickford's was the site of the annual 
Senior Class Breakfast, and almost every member of the class of '80 
showed up. Though service was shorthanded, many helped serve beverages. 
All managed to have a great time, and we headed back to the high school to 

witness the Westwood-Medfield Powder Puff football game. 

Led by the fearless coaching duo of Chuck Brawley and Bill Crabtree, the 
Westwood girls trounced Medfield 29-12 as the partisan fans roared with 
delight as a group of rookie cheerleaders, though a bit rusty, illustrated 
some intriguing characteristics and abilities. On the field, it was all 
Westwood as Lynne Walsh, Valerie Allen, and Kelly Carey, plus numerous 
other stand-outs, dominated Medfield in every facet of the game. 

In November, the acting ability of the class was triggered by the outlan- 
dish comedy "May the Farce Be With You," a "Star Wars" type production, 
the play, directed by Chris Keough and Miss Shute, was a smashing success 
with the likes of H2O Girl, Acrobat Man, Albatross, and the rest of the crew. 
Then, as cast members were departing, Allen White came through and an- 
nounced his residence was to be the site of the cast party. 

Athletically, we can be proud of ourselves for years to come. The 
Wolverine football team, though not able to reach its full potential, 
nevertheless generated much excitement and hope on the field. The entire 
soccer program at Westwood was successful, though the boys lost five 
games by a single goal. The volleyball team had a surprising year with a 9-2 
record; they were the only fall varsity team to go in to post-season play as a 
participant in the Eastern Mass. tournament, some say because of the 
added support given to them by the b-ball and soccer teams. 

There were two unexpected surprises this year. One of them was the 
shock we all received as our homeroom teachers passed out class ranks. 
One-tenth of our class was happy — the rest unhappy in many cases. 
Another unexpected event happened during Thanksgiving vacation. Who 
would have guessed that Bill O'Conner could have talked Mr. Stack out of a 
Chinese Civ. term paper. Of course, tackling a car wasn't such a modest 
way of going about it. 

The snowy months of January and February brought an exciting display 
of class unity and spirit. 

Inside the warmth of WHS's gymnasium, floods of avid fans supported 
our own hoop stars. It was on these Friday nights that the crowded 
bleachers came alive with paper confetti, spirited chants, and of course, a 
few clam-clap beatings. 

For most of us, Saturday nights were spent huddled together in the Tabor 
"Freezer" cheering the triumphant Wolverines to one victory after another. 
Thanks to Mazz's occasional late nighters, our spirit carried into some 
rowdy early hours. 

Rumor has it the football team would like to extend their appreciation for 
those "never-fail-weekend wallers" sponsored by the winter athletes!? 

Perhaps the most memorable experience of the winter season was our 
"rather expensive" visit to Smugglers Notch. Although the snow was scarce 
and skiing was limited, our resourceful seniors busied themselves with 
other activities that were offered at the resort ... and then there was some 
indulging in those activities that weren't exactly "offered." After escaping 
Vermont's border free from further debt, all returned home slightly dazed 
with devious frozen grins. 

Our return from February vacation was welcomed by a spirited re- 
location of the cafeteria. A job well done — seniors 22, 30, 42, and 33. 

On the eve of March 14, Davis' Darlings met Sanfason's Savages face to 
face in a brutal battle of the sexes. Bruises and other minor injuries have 
faded but the display of senior pride and unity will be long remembered. 

Before long April appeared on the calendar, leaving us with two short 
months at Westwood High School and that contagious disease — Spring 



10 M. DeAngehs 
12 M. White 

1980 — a very good year 







Take it easy 

Teamwork works 


jr-<eu. m*y* 


Well, nobody's perfect 




'Ah, that hit the spot! 

Brave, adventurous, and scared to death!! 

They said there'd be days like this!' 

A face only a mother could love! "I just know it's appendicitis 1 ' 

"What ever happened to Baby Jane 
(DeSisto) 7 ??" 

"Oh. I'd say she was about soooo 




How do YOU spell relief? 7 ' 

ventral Atfasirafnm 

Left to right: William W. Brady, Joseph D. Clancy, Vice-Chairman; Corinne V. Spinale, Leo J. Crowe, Assistant Superintendent tor Business; Dr. John F. Tobin, 
Superintendent ot Schools; Arthur B. Baggeroer, Chairman; Louise Padden, Secretary; Joan E. Brawley, C. Louis Cedrone, Assistant Superintendent tor Curriculum. 


lr. C. Louis Cedrone 

Dr. John F. Tobin 


a AiUmMw 

Throughout our past four years at Westwood 
High School, the Administration always has 
been more than willing to help each of us 
receive the highest quality education possible. 

Their enthusiasm in supporting school ac- 
tivities and functions, and their willingness to 
discuss our individual problems, has been 
highly appreciated. 

For your leadership, diligence, and hard 
work. we. the class of 1980. thank you Mr. 
Duane Kocina. Dr. Margaret McNeill, and Mr. 
Phillip Flaherty. 

Mr. Duane Kocina 

Mr. Phillip Flaherty 
Assistant Principal 

Dr. Margaret McNeill 
Assistant Principal 





A talented secretarial staff aids the 
administration, making every day run 
smoothly. Working together, Mrs. 
Landers, Mrs. Norton, as well as Mrs. 
Hancox, Mrs. Angelici, and Mrs. 
Kallenberg tackle mountains of 
paperwork and yet still have time to 
attend to the innumerable details 
that keep Westwood High running. 
The class of 1980 thanks them for a 
job superbly done. 


Mrs. Margery Hancox 

Irs. Jacqueline Angelici 

Mrs. Eileen Kallenburg 


Nurse Clement was always ready to comfort any student with a 
headache or fever, calling home in severe cases and offering a 
band-aid for the small scrape. 

Sometimes, Mrs. Clement would have to hunt down people's miss- 
ing shots for measles or whooping cough and check up on missing 
athletic physicals and permits. She always listened and made 
someone feel better when things were bad. Westwood High School is 
indeed lucky to have someone as wonderful as she. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Clement 


Over the years the Guidance Department has had the 
responsibility of counselling and scheduling the student body. 
By offering us the learning opportunities of career days, 
Higher Education Night, the career viewdeck, and the MOIS 
computer, they have provided ample opportunity for each stu- 
dent to make appropriate post-secondary plans. 

Although Mrs. Wheeler is not a counselor, her contributions 
as secretary to the Guidance Department are well recognized 
and appreciated by all. Also strengthening the department this 
year are newcomers Mrs. Susan Bornstein, C.E.T. Chairwoman; 
and Ms. Rona Weiss, School Psychologist. 

Special thanks from the class of '80, to Director of 
Guidance, Mrs. Vial, and to Mrs. Lauer, Mr. Hughes, Mrs. 
Sheff, and Mrs. Donna Watkins for all their assistance with our 
college applications and our selection of future career choices. 

Mrs. Celia Viall 
Director of Guidance 

r. Thomas Hughes 


Mrs. Helene Lauer 

Irs. Phyllis Wheeler 

rs. Claire Sheff 


Under the direction of Mrs. Reardon and Miss Jackson, 
with the help of aides Mrs. Effgen and Mrs. Borgman, the 
Special Education classes are designed to teach students 
fundamentals and independence. 

Other department members help enrich the education 
program of these students as well. Courses are offered by 
Mr. Sarris in science, Mr. Bonaiuto in music, and Mrs. Des 
Pres in art. 

Working within their own classroom, students also learn 
how to cook meals and often celebrate special occasions 
with their own refreshments. During the holiday season, 
the students make their own ornaments and decorate a 
tree in their classroom. 

ff (zj^nfmW 


Under the tutelage of Mrs. Carolyn Rosengarten, Ms. 
Vozella, Mr. Paul Veneziano, and Mr. Robert Burke, the 
Self-Contamed Program has been set up for students 
whose personal and educational needs have not been met 
in the regular school setting. 

Mr. Paul Veneziano 

Irs. Dot Effgen 


ss Roberta Jackson 

222^^ <* 


Mrs. Pat Reardon 

Mrs. Janet Borgman 


Miss Ann Vozzella 

Mrs. Ann Ruede 

Mr. Keith Peden 

Mr. Roger Cummings 

Mrs. Ann Rosenblath 

Mrs. Stacey 

<-§>*** ^flfrf 

Together, the staff members of the Learning 
Center help students develop the necessary skills 
needed for learning more efficiently. The ultimate 
goal of the Center is to mainstream those stu- 
dents with learning disabilities or a need for 
remedial assistance back into the regular 
classroom's educational program. The Center has 
been a most successful endeavor and has proven 
to be a laudable asset to W. H. S. 

Ms. Rona Weiss 



Under the direction of Mr. Eugene Swezey, and Librarian, 
Mrs. Virginia McCoubrey, the Media Center provides the high 
school with many learning resources. 

From tapes and records, to books and magazines, materials 
are availabe to all. A fully-equipped television studio, as well 
as other audio-visual materials, is accessible to the student 
body under the direction of Mr. Harry Groden. Students 
needing assistance with the borrowing and signing out of 
materials are assisted by Mrs. Boger and Mrs. Markarian. 

The Media Center's bi-level structure affords the ideal en- 
vironment for both individual and small group study. 

We applaud the entire Center's staff for their willingness to 
help us. 

Irs. Bemie Boger 

JISW& ^ut&3 

This year, Mr. Richard Colucci, joined the faculty as coor- 
dinator of Work-Study or Distributive Education. Within this 
program, students are employed by local businesses where 
students are provided with an opportunity to learn retailing, 
marketing, and salesmanship, as well as other workday skills. 

The change in location of the Work Study office has in- 
creased student interest and participation in this field of 

Mr. Colucci should be congratulated for a very successful 
first year at the high school. 

Mr. Eugene Swezey 
Media Center Director 


Ir. Harry Groden 

Irs. Virginia McCoubrey 

Irs. Helen Markarian 

\+ \ * 

Mr. Richard Colucci 
Work-study Coordinator 



Through courses offered by the Business Department, students acquire 
basic knowledge and skills concerning the business world around us. 

A very broad range of courses offered include Introduction to Business, 
Business Law, Accounting, Office Procedures, Typewriting, Shorthand, and 
Data Processing. 

A fine staff under the direction of Mrs. Marion Healy is responsible for a 
successful business program. With Mrs. Carolyn Bergen, Mrs. Natalie Carey, 
Ir. Charles Flahive, and Mr. Albert Nolan, students are assured of an infor- 
mative learning experience. 

The Class of 1980 also thanks Mrs. Marion Healy for acting as Treasurer 
of the Westwood High School Student Fund. 



The English Department, under the leadership of Miss Frances Burns, presented a diver- 
sified and challenging curriculum to both upper and lower classmen. This year an added full- 
year elective entitled "Highlights in Literature" was taught by Mrs. Evelyn Malm and Mr. 
Robin Tullock. Mr. Sanfason offered another popular new course, "Crisis in American 
Literature," while Ms. Curran introduced a "Study Skills" course to freshmen. 

Under the efficient and capable direction of Mrs. Ellen Eberly, the English Department 
again sponsored the ever-popular school literary magazine, No Parentheses. The talented Miss 
Stephanie Shute, alias S. 0. S., directed the school in another hit musical, "George M," as 
well as directed the senior class play, "May the Farce Be With You." Through the guiding 
hands of Miss Joan Dillon, the National Honor Society continued to carry on its many 
academic and community-oriented endeavors. 

liss Frances Burns 
Department Head 

Ms. Patricia Curran 

Miss Joan Dillon 

r. Terrence Earls 

Mrs. Ellen Eberly 

Mr. George Hancox 



Mrs. Evelyn Malm 

Mr. David Sanfason 

Miss Stephanie Shute 



Mr. Robin Tulloch 

Mrs. Elizabeth Wentzell 

Mrs. Judy Holbrook 



Social Studies 


Mr. Robert Avakian 

r. Richard Stack 

7 ^/ > 


Under the direction of Mr. Robert Avakian, the Social 
Studies Department instructs students in the study of man 
and his interaction with society. 

Courses offered range from such diversified topics as 
ancient Chinese civilization to modern economic principles. 
Other course offerings include Psychology, Indian Civiliza- 
tion. Sociology. Anthropology. U.S. History, and A.P. 
Western Civilization. 

Social Studies remain an ever-popular area of study, es- 
pecially when taught by effervescent staff members: Miss 
Condon, Miss Mulcahy, Mrs. Richardson, Mr. Davis. Mr. 
Sloan. Mr. Stack, and Mr. Beurman, Mr. Tosca. and Miss 

Mr. Robert Tosca 

Miss Barbara Wing 

Mrs. Judith DesPres 

Mr. Michael Milan 

i/lr. Tom DelSignore 
Department Head 


The Art Department offered each student the 
opportunity to develop basic talents and to 
produce quality products of the different art 

Under the direction of Mr. Delsignore, Mr. 
Milan's and Mrs. Despres' courses such as 
Ceramics, Art History, Metal Design and many 
others were eagerly selected by students. 

The class of 1980 also would like to extend a 
warm thank you to the art staff for contributing 
their time and talents toward the designing of the 
various dramatic sets, publications, and events 
which required special guidance throughout our 
school year. 






Department Head 


Westwood's outstanding Music Department continues to offer a 
wide range of electives, including Theory I - IV, Band, Orchestra, 
Double Quartet, Glee Club, Chorus, Voice Training, Dance Band, 
"Music of Today," and "Music of the 16th to 19th Centuries." 

More than one quarter of the school is involved in the music 
program and participates in annual events like the Junior-Senior 
High School Orchestra Concert held in November, the Seasonal Con- 
cert held on December 20, the musical, "George M," presented the 
first week in March, the "Pop" Concert held in mid-April, the Dance 
Band Tour in early May, the Band Concert, and the Choral Exchange. 

Students with outstanding talent are selected to participate in S. 
E. District and All-State organizations. 

Plaudits are well deserved by Department Chairman Mr. John 
Markarian and Mr. Sebastian Bonaiuto for the many hours of dedica- 
tion they have given to Westwood High. 


The Math Department, headed by Mr. James Pender, offers 
students courses of varying difficulty, from Math I to A. P. 

Working diligently, students tackled long division, probability, 
trig, comes, logarithms, and derivatives. Without the help of the 
Math Seminar room, however, we never might have made it — 
especially those of us who took Miss Bolles' A. P. Analysis class!! 

Those enrolled in Computer Math fortunately had Miss Bulger, 
Mr. Pender, Mr. Hargreaves, and Mr. Kodzis help them compete 
against the computer. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Pender led the Math Team on to victory as it 
competed against various schools in several tough bouts of 

Department Head 








II 1 


Mr. Edward Baker 



Mr. Raymond Kodzis Mr. Lawrence Vallancourt Mr. David Walsh 





r. Calvin Topalian 


Ir. Kevin Burke 

Ir. Raymond Keegan 

The Science Department, under the direction of Mrs. Maxine Thwmg, continues to offer 
a wide variety of courses ranging from I.P.S. (Introduction to Physical Science) to Chem 
Study. There is also a large selection of courses available in the fields of biology, 
chemistry, and physics, which vary in difficulty in order to suit students' needs. 

Throughout the year, the students have gathered memories of Mr. Thwmg's sharks, Mr. 
Sarris' "Bananas", Mr. Van de Workeen's Kermit, and Mr. Marx's Gumby. 

A warm welcome should be extended to Mr. John Luther, the new instructor in the 
department this year. May he have many "scientific" successes! 


Ir. Gail Thwmg 







Irs. Elaine Eaton 
Department Head 

The Foreign Language Department 
is comprised ot a group ot dedicated 
individuals who strive to broaden our 
minds with the knowledge of foreign 
cultures. Headed by Mrs. Elaine 
Eaton, the faculty instructs the stu- 
dents in various aspects of the 
language: grammar, fluency, and the 
customs of the people. The languages 
offered are Spanish, French, German, 
and Latin. German, taught by Mrs. 
Gray, was initiated into the depart- 
ment two years ago, and has become 
increasingly popular. Latin is a sub- 
ject under the sole instruction of Mr. 
George Parker, who strives to instill in 
his pupils a love of Caesar. The two 
languages with the largest enroll- 
ments are Spanish and French. 

In the past, there have been a 
Spanish Club headed by Mrs. Hollis 
Perry and a French Club headed by 
Miss Tien. This year, however, both 
clubs combined to form the Language 
Club under the direction of Miss Tien. 

Mr. George Parker 
(Driver Education, Director) 

Mr. Robert Burke 

r \ \ 

lr. Manol Dhimitri 

Mrs. Barbara Gray 
rs. Hollis Perry 

Throughout the year, students of 
French and Spanish also attend 
various "cultural experiences" such 
as restaurants, plays, ballets, and 
museums. The highlight of the year is 
the annual trip to the World Fair at 
the Hynes Auditorium. Mrs. Perry and 
Senor Dhimitri arrange the popular 
excursion in which a great number of 
students participate. 

We owe thanks to Mrs. Eaton, Mr. 
Burke, Mr. Dhimitri, Mr. Ducheneau, 
Mrs. Gray, Mr. Parker, Mrs. Perry, and 
Miss Tien for our knowledge of 
foriegn cultures. 


/illiam Ducheneau 

Miss Ann Marie Tieri 

m w£mmi$! 


Home Economics 

Miss Marguerite Knight 

Mrs. Joanne Arnold 

Irs. Annette O'Brien 

Under the direction ot Miss Marquerite Knight, the Home 
Economics Department offered a wide variety of courses, many of 
which were career oriented. Advance Foods, Fashion Design, and 
Child Growth and Development are to name a few. 

The department also offered many services to the school and 
community, such as completing special food preparations, clothing 
alterations and running a nursery school program. 

Under the supervision of Mrs. Annette O'Brien, students work 
directly with fourteen young children in a primary school setting. 

The designing and construction of costumes for the annual school 
musical is directed by Mrs. Joanne Arnold. 

Although the department has only three teachers, almost 300 stu- 
dents elected the programs offered. 


Ir. Lawrence Rettman 

Mr. Philip Gilbert 

JL i B5 


Under the direction of new department chairman, Mr. Lawrence 
Rettman, the students of Westwood High School are offered the 
practical industrial arts of electronics, woodworking, graphic 
science, metal working, mechanical drawing, and architectural draw- 

This September, Mr. Robert Dennis was warmly welcomed as a 
new member of the department. 

Each year the graphic arts division, under the direction of Mr. 
Philip Gilbert, prints innumerable school programs and tickets for 
school functions as well as the masterful printing production of No 
Parentheses, Westwood High School's literary magazine. 


""V >«-^ Mr PaiilTiirrelli 

J ^-"<~"' 

Mr. Paul Tuccelli 

This year the Physical Education 
Department, under the direction of 
new Athletic Director, Mr. Joseph 
Gearon. offered the student body a 
rigorous and varied curriculum. 

Basketball, yoga, volleyball, 
tennis, weight training, and field 
hockey were among the electives 
from which we avidly chose our 
course requirements. 

Sophomores were also required to 
take Health wherein they learned 
about C. P. R., avoiding illness, nutri- 
tion, and the vitamin content in 
"peas and corn" as eloguently taught 
by Mr. Tucelli. 

Except for a multitude of varsity 
member seniors, the rest of us 
eagerly created our "bodies 
beautiful" under the direction of Ms. 
Rice. Mr. Bonn. Mr. Downes, Mr. 
Tuccelli. and Mrs. Delaney-Smith. 

Mr. Joseph Gearon 
Athletic Director 

Mrs. Kathleen Smith 

Mr. Robert Bonn 

Mr. Russell Downes 

Miss Elizabeth Rice 

Winning combination 


Junior Class Officers 
Seated: Amy Lynch, Secretary; Julie Tibbetts, President. Standing: 
Paul LaCamera, Treasurer; Kris Berkland, Vice-President. 

Freshman Class Officers 
Seated: Diane Walsh, Vice-President; Tracy LaCamera, 
Secretary. Standing: Paul Toland, President; Charles Foehl, 

Sophomore Class Officers 
: Dori White, Treasurer; Kathy Burke, 
iry. Standing: Karen Burke, Vice- 
ent: Rich Bradley, President. 


- -.- :; !•'' '.'. ..'. 




f , 



■Ik *^>,J 



faim . a 

•gri v uiltsDe I ... 

nose i\ -innanai nfiird mrezma. 

liannne -mrt' 


I is Ik 

• ■ ;■• •.-..:-... 

i I ' - . • : 

i [ '.;.' ; r ." ;. ;•,.•; -aiigTTT. 
- ■ • ; - . . ' i cUldJ! 
: fen •'.,:••-. 

~ ■ ' ■ I sm. 

Hil.. H -mm". 

; r • . TiBT 

' ■ :■•'?* ■ Vr 
: • . ■ ' : . . . rn i rr, 

•::•-•:-.• ' . • . • .;r: >: I > , ; i 
. : • • • - - ■ ■ •. i • - 

I - - • • ■ • .•■..•■- Lara * 
. . -. ■ . man . i j 




Room 118 Mr. Sloan 
First row (left to right): P. McDermott, M. McElroy, A. McBride, W. MacLellan. 
Second row: S. Mansur, L. Margeson, T. Maoris, J. McConnell, P. Macropoulus. Third 
row: S. MacMullan, J. McCracken, M. Mason, L. McDonald. Fourth row: C. Malloy, C. 
McCoy, D. Manchester, L. McDonald. Fifth row: J. McCarthy, G. Maus. Missing: R. 
Masison, C. McCarthy, B. McDonough. 

Room 125 Mr. Hancox 
Front row (left to right): B. Mingles, J. 
Millard. M. Melanson. F. Murphy, P. Murphy, 
R. Mullally, G. Michael. Back row: C. 
Monarty, J. Morgan, K. Murphy, J. Miller, J. 
McSweeney, K. Murphy, C. Meagher. M. 
Messina. K. McLellan, S. Montambo, T. 
McGee, W. Mclnnis, S. Montambo, S. 
McKelvey, K. McKeon. L. McKenna. Missing: 
K. McGuinness, C. Mclnnis, C. McParland, H. 
Millard, E. Moeller. R. Moloney, M. Montella. 

Room 141A— Mr. Marx 
Front Row (left to right): J. Rinaldi. L. Riley, 
M. O'Hara, N. O'Brien, A. Niakaros. Back 
Row: T. Resker, D. Ogletree. S. Nordstrom, R. 
Pol, K. O'Rourke. Missing: L. Musto, E. Nash, 
D. Nash, T. Nazzaro, J. Nicol, L O'Brien, J. 
O'Neil, P. Parlee, D. Quinlan, K. Randlett, J. 
Ratto, S. Regan, W. Reissfelder. 




Room 141 B Mr. VanderWorkeen 
First Row (left to right): J. Shaughnessy, J 
Sexton, M. Rudser, L. Shippy, D. Staples 
Second Row: J. Stapleton, J. Robinson, G 
Samrout, R. Roche. Third Row: K. Sallale, J 
Robinson, D. Santord. Missing: J. Roche, D 
Ruggiero, D. Scales, A. Schiavo, P. Skelly, B 
Smith, R. Stone. 

Room 153 Miss Bulger 
Front Row (left to right): D. Sullivan, B. Var- 
tabedian, A. Sweeney. A. Wisialko, R. Watson, 
M. Wentworth, G. Wentworth. Back Row: K. 
Van Stry, D. Thornton. C. Ventola, S. Strauss, 
L. White. H. Walls, i. Taksery. Missing: N. Sul- 
livan, B. Suman, G. Testa, D. Theriault, J. Tib- 
betts, R. Tradd, C. Walls, G. Willett, A. 
Williams, J. Yakel, D. Zorio. 

Room 155 Mrs. Rosengarten 
Front Row (left to right): J. Neville, D. 
Carchedi, D. Collyer, M. Dargan, G. Santarpio. 
Rear: Miss Vozella, Mrs. Rosengarten. K. 
Clarke. C. Devlin, Mr. Veneiano. Missing: B. 
Nash. K. Mitchell, P. Sheehan. 




Room 30 Mr. Dhimitri 
Front Row (left to right): D. Ambrose, T. 
Albers, L. Balabams. K. Brooks, R. Ball, L. 
Badessa, P. Ballantine, J. Broadhurst. Back 
Row: R. Braiser, K. Borsare, S. Bernstein, R. 
Bradley, S. Bardzilowski, D. Beltramini, A. 
Aymie, C. Aaron. Missing: V. Alex, A. An- 
tonellis, M. Arute, J. Barry, D. Benson, P. 
Boland. L. Brooks. 

Room 35 Mr. Tulloch 
First Row (left to right): E. Cakridas, C 
Chisholm, M. Ciardi. Second Row: K. Burke 
K. Cecca, K. Burke, C. Collins, R. Ciampa, B 
Chowdhury. Third Row: D. Callaghan, P 
Casey, K. Cariani, C. Calvain, A. Coakley. Mis 
sing: E. Buanato, N. Cappello, S. Carpenter, R 
Carter, P. Casey, P. Cashin, C. Cavanauth, P 
Ciampa. C. Coggins. 

Room 46 Mr. Downes 
First row (left to right): M. Danna, S. Curwin, 
S. Coward. P. DiPierto. J. Dramis, D 
DiMascio, I. Curtain, K. Eads. Second row: M. 
Castonis, E. Dratch, S. Doull, J. Dressens, M. 
DiSimone, J. Donovan. Third row: B. Conway, 
R. Conlon, J. Draper, M. Cummmgs, D. Devlin. 
Missing: B. Cooper, B. Dalton, A. Davis, C. 
DeAngelis, M. Devlin, H. Donlon. 




Room 48B Mrs. Saltmarsh 
Front Row (left to right): J. Gavin. M. Ganz. B. 
Farren. B. Ford. J. Frew, D. Feeney. Back Row: L. 
Eglitis. C. Gems. J. Engian, M. Giovino. C. Fryar. 
L Gilroy. K. Effgan, R. Fox. Missing: D. Elmes. P. 
Flynn. M. Frieberger. S. Fryer. D. Gavin, V. Gen- 
tile. J. Girber, K. Glynn. 

Room 114 Miss Shute 
First Row (left to right): J. Holdndge. A. Harakas. 
K. Hansen. K. Huskins. C. Howe. K. Jenks. Second 
Row: J. Henry. E. Henderson. G. Gonser. E. Jones. 
T. Glynn. P. Hanley. Third Row: G. Hamblen. A. 
Hart, J. Howard. B. Hunter. Missing: M. Glynn. M. 
Goddard. J. Hallion. K. Hanlon. S. Heyd. J. Hulne, 
K. Hutnyan. R. Jeghehan. 

Room 115 Mrs. Richardson 
First Row (left to right): M. Joyce, L Lane. D. 
Losardo. M. Luke, J. Leon, C. Kane, K. Kendrich. 
J. Macropolons. Second Row: J. King. S. Lynch, L. 

Mackey. T. Kerrigan, T. Longmore. T. Lynch, M. 
McDonald, G. Lapham, J. Lodge. Third Row: P. 
Lawless. D. Kelligher, P. Klint, G. McPherson. J. 
Kane. Missing: R. Leveckis. 




Room 123 Mrs. Bishop 
Front Row (left to right): R. Messina, C. 
Mitchell, R. McKelvey, M. Maher, C. Maynard, 
S. Maxwell, R. Manning, F. Marston. Back 
Row: N. McDevitt, E. McKenna, R. McKenna, 
R. Mandolesi, C. Marvel, M. Maguire, K. 
McCafferty, C. Mason, K. McCoy, J. Mahoney, 
K. McDonough, D. McCambly, J. Manton, Mrs. 
Bishop. Missing: R. Mallot, J. Marshall, D. 

Room 129B Mrs. Holbrook 
First row (left to right): B. Mullin, L. O'Brien, 
J. Mitchell, A. Palemo, S. Padell, M. O'Hara, 
C. O'Malia, J. Nieh. Second row: D. Morse, D. 
Murphy, S. Nastasi, C. Norton, J. Murray, R. 
Parker, B. Murphy. Third row: R. Morrison, C. 
Opedisano, T. Musto, S. Nazano. Missing: E. 
Mullen, L. Murphy, C. Neville, J. Ogden, W. 

Room 152 Mrs. O'Brien 
First row (left to right): J. Rudser, D. Pond, J. 
Pinciaro, M. Rome, R. Prevett, G. Peterson. 
Second row: J. Rizza, C. Petnicci, L. Russo, J. 
Petrucci, S. Polichronis, M. Powers, L. Patter- 
son, J. Renzi, K. Penza. Third row: S. Roach, 
P. Runcie, D. Pratt, A. Russell, C. Roberts, S. 
Randall. Missing: J. Ripley, M. Ruggiero. 





Room 157A Mr. Fishier 
First row (left to right): K. Scott. D. Shanning. K. 
Smith. P. Shippy. D. Simpson Second row: D. 
Stockford. E. Spironus. L. Singer. J. Steeger. S. 
Smith. C. Sullivan. Third row: B. Singer. G. 
Snyder. J. Smith. K. Saccone. P. Sullivan. Miss- 
ing: G. Savary. W. Saward. T. Simpson, W. 
Sweeney. L. Swift. M. Systrona. 

Room 157B Mr. Hargraves 
First row (left to right): E. Twomeey. M. West. N 
Yalla. J. Thompson. N. Warren. M. Winklemis, D 
Zalkind. B. Taber. D. White. Second row: J 
Trainor. S. Wemstien. B. Thie, K. Williams. D 
Thenauilt. S. Umscheid, L. Tsirch. D. Topjian 
Third row: P. Thurmund, T. Vozzella, C. Woicik. B 
Ward. J. Winslow. P. Valentine. Mr. Hargraves 
Missing: M. Thiel. G. Wells. C. Whelan. E 


Room 32 Mr. Ducheneau 
Front Row (left to right): M Borden. B. Bent, B. 
Abel. M. Antonelhs, A. Arrigo, B. Babcock, A. 
Arakehan. J Boland. P. Baggeroer. Back Row: L. 
Becker, L. Banker, M. Arute, D. Barry, L. 
Bothwick. B. Allman. S. Bardzilowski. A. Albrecht, 
M. Benmcasa, L Barry, B. Berlin. S. Ambrose, 
Mr. Ducheneau. Missing: D. Albanese. 

Room 34 Miss Tien 
Front Row (left to right): S. Canabis, J. 
Cavanaugh, M. Clarke, C. Bruno, P. Bregianos, K. 
Canani, E. Brown, R. Buchmueller. Back Row: B. 
Brown, P. Brady, P. Catanese. L. Chowdhury. E. 
Coffin, E Bryan, S. Carreiro. L. Chapin. 0. 
Bregianos, J. Cloney. M. Cavanaugh. Missing: C. 
Breese. J. Bruno. S. Cameron. 

Room 36 Mr. Bonn 
Front Row (left to right): C. Coleman, B. Conley, 
R. D'Angelo, S. Davenport. A. Dalton Back Row: 
V. Davis. J. DeAngehs, K, Crabtree, J. Collins, G. 
Cornacchio. R. Collette, K. Dervin. M. Darcy. Mis- 
sing: L. Collan. M. Commane, J. Connolly, J. Cook, 
J. Crawford. L. Darcy. 




: '. jw(lcfttortr: L r 'tyburger. D Sanem 

J. Gearty. D. Dowd, K. Forsberg, C. Fitzpatr :• . 
Dei - B : tzhenrj C I : etro. Seconc nm '. 
Ford, P Me wsor . : :.- F\ Fallon. S 

Fitzpatr;. . \-. aghef M Sardnei S DeSisto. 
Third rm - : bgera : : Swarb C Dicke] : 

Ferzoco. J. Dullea, K. Finneran, M. Ditiiho. Miss- 
'i '.':' es Foehl. Carolyn : ;; 


Room 48A Mr. Burke 
Front Row (left to right): G. Harakas. J. Greeley, 
- juerini. L GundaL, D. Granese, J. Homsey. D. 

Sriffir : 3 imbanco. Back Row: P. Go::; t D 
--:'•: L. Gilbert, L. Grube. M. Gillespie. P. 
Hurley, C. Hallow. Missing: J. Gerber, J. Gerber, J. 
Gobbi. A. Guanno, M. Healy. A. Heffron, J. Hen- 
derson, S. Hoban, D. Holbrook, J. Hurt- 

Room 101 Mr. Boniauto 
Front Row (left to right): V. Lane, J. Kalfopulos. 
M. MacDonald, G. Lambert. J. Keller, T. Lane, M. 
Kelley, J. Lynch, L. Lodge. Back Row: L. Kirby, C. 
Kernssey. A. Kelly. M. Macan, M. Kenney, T. 
LaCamera. D. Lowery, D. Kane. A. Lynch. Missing: 
S. Lynn. B. Lopez. R. Lamme, G. Lambert. P. 




Room 120 Miss Curran 
First Row (left to right): S. Masison, K. Mar- 
tin, C. McLellan. S. Manton, D. McCoy, S. 
McElroy, J. McGinnis, H, Mansur, Miss 
Curran. Second Row: M. Mclnnis, K. 
McDonald, J. McCusker, B. Masiello, P. 
McCarthy, P. Mason, M. Mancinelli, D. 
Mather. Third Row: J. McNamara, B. McGillis, 
M. McGee, P. McDonough, D. MacKinnon, D. 
Malloy. Missing: M. Magri, C. McGrath. 

llr 'iHillll 

Room 124 Mrs. Wentzell 
First Row (left to right): R. Naggaro, C. 
Mosca, M. Munroe, M. O'Sullivan, C. Murphy, 
J. Marnson, D. Meha, T. O'Toole, S. Lynn. 
Second Row: R. Mazzaro, G. Ormsby, P. 
Melanson, C. O'Reilly, K. Monarty, E. 
Moloney, S. Moses, R. Nawn. Third Row: S. 
Murphy, R. Murray, J. Murray, S. Merrill, Mrs. 
Wentzell. Missing: J. Monaghan, P. Musto, K. 
Nash, B. O'Brien. 

Room 144C Mr. Luther 
First row (left to right): D. Tahmoush. G. 
Russo, A. Guanno, J. Schkeso, D. Rome, P. 
Shutack. Second row: B. Swartz, G. 
Shaughnessy, B. Shane, J. Sautter, E. 
Sugraue. K. Sheingold, D. Salisbury, D. Susi. 
Third row: G. Sullivan, P. Sicard, E. Sullivan, 
T. Russo, M. Shea, H. Stone. J. Spinel h . Miss- 
ing: L. Rzucidlo, J. Short, M. Smith, N. Steere. 




Room 129A Mr. Tulloch 
First Row (left to right): L. Rabatsky. D. Pratt, M. 
Quinn, M. Ratto. D. Rago. D. Prevett. L. Robinson. 
L. Pnore. W. Peterson. Second Row: B. 
Reissfelder. R. Romaine, M. Petrucci. N. Petrucci. 
B. Roche. C. Rome. A. Pecararo. Third Row: M. 
Padovani. C. Peterson. A. Petronis. M. 
Rasmussen. Mr. Tulloch, B. Palleiko. R. Quigley. 
D. Albanese. J. Pinages. J. Rines. Missing: J. 

Room 158 Mr. Dennis 
First Row (left to right): C. Tosi. W. Wonson, C 
Taras. P.Webster. M. Yalla, H. Williams. D. Walsh 
C. Yphantes. Second Row: J. Tngilio. B. Vanan. F 
Thie. R. Weber, S. Traylor, P. Toland. P. White 
Third Row: M. Zizza. D. Vanzile. J. Williams, H 
Talty. M. White. C. Washburn, K. Welling. C 
Wentworth. Missing: P. Tibbets. E. Towne. D Wat 
son. A. Yessaillian. 



Sitting (left to right): S. Kusmin. J. Mulgrew, P. Tschirch, C. Kuppens, K. Powers, Miss Bolles — 
Advisor, C. Kelly, B. Carver. F. Callaghan, M. Murray, J. DeSisto. Standing: S. Montambo, B. 
McGinnis, R. Bradley, J. Tibbetts, P. LaCamera, C. Mclnms, S, MacMullan, B. Brady, M. 
DeAngehs, B. Taber, P. Ballentine, D. White, B. Mullin, L O'Brien, L. White, A. Lynch, B. 
Brawley, A. Hart. Missing: D. Callaghan, K. Burke, K. Burke, N. Procaccino, E. Hanley, L. Walsh. 


This year the Student Council met with its most successful year by far 
under the leadership of Miss Bolles, advisor, President Collette Kelly, Vice- 
President Kathy Powers, Secretary Chris Kuppens, and Treasurer Becky 
Carver. Enjoyed by all, the Second Annual Homecoming Week was a great 

Some of this year's fund-raising activities included raffles, bake sales, 
the selling of ice-cream during lunch, and "Mean Green" and "Green 
Pride" pins. A new fundraiser was introduced to Westwood 
High School - the selling of wastebaskets! Springtime ac- 
tivities included the Bloodmobile and an all-school dance. 

Many thanks to Miss Judith Bolles, our advisor, whose 
time, patience, understanding, and dedication was un- 
ending and greatly appreciated. 

Student Council Officers 
Seated: Becky Carver, Treasurer; Chris Kuppens, Secretary. Standing: 
Colette Kelly, President; Kathy Powers, Vice-President. 

Under the guidance of Mr. David Sanfason, the Board 
performed many useful and meaningful tasks. The Board's 
purpose is to institute changes in the school that benefit 
the student body and the school as a whole. These 
proposed changes are presented to the School Committe 

During this past year, the Board successfully enacted a 
program that enabled class rank to be released to 
sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The resulting hard work 
and progress would not have been possible without the 
leadership of Laurie Bigelow, and the dedication of Phil 
Murphy, Dan Scales, Mariana Giovino, and Henry D'Angelo. 


Student Advisory Board 
Seated (left to right): Mr. Sanfason, Laurie Bigelow. Standing: Ricky D'Angelo, Phil Murphy, 
Dan Scales. Missing: Mariana Giovino. 


First Row (left to right): Janice Luke, Sarah Chapin, Doreen Fleming, Maura Win- 
slow, Marea DeAngelis, Elaine Theriault, Karen Wolfe, Diana Petrakos, Rachel 
Coward, Ann-Margarette Giovino. Second Row: Lisa Corlito, Anne Thie, Kathy 
Reissfelder, Jeanne Meridan, Cathy Atchue, Karen Hanson, Jane DeSisto, Barrie 

Sesnovich, Sue Breese, Kathy Welling, Becky Carver. Third Row: Gary Yessalian, 
John Wells, Phil Murphy, John Mason, Paul Tschirch, George Mason, Bob Brooks, 
Chuck Brawley, Cliff Sallale, John Skelly, John Derwin, Joe Toffoloni, Allen White, 
Peter Clark. 


This organization, which is based on scholarship, leadership, and 
service concentrated its efforts on service this year, illustrated by 
such projects as the Martha Jones tutoring program, the scholarship 
drive, and the reunion tea for former National Honor Society mem- 
bers. Also, this year's National Honor Society sent five represen- 
tatives to the meeting of the Eastern Massachusetts National Honor 
Societies at Bridgewater State College. 

The Society, being composed of many colorful and fun-loving in- 
dividuals, had a multitude of memorable moments this year. The 
most notable one was the progressive dinner at which the members 
displayed their talents Christmas caroling door-to-door. 

Officers Joseph Toffoloni, Mary White, Edward Hanley, and Jane 
DeSisto would like to thank their advisor, Miss Dillon, and all of the 
members for their cooperation and dedication to the organization. 


Betsy Landon, Lisa Garaffo, Ted Schweitzer, Colette 
Kelly, John Robinson, Bill Brady, Becky Carver. 


Firsrow (left to right): Diane Ihnatko, Lise Birch, Jane Cummings, 
Janice Ihnatko, Liz Lane, Joanne Holdridge, Susan Breese, Kathy 
Welling, Kelly Martin, Joan Cummings, Carol Dalton. Sitting: Mrs. 
Eberly, Diana Petrakos, Janice Luke, George Mason (editor), Cheryl 
Wemstein, Cathy Atchue, Joan Yakel, Michele Keating, Robin Nichols. 
Standing: Linda Perna, Kim Morse, Wendy Wonson, David Peterson, 
Randy Scollins, Mike Ferry, Ken Lundberg, Beth Scott, Sally 
DeAngehs, Sue Montambo, Kris Berkland, Connaught Meagher, 
Cheryl Moriarty. Stairs: Jeanne Mendan, Lisa Corlito, Phil Murphy, 
Kathy Reisstelder, Kathy McKeon. 


George Mason Editor-in-chief 

Mrs. Eberly Faculty Advisor 

Brigita Spakevicius . . . .Art 

Diana Petrakos Photography 

Kathy Keane Secretary 

Doreen Fleming Publicity 

Anne Thie Poetry 

Kathy Atchue Prose 

Janice Luke Graphic Arts 

Cheryl Wemstein Music 

Mr. Milan Art Advisor 

Mr. Gilbert Graphic Arts Advisor 


Front row: Nadine McDonald, Barne Sesnovich, Janet 
Miller, Mary Gatozzi. Back row: Carmen Crocker, 
Elaine Thenault, John Robinson, Susan Breese. 

Under the competent guidance of teacher-advisor Mrs. Ellen Eberly, No Parentheses, 
Westwood's literary magazine, was once more a "gold medal" publication. Successful fund 
raisers allowed for a fifty-page expansion of the magazine. Also this year, new dimensions 
were added: original musical compositions; new types of print, courtesy of the graphic arts 
department; and a revamping of the magazine's layout. 

No Parentheses 1980 involved a seventy-member staff which collected, edited, and 
publicized the magazine. The staff and students of the English, Art, and Graphic Arts depart- 
ments contributed their loyalty, patience, and perseverance. 

Most of all, however, No Parentheses 1980 meant you — all the students of Westwood 
High. You were the authors, writers, poets, musicians, photographers, and artists who made it 
all possible. With this in mind, 1980 No Parentheses is dedicated to the entire student body 
of Westwood High School. 




First Row (left to right): Alain Gendron, 
Anne-Marie Ayerbe, Esteban Herrera. 
Second Row: Don White. Liz White, Janice 
Ihnatko. Kathy Welling, Sue Breese, Kathy 
Reissf elder, Janice Luke. Brigita 
Spakevicius. Third Row: Eileen Roach. 
John Wells, Chris Penza. Lauren O'Brien, 
Michele Thibault, Marie Connell, Maryann 
Pflanz. Lisa Corlito. Mary White, Jeanne 
Meridan, Barrie Sesnovich, Sue Christen- 
sen, Gerry Loughhn. Fourth Row: Ed 
Hanley, Dennis Feeney, Mike Ferry. Randy 
Scollins, George Masin, Mrs. McCoubrey. 
Diana Petrakos, Sue Wisialko, John Robin- 
son, Greg Love. 

The AFS Club, under the guidance of Mrs. Virginia McCoubrey. is a group of 
students that raises money to send Westwood students to foreign countries and 
to bring foreign students to Westwood. Last summer, Westwood sent two stu- 
dents abroad: Barrie Sesnovich to Turkey and Sue Christensen to Brazil. This 
year, Westwood is hosting two students: Alain Gendron from Canada and Es- 
taban Herrera from Equador. 

The Club also had many activities during the school year — parties, a dinner 
at a Brazilian restaurant, a short-term exchange with Pelham High School, New 
York, a large International Dinner, and other enlightening experiences which 
enriched the international awareness of all the Club's members. 


Esteban Herrera. Ecuador: Alain Gendron, Canada: Marie Ayerbe, Columbia. 


First row (left to right): Janet Miller, Barrie Sesnovich, Susan Breese, Elaine Thenault. Second row: John Robinson, Cheryl Monarty, Lisa 
Garaffo, Ann Lynch, Samantha Manton, Karin Monarty, Chris Hallow, Carmen Crocker, Bill Seward. Third row: Nadine McDonald, Linda 
Perna, Evon McRae, Michel Fish, Kathy Coleman, Rosemary Collette. Paula Webster, Chris Mosca, Cara Wentworth. Fourth row: Brigita 
Spakevicius, Jim Cosgrove, Cathy Marvel, Mary Gatozzi, Karen Hansen, Glen Fonteccio. 



Senior Class Play 
May the Farce Be With You 

This year Westwood High's Senior Class was proud to 
present the comedy, May The Farce Be With You. The play 
ran for two nights, November 16th and 17th, and was a big 
success. The cast played to a sell-out audience on both 
nights of the production. 

The play was a "farce" based on the comic book super 
heroes and villians we used to read about when we were 
young. The cast was a collection of some of the strangest 
super heroes ever, such as Acrobatman, H20 Girl, 
Tapeman, Gadzooks and others. Of course no play about 
super heroes would be complete without bad guys and this 
one was no exception. The villains consisted of such foes 
as Star Raider, Deprava, Nerd, Yuck and KP3, to name a 

The setting of the play is a health spa called Old Mac- 
Donald's Farm. This is where the "E. I. E. I. 0." (The Elite, 
Idealistic, Earth's, Individual Organization) comes to relax 
and discuss new techniques in fighting crime. The basic 
plot of the play is that the villains capture the super heroes 
in order to take over the world. Their plans are spoiled, 
however, by two unlikely super heroes, Super Brain and 
Wizard Woman, who are actually the health spa's athletic 
instructors in disguise. Along with the assistance of the 
health spa's three (slightly dazed) maids, our peculiar 
heroes rescue the E. I. E. I. 0. and save the world. 

The cast put a great deal of time and effort into per- 
fecting the production. Thanks to the great direction of 
Miss Shute and the fine work of the technical crew, the 
play was a great success. 

Westwood High School Senior Class Play 

May The Farce Be With You 


Westwood High School Auditorium 






««*« Of £ 


Health Careers Club 

The club's purpose is to be of service to home, school, 
and community; to learn more about different health 
careers; and to acquaint its members with opportunities in 
nursing. During the year, the club takes tours of nursing 
schools and hospitals, helps out in the annual blood 
mobile, does volunteer work for the community, and oc- 
casionally listens to guest speakers. 

Left to right: Denise Murphy, Jeanne Melia, Maianne Provenzano. Mrs. 
Clement. Claire Corlito, Kim Morse. Missing: Laurie Bigelow, Rita Fox. 

Chess Team 

The Chess Team, coached by Mr. 
Donald Beurman, is part of the Western 
Division South Short Interscholastic 
Chess Assocation. This division included 
22 teams that start their season in 
December and end it in March. Although 
they did not make the playoffs this year, 
the Westwood High School team is a 
young, promising team which is looking 
forward to a successful '81 season. 

Front row (left to right): Dan Scales. Mark Beder. 
Back row: Colin Chisolm, Bi jan Chowdhury, Dave 




Front row (left to right): Wendy Wonson. Eric 
Coffin. Ms Tien. Am Yessailian. Back row: 
Michele Thibault, Robin Stone. Martha O'Hara, 
Alain Gendron. MaryAnn Pflanz. Esteban Herrera. 
Marianne Provenzano. 



First row (left to right): Betsy Karp, Nancy 
O'Brien, Kerry VanStry. Karen McGuinnes, 
Kate McLellan. Penny Macropoulos. Second 
row: Susan Croke. Pam Bashian, Kaylee 
Dodge. Becky Lambert, Noreen Devaney. 


"We got the fever!" . . . "Go for it!" . . . Taking orders 
of Chinese food from Bellmgham . . . Millis offering hot 
chocolate . . . Pinch's extraordinary sayings ... The bus 
run home . . . Pam, always wanting to do her favorite 
cheer, TCB . . . "Hit em' again — harder! harder!" . . . 
"What are you, an ape?" . . . "What do you say we try to 
slow the cheers down, just a little bit, huh!" . . . "Good 
voices" . .. "We're #1" . . . Boston Gardens, here we 


T, <^ \ 

Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders 

Bus rides . . . radios . . . "Oh, I like that song! Come on, Johnnie. Turn 
the radio back on!" .. . "Ladies night" .. . hairspray... "third quarter 
and where are Kaylee, Pam, and Nancy?" . . . Checking out the other team 
... "No, Michelle, he's on J. V." .. . Keep it in the tamily . . . "What's 
Betsy doing in the A.G.?" . . . "Where's Jan's shadow?" . . . "Barb, pay at- 
tention!" . . . Peggy saying, "But he's so cute!" . . . "Nancy, split in front 
again" . . . Pam, check out #15 on Dover . . . "Kaylee, oh, no, Stickey's 
coming!"... "P.D.Y.U." . . . "CMBL"... "not too whipped" .. . "Hi, 
Shorty" ... "Oh, Cheers!" ... Sokos ... Outrageous posters... 
"Where's the party?" . . . "It's our time out! What are we doing?" . . . 
"Yeah, Jeff! I mean, Yeah, Scott! I mean ... Who got that basket 

J.V. Basketball 


"Oh, he's cute!" . . . "Oh, so is he!" . . . J.F.'s . . . Mrs. M's pet peeves: 
Jewelry, nailpolish, and nylons . . . Julie's socks . . . Tricks on Jennifer . . . 
J.B. captain? . . . Who's really the captain? . . . "Here we cornea truckin' 
in!" . . . "Third quarter, and where is Jennifer? In the girl's room, 
maybe?" . . . "Whoops, there are boys in the Girl's Locker Room!" . . . 
Liz's poor foot . . . Pyramids. 


Math Team 

The Math Team, ranked approximately seventh in a 
medium sized class ot fifty, has had a very successful 
year. Under the direction of Mr. Pender, the five 
regulars, Joe Toffoloni, Allen White, Dan Scales, Mark 
Beder, and Bijan Chowdhury, combined with the help of 
Dave Scales, Jane DeSisto and Dave Theriault, have 
made significant progress in their meets. The team com- 
petes with ten other schools at each meet. This year's 
team plans to qualify for the State's. Best of luck to 
next year's team! 


Front row (left to right): Jane DeSisto, Mr. James Pender, Allen White. Back row: Bijan Chowdhury, 
Dave Scales, Dan Scales, Mark Beder, Joe Toffoloni. 


Sitting: Dan Stockford. Dave Callaghan. Dave 
Albermce. Chris Taras, Shaun Fitzpatrick. Rick 
D'Angelo. John Mason. Standing: Paul DiMattia. 
David Kelliher. Bijan Chowdhury, Cliff Sal late. 
Fran Callaghan, Mark Costonis. Missing: Mariana 
Giovino. Cheryl Monarty, Maryann Winkelmes. 


Front row (left to right): Mr. Keegan, Cliff Sallale. 
Back row: Frank Hunt, Steven Kusmin. John 
Mason, Ed Nash, Ken Sallale. 



First Row: (left to right): Carol McCarthy, Alice Coakley, Chris Fryar, Kathy Gennis, Julie Gearty, Elizabeth Lane, 
Meg O'Hara, Lynn Annanian, Captain. Second Row: Sally Mansur, Karen Antonellis, Jeanne Rinaldi, Sue Doull, 
Becky Taber, Paula Ballantine. Third Row: Kelly Hansen, Carol Norton, Susan Taber, Michelle Cusack, Mary Gavin, 
Lisa Badessa. 

Drill Team 


"Come on, you guys!" . . . "Stop looking around" ... It's raining again . . . There goes the makeup . . . Another Saturday night 
competition? . . . "Spin that flag right" . . . "Don't drop that rifle" . . . "Can't we eat lunch?" ... Off the line again . . . "Get it 
right this time" . . . Cold night competitions . . . This time we are going to beat Hull! ... And we did!! . . . #1 . . . "Will you listen 
to me!" ... "Keep your head up" ... "Good luck next year" ... Captain Lynne, Co-Captain Carol. 


Front row (lett to right): Kathy Lynch, Jean King. Standing: Carolyn McLellan, Jan McConnell, Ann Becker, Cindy 
Collins, Tina Petrucci, Janice O'Neil. 


Pam Baggeroer, Debra Bigelow, Robert Brawley, Robert Brazier, Peter Clark, Cara 
Coggins, Gregory Colburn, Frank Connell, Carmen Crocker, John Curwen, Daniel 
Devlin, Susan Downes, Judith Engeian, Maura Fitzpatrick, Joseph Ford, Chris Ford, 
Nancy Foxx, Mary Gillespie, Saul Goldtarb, Karl Gundal, Erick Gundal, Kenneth 
Harris, John Henry, Timothy Hurst, Joy Kalfopulos, Steven Kusmin, Donna Lowery. 
Laurie May, Stephen McElvey. Timothy McGee, Marty McGee, Linda McKenna, 

Richard McKenna, Kathy McKeon, Marjone Munroe, Joe Murray, David Ogletree, 
Ben Palleiko, Sandra Polechronis, Maryellen Power, Mark Rasmussen, Joyce Rines, 
Brian Roach, John Robinson, Jennifer Shamhan, Pamela Shippey, Mary Short, Jen- 
nifer Spinale. Robin Stone, Paul Sullivan, Paul Toland, Elizabeth Tschirch, Jeffrey 

Marching Band 

This year, the Westwood "Wolverine" Marching Band had an ab- 
solutely fantastic season. With the help of Mr. Bonaiuto, their 
dedicated band director, the marching "Q-tips" became stiff com- 
petition for many bands. The drum section was considered "the 
drum line to beat". The band participated in a total of eight competi- 
tions including one hosted by Westwood. Organized and staffed by 
the Westwood Marching Band Parents Association and Chairman, 
Paul Hanlon, the First Annual Westwood Invitational Marching Band 
Competition was a booming success. 

Under the direction of Drum Major, Peter Clark, the "Wolverines" 
began the year with a first place at the Hull Competition. This award- 
winning band placed in every competition and received several 

special awards for the best drum line and on 
jor. A rather rainy, but very successful 
triumphal victory over arch rivals, the Hul 

On December 1, 1979, the band wrapped 
with a formal banquet arranged by the band 
men Crocker; Drum Major, Peter Clark; 
Downes; Secretary, Nancy Foxx; Treasurer, 
Jennifer Shamlian and Maura Fitzpatrick; 

Over all, this turned out to be the most su 
"Wolverines" have ever had. 

e for the best Drum Ma- 
fall concluded with a 
I Marching "Pirates." 
up their superb season 
officers: President, Car- 
Vice-President, Susan 
Laurie May; Librarians, 
and Publicity, Sandra 

ccessful season that the 

BF Mania . . . Mean Green Pride . . . "Beat Hull" . . . 
Favorite things ... The Trio . . . black chicken . . . vic- 
tory at Woonsocket ... "Kick their pride" ... "It 
wouldn't be a competition without rain." . . . John & 
Nancy . . . superb sax line . . . BF slow dance ... CO 
Brawls, Carmie, Peewee. 


Under the direction of Sebastian 
Bonaiuto, the 1979-80 Orchestra was 
very successful. The orchestra 
opened the year with a combined 
junior high and high school concert. 
After this joint concert, the high 
school orchestra gave several Christ- 
mas programs at the elementary 
schools and finished the holiday 
season with the annual high school 
Christmas Concert. In April, the 
Orchestra ended their tremendous 
year with the spring Pops Concert. 
As always, the small but impressive 
Westwood High Orchestra experi- 
enced an entertaining and rewarding 

Violin: Sonja Nordstrom, concertmistress; Susan Curwen, Susan Padell, Eizabeth Allman, Beverly Brown, Elizabeth Grube, 
Louis Guerini. Viola: Bernard DiGregono. Cello: Lisa Badessa, Paula Ballantine, Henry D'Angelo, Sean Fitzpatnck. Flute: 
Susan Downes, Debra Bigelow, Cynthia Breeze, Joy Kalfopulos, Erin Sugrue. Oboe: Robin Stone, Mary-Ann Winkelmes. 
Clarinet: Pamela Shippey, Dorothy White. Bass Clarinet: Sandra Polechronis. Alto Saxophone: Andrew Hart. Trumpet: 
Jennifer Shamlian, John Henry, Daniel Devlin, Paul Sullivan. French Horn: Carmen Crocker, Maryann Pflanz, Paul Duray. 
Trombone: Karl Gundal. Percussion: Timothy McGee, Saul Goldfarb, Steven Kusmin. 


First row, left to right: J. Shamlian, S. Polecronis, B. DiGrigorio, A. McBride, K. Hansen, V. Aquilio, L. McKenna. Second 
row: B. Landon, J. Winslow, K. Gundal, J. Henry, P. Sullivan, D. Devlin, J. Murray, J. Mason, D. Clark, J. Robinson, G. 
Colburn, Mr. Paul Monaghan, Director. 

The 1979-1980 edition of the Westwood High School Dance Band, under the direction of Mr. Paul 
Monaghan, enjoyed another exciting and entertaining season. The band performed at various func- 
tions throughout the year, such as the Westwood Lions Club ham and bean supper and a Christmas 
jazz concert at the South Shore Plaza. This spring the band performed at the Music department's 
annual "Pops" Concert, revisited South Shore Plaza for an Eastern concert, and participated in a 
musical tour of New England and parts of Canada. The Westwood High School Dance Band has es- 
tablished itself as one of the finest groups of young musicians within Massachusetts and throughout 
New England. 



The 1979-1980 Double Quartet is a unique blend of talented voices which perform a variety of DOLlblG 
styles stretching from traditional to popular. During their busy holiday season, the Double Quartet 
performed at various nursing homes, a church service, a Norwood Hospital (on closed circuit TV), QliSftst 
the seasonal choral concert, Mary Hartigan's, the State House, and the Underwood Company. Mem- 
bers included Karen Hansen and Elaine Thenault, sopranos; Lisa Garaffo and Susan Downes, altos; 
John Robinson and Bill Seward, tenors; Ted Schweitzer and Greg Colburn, basses; and Pam 
Baggeror, piano accompanist. 

Carolling . . . "up on stage" . . . 
"without music . . . Don't you 
have it memorized?!" .. . Play it 
again Pam" . . . "Good music is 
never passe" . . . "California 
Dreaming" . . . "Carry" . . . flat 
pianos and sharp flutes. 

Southeast District Members 
(Chorus, Band, Orchestra) 

Left to right: Elizabeth Tschirch, Carmen Crocker, Sonja Nordstrom, Bill Seward, John Robinson. Karen Hansen. 



"Basses, if you can't hit it, don't sing it" . . . Snow, Snow, 
Snow ... Hallelujah ... "Tenors, quit fooling and sing." ... 
"Evon, take the high A" . . . Exchange concert in spring . . . "We'll 
learn it in time for the concert, Mr. Mark." ... end of the year 
competition in Connecticut ... Mr. Markanan, a true friend. We'll 
miss you. 

Glee Club 

Christmas performance at State House . . . 'Altos, where are you?" 
. . . "Didn't any of you take your vitamins today?" . . . "Betsy, we 
hear you!!" . . . Medley Christmas . . . "Come Unto Him" . . . Spring 
Pops concert . . . We'll miss "G" block with Mr. Mark! 

Glee Club 
First row (left to right): Christine Hallow. Chris Mosca, Betsy Sham, Mr. Makanan, Lisa Garaffo. Third row: Eileen Winn, Betsy Landon, Sue Gerlach, Cheryl Weinstein. 

Paula Brady. Cheryl Fitzpatrick, Suzanne Manton. Second row: Mary Gatozzi, Cindy Janet Miller, Amy Madge, Kathy Dervin, Sue Downes. 

Collins, Evon McRae, Jennifer Murray, Kristen Forsberg, JoAnn Lynch, Laurie Kirby. 


First row: Cathy Coleman, Annette Dalton, Eileen Winn, Evon McRae, Bill Conway, 
Frank Murphy, John Robinson, Lisa Garaffo. Bill Seward, Jane Mitchell. Second row: 
Janica Nieh, Kelly Brooks, Debbie Murphy, Cara Wentworth, Chris Hallow, Cathy 
DeAngehs, Dave Callaghan, Amy Madge, Sheila Roach, Karen Hutnyan, Rita Fox, 
Cindy Balbanis, Karen Antonellis. Third row: Maryann Gonser, Mary Gatozzi, Stacie 
Hoban, Betsy Sham, Chris Mosca, Betsy Landon, Ted Schweitzer, Sue Gerlach, 

George Gonser, Janet Miller, Cheryl Monarty, Sue Downes, Arlene Niakaros, Virginia 
Lane, Mr. Markanan. Fourth row: Cindy Collins, Sue Collette, Karen McGuinness, 
Peggy Hanlon, Donna Zorio, Kathy Dervin, Ann Lynch, Karen Hansen, Sarah 
Weinstein, Jenny Murray, Pat Catonese, Doreen DiMascio, Beth Fitzhenry, Rosemary 
Collette, Colleen McDevitt, Carol Tosi. 


-r » "■ • » 



Equestrian Club 

A new club came into being at Westwood High School in the tall of 1979. A 
group ot students interested in horses wanted to start a show team that could 
compete against other schools in the area. Unfortunately, neighboring school 
principals did not appear interested in the idea. As an alternative to the show 
team, the Equestrian Club was formed and is now under the direction of Mrs. 
Judith DesPres. 

During the show season (spring to early fall), the members compete at 
Sunshine Farm, Applewood Show Ground, and at Saddle Rowe Farm. Many 
members hope to compete at A and B level shows next season. Some of the 
members also have ridden in the school's Homecoming parades. The in- 
creased interest by students at Westwood High School hopefully will ensure 
the continued success and expansion of the club. 

Photography Club 

Front Row (left to right): David Kelhher, Mark Costonis. Back 
row: Joe Kelhher, Steve Kusmin, Cliff Sallale. Jeanne Meha. 


Green Years 

Advisor, Mr. Charles Flahive 

Co-Editor, Karen Wolfe 

Co-Editor, Ann-Margrette Giovino 

Advisor, Mrs. Ellen Eberly 

This yearbook has filled our days with new and exciting 
challenges. Patience, cooperation and hard work have helped us 
complete each step. But the most significant factor leading to our 
success has been the invaluable assistance and direction from Mrs. 
Eberly and Mr. Flahive. The editors and our staff deeply appreciate 
this help. 

The changed format required much time and effort from the ad- 
visors, the staff and the editors. But we all will cherish the memories 
of our hard work for a long time and we trust you will also cherish 
this memoir of the class of 1980. 

We look forward to the continued success of our class in its future 
endeavors. But most important, we look forward to continuing the 
friendships which were born in our midst. 

Sue Barton 

Activities Coordinator: 
Becky Carver 

Senior Biography Coordinators 
Susan Wisialko, Barrie Sesnovich 

Art Coordinator: 
Kathy Welling 

Business Coordinators: 

K. Fowler, F. Callaghan 

K. Reissfelder 

Girls' Sports Staff: 
Front: B. Carver, D. Petrakos 
Back: J. DeSisto, D. Flemming 

Photography Staff: 
Sitting (left to right): S. Kusmin, C. Sallale, J. Gerlack, C. Flahive, C. Angelicl 
coordinator. Standing: J. Skelly, W. Miller, N. Rogers, J. Mella. 


Class History 
(left ro right): Colette Kelly, Maryann Gonser, 
David Scales, Cheryl Weinstein. 

Marea DeAngelis — coordinator, 

Faculty Write-Ups: 
Front (left to right): J. Luke, K. Reissfelder, J. Meridan. Middle Row: S. DeAngelis, B. 
Scott, E. Roach, S. Beltrammi. Back: K. Lundberg, S. Lane, M. Ferry, D. Peterson, C. 

Typing Staff: 
Sitting (left to right): A. White — coordinator, J. Cummings, R. Coward. Standing: S. LaVita, 
J. DeSisto, A, Thie, L, Bryant, S. Gerlack, D. DiMascio, D. Kilburn, E. Winn. 

Senior Biographies: 
First row (left to right): E. Winn, A. Thie, S. Barton, S. Breese, J. Cummings, W. Miller, J. 
Cummings, C. Dalton, C. Creasi, M. DeAngelis. Second row: M. Gonser, D. Petrakos, S. 
Chnstensen, L. Bryant, K. Reissfelder, N. Rogers, C. Corlito, E. Roach, M. Pflanz, L. An- 
name, K. Antonellis, C. Kelly. Third row: J. Luke, J. Meridan, S. Chapin, B. Landon, S. 
Wisialko — coordinator, B. Scott, S. DeAngelis, B. Carver, R. Scollms, T. Schweitzer, P. 
DiMattia, J. Ward, A. White, S. DiTillio, L. Corlito. K. Connelly. 

Activities Write-Ups: 
Front (left to right): K. Morse, L. Annaine, S. Hoban, C. Crocker, E. Winn, K. Hansen, S. 
Croke. Back: P. Clark, J. Toffolom, L. Bero, B. Carver, J. Shemgold, A. Gendron, G. Mason, S. 

Boys' Sports Staff 
Front (left to right): J. Skelly, P. Murphy, D. Scales, F. Callaghan. Back: J. MacLellan, B. 
Brooks, J. Stone, J. Malloy. 

Sales Staff: 
First row (left to right): J. Luke, M. Pflanz, E. Roach, A. Thie, K. Atchue, K. Welling, J. 
Meridan, J. Cummings, C. Dalton, C. McDevitt, L. Birch, L. Perna. Second row: F. Connell, S. 
Dowd, S. Hayes, J. Wells, S. Beltramini, D. Scales, S. DeAngelis, B. Scott, C. Kelly, S. Croke, 
S. Gerlack. Third row: D. Amdur, B. MacQuarrie, B. Brooks, P. Tschirch, J. Mason, J. Ward, 
S. Asbrand, M. Norton, P. Reilly, C. Brawley, G. Love, M. Lynch, B. Goodale. 


Much to Learn 

Innocently aware, no longer seventeen 
Through one way tunnels merging between. 
Past broken bridges, the city to blame 7 
Km left behind, the agony the pain 
Neon lights surround, beyond the screams 
Of commercial romance, a drunken Marine. 
Across dampened lawn, cool misty rain 
Pigeon's peck from a palm 
The mark of Cain. 

Ken Lundberg '80 

Born from the flat and dust of Kansas 

Teethed on Wisconsin and Ohio, 

He was raised in the arms of New England. 

His home, Massachusetts, taught much. 

Here he learned family love and race hate. 

Northwards to Maine he met fear of death, 

but also the joy of life's freedom. 

Vermont brought him sorrow for lost ones 

but the thrills of high winter speed. 

New Hampshire gave him pain and frustration. 

Still, beauty overcomes even that. 

Excitement of age in Rhode Island 

where new ways came into his scene. 

In Connecticut was born first romance 

and the disappointment that always follows. 

This boy has much to learn in life 

and much more to experience 

But then, with forty-four states to go, 

he's still very young 

Steve Lane '80 

The Deadline 

Adventure and gaiety called! 
Endless stretches of sparkling sand, 

wetted by a rhythmic tide. 
Forming squiggly lines, 

like doodles on crisp, white paper. 
Impossible, concentration. 
Curtains surround framed glass, 

spilling the warm breath of the sea. 
"DUE DATE" two days ago 

and clearly stated. 
Now the mind is cluttered. 
Images swirl like leaves in a storm, 

never gathering. 
Screened frustration closing in. 
Concentrate on concentrating. 
Pristine blue-lined paper, 

The halls dimmish in grandness before me 

This must be how Alice felt. 

Each of us rises to our prime 

And embraces it for a short while 

To begin our slide or climb. 

How improbable it seems 

To see ourselves in a span of time 

Other than this 

In a time far from here 

Think back to NOW 

It is the present 

In broken shards of crystal 

About our sandy feet 

Not to be recaptured fully 

But every bit cherished 

As though a whole. 

Persistent expansionary climbing, 

Ascension to fulfillment 

I wish you happiness, my friends 

And hope you find that 

Which fires your ambition. 

Some of us are chosen 

The rest of us pretend we are. 

One day we shall reunite 

In mind 

Forget not these personalities 

never to be soiled? 
Anxiety, an outsider's envy of completed tasks, 

forgotten by the lucky. 
Those who frolic carelessly and unrestrained. 
No excuse, no justification. 
Behind the captivating squares of wire mesh window 
branches wave me on. 
I must concentrate. 

My squirming pen resists the uniformity of letters 
Remembering only routine. 

the flow of my name. 
Two days ago, the due date. Now three. 
Another day of adventure and gaiety, 

on endless stretches of inviting sand. 

Robin Nichols '80 

Tides Primeval 

By Fran Callaghan 

Whether they burst outward 

Or shine inward toward some 

Benevolent inferno 

For we are an integral part of 

Who you are 

And what you come from 

The roof has blown from 

Our sheltered existence 

We are next in line 

To fight the primal tides 

Of time 

Alone, to swim swirling currents 

Meeting with varying degrees of success 

Bonds will break, and we will scatter 

Some will wonder if it matters 

It does. 

For three years 

I have witnessed these profound Pagan ceremonies 

And rhythmic processions that spark the Wasteland 

Yet have taken no part of them 

'Til now. 

I'll see you when we meet again 

'Til then. 

This truly is the end, 

My esteemed friends 

But also a rebirth. 



First row (left to right): G. Guindon, J. Mulgrew, D. 
Romame, S. Lane, B. Crabtree, C. Brawley, H. Dimartino, 
R. Scarlata, B. Warren, P. Reilly, K. Kendnch. Second 
Row: J. Stapelton, D. Gavin, W. Conte, J. Hallion, S. Mon 
tambo, R. Ogilivie, D. Clay, J. Stoeble, T. McKenna, P 
Lacamera. Third Row: J. Kane, J. Fountas, C. Redden, D 
Sugrue, D. MacElhiney, D. Glover, J. Glynn, T. Guarino, D 
Massey, T. Antonellis. Fourth Row: A. Sweeny, S 
Harrington, J. Howard, B. Brooks, B. Mclnnis, P 
O'Sulli van, M. Cummings, R. Bradley. Fifth Row: G. Ger 
ulskis, C. Malloy, T. O'Neil, P. Glynn, J. Barry, F. Holland 
Missing: M. Kane, M. Aymie. 


First Row (left to right): G. Guindon, J. Mulgrew. D. 
Romame, S. Lane, B. Crabtree, C. Brawley, H. Dimartino, 
R. Scarlata, B. Warren, P. Reilly. Second Row: C. Redden, 
J. Hallion, D. Glover. R. Ogilvie, D. Clay, J. Stoeble, T. 
McKenna. Third Row: J. Fountas, D. Sugrue, D. 
MacElhiney, B. Brooks, J. Glynn, D. Massey, D. 
O'Sullivan. Missing: M. Kane, M. Aymie. 


Freshmen Football 
First row left to right: M. Kelley, C. Sullivan, M. Man 
cinelli. J. Homsey. S. Fitzpatrick, B. Abel, A. Guarino, B 
Ferzoco, D. MacKinnon. Second row: K. MacDonald, J 
Lambert, E. Brown, L. Crow, R. Deangelo, J. Gallagher, J 
Henderson, D. Malloy. Third row: Trainer Mike Ryan, G 
Lambert, J. Bruno, G. Sullivan, J. MacNamara, K. Cariani 
R. Bryan, D. Granese, G. Desisto, P. McDonough, E.Cof 
fin, H. Talty, Coach Bill Keebler, Coach Russ Downes. 

1 U-MmMj tf V 




^m uL 

am* i 

r mmmt J 






Football Coaching Staff: 
Left to right: R. Downes, R. Harwood, J. Gable, K. Peden, W. Keebler. Missing 
M. Connelly. 

The Wovermes, defying rumors of a poor year due to the exodus of 
starting seniors, came back to earn a very respectable record of 
seven wins and three losses this past fall. Led by co-captains Chuck 
Brawley and Bill Crabtree, the team showed strength and determina- 
tion knowing that last years' team would not win games for them. 

The defense played admirably all year long, giving up an average 
of only 90 yards rushing per game, certainly better than last year. 
Throughout the year, Steve Lane, Chris Redden, Scott Harrington, 
Bob Brooks, and Chuck Brawley discouraged their opponents from 
trying to run up the middle. 

The offense, quarterbacked by Brian Warren, played well in the 
big games, grinding out ball control wins over Dover and Millis; they 
also exploded for 34 points in the Homecoming game versus 

Medway. The offense was led by Bill Crabtree who gained over 600 
yards rushing, and Jim Mulgrew who made a number of key recep- 

The season will long be remembered for a number of reasons. It 
marked the first time a Westwood team had played on astroturf, as 
they defeated Foxboro at Schaefer Stadium. It was a season in which 
Westwood gained revenge on Dover for last years defeat. It saw 
Westwood wipe Millis out of the Super Bowl for the second year in a 
row. And finally, Westwood was rated number one twice in Division 
Four, never before accomplished by the Wolverines. Westwood ex- 
perienced a season of firsts, a season of excitement, a season to be 

you always 
wanted . ^ 
to know h 













Dover Sherborn 























Boys' Varsity Soccer 
Front row (left to right): Sean Dowd, Dan Dion, Jordan Stone, Mike Murray, Scott Hayes, Rich 
Johnson, Estaben Herera. John Skelly, John Derwin. Mike Glunn. Back row: Coach John Healy, 
Andy Hart, Terry Fitzpatrick, Neal Sullivan, Brian McDonough, Dave Howitt, Steve Fallon, 
Peter Skelly, Jim Gavin. Andy McBride, 

Boys' Soccer 

With the arrival of Coach Healy, everyone was optimistic about 
the season ahead of the Wolverines. The pre-season went well ex- 
cept for the loss of Billy Brady to a broken ankle during a 
Xaverian scrimmage. 

Westwood lost their first game 1-0 to Medway, but beat their 
next three opponents: Ashland, Hopkington, and Mil lis by a com- 
bined score of 23-0. Now came the real test facing Medfield and 
Dover in the same week. With a loss to Medfield 1-0 they were 
determined to beat Dover. The Wolverine endurance and ability 
was not enough to conquer the tough Dover team. Dover won 
with a score of 1-0. They went on to beat Holliston 4-0, but un- 
fortunately lost to Medway 1-0. No matter how many games the 
Wolverines were to win, they could not qualify for the state tour- 
nament. With hopes still alive, they beat Ashland and Hopkington 
and also tied IN/I i I lis. Playing the remainder of the season with 
much pride, Westwood tied Medfield 1-1. They then were faced 
with Dover once again. Despite all of the Wolverines' strength, 
Westwood was not able to beat that stubborn Dover team. The 
team went on to beat Holliston 2-0 in the last game of the season. 

End Results: 7 wins, 5 losses, 2 ties 

Best average of goals per game in Westwood's 
Soccer History of .5 goals per game 

Boy's J.V. Soccer 
First row (lett to right): Peter Fallon, John Lane, Charlie Fales, Mike Antonellis, Jerry Keller, 
Bob Reissfelder. Second row: Tom Darcey, John Nichols, Doug Morse, Hank Donlon, Matt 
Gelotte, George Gonser, Gordie Snyder, Dave Beltramini, Tommy Lynch. Third row: Peter 
Giambanco, Bill Conway, Glen Peterson, Tom Foster, Jim Rudser, Mark Montella, Mike White, 
Russ Murray, Bob Quigley, Coach Lee Pohcow. 

Boys' Varsity Soccer 
Captain Mike Muray, Coach John Healy, Captain Richy Johnson, Captain Scott Hayes. 

,1: : llfvi : 

Girls' Soccer 

This year's Varsity Girls' Soccer Team had its finest season 
ever. Behind the superb coaching of Michael Niles, the team had 
its first winning season. Ably led by tri-captains Sarah Chapin, 
Mary White and Lynne Walsh, the girls combined great team ef- 
fort with loads of spirit to finish with a 9-8 record. 

Under the direction of their new coach, Julia McKissock, the 
J.V. team had a very successful season. With co-captains Julie 
Thompson and Tracy LaCamera leading the way, the team 
finished with a 7-4-1 record. 

Girls' J.V. Soccer 
First row (left to right): Captains: T. LaCamera. J. Thompson. Second row: K. Scott, L. Banker, 
D. Walsh, M. Mclnnis. M. MacDonald. J. Mitchell, D.Zalkind. Third row: Coach McKissock, C 
Mason, J. Rmes, M. Magn, K. Forsberg. J. Sterling, L. Brooks, E. Surgue, L. Darcy, C. Murphy. 

Girls' Varsity Soccei 
First row (left to right): Captains: S. Chapin, L. Walsh, M. White. Second row: M. Cornell, K. 
Reissfelder, A. M. Giovmo, D. White, N. Rogers, J. Dressens, B. Keller, D. Losardo, L. White. 
Third row: Coach Niles, L. Bryant, E. Roach, C. Berkland, D. Fleming, M. Goddard, K. Penza, C. 
Walls, H. Walls, C. Cavanaugh. Missing: C. Atchue. 


Varsity Field Hockey 
Front row (left to right): K. Effgen, B. Scott, T. Bonner, Captain E. O'Neil, Captain J. Ihnatko, K. Murphy, A. Lynch, 
M. Dare, J. Renzi. Back Row: D. Shannmg, M. DeSimone, C. Kuppens, L. Singer. L. O'Brien, L. Russo, J. Yakel, M. 
Cloherty, Coach Rice. 

J.V. Field Hockey 
Front row (left to right): E. Dratch, J. Sautter, L. Robinson, D. Barry, D. Rago. R. Nazarro, M. Ratto, L. Becker, S. 
Ambrose, D. Prevette. Back row: M. Glynn, B. Mullen, L. Bothwick, H. Stone, K. Burke, K. Burke, D. Simpson, P. 
Chiampa, V. Alex. 

Girls' Volleyball 

Blaisy Babe ... "5 laps to go!" . . . Buffy, Red, Wiz, Weasel, Hane, and Wink ... THE Month . . . 
Kath's dancin' . . . "Psyche" . . . Beach Boys ... net attacks . . . EB . . . cars and shaving cream . . . 
Canada . . . Halloween . . . mesh shirts?! . . . Chica Mackey and Scoop McCoy . . . Crazy Sonja . . . 
Thanks Boys. 

The 1980 Girls' Volleyball Team had a phenomenal season. With Coach Nancy Blaisdell and co- 
captains Jane DeSisto and Sue Wisialko leading the way, the team finished with a 10-2 record, second 
only to a strong Holliston team. The team competed in the State Championships; unfortunately, they 
were knocked out in the first round. Next year they hope to do much better! 

A special congratulations to Jane DeSisto and newcomer, Sue MacMullen who were chosen as Tri- 
Valley League All Stars for their outstanding performance throughout the season. 

Coach Roche did a fantastic job with the J.V. team. Co-captains Sue Padell and Sheila Roach led the 
team to a first place finish in the Tri-Valley League. 

Field Hockey 

Ani-malie . . . good lucky, you?? . . . mud 
fights . . . another broken stick? ... bus 
rides with "Hey Laddy" . . . Yes, that's the 
football team . . . Switch fields!! . . . 
handstops?? ... you're beginning to bug 
me ... stand up, disappear ... new 
streak!!!! . . . another goal?? . . . let's get it 
back, you guys'! ... me, obstruction?! . . . 
Rick-a-rack-chee! ... we are tough and we 
are mean . . . Brookline B's. 

Although the Field Hockey Team did not 
have a very successful season, their school 
pride and enthusiasm were tremendous. 
Captains Janice Ihnatko and Ellen O'Neil 
kept the team in high spirits. Recognized by 
the Daily Transcript newspaper for their 
outstanding play were Janice Ihnatko, Beth 
Scott, and Chris Kuppens, the Unsung 

The team would like to thank varsity 
coach, Miss Rice, J.V. coach, Miss Kearney, 
and assistant coach, Miss Devaney for their 
help and dedication throughout the season. 

Varsity Volleyball 
Front row (left to right): B. Guidi, Captain J. DeSisto, Captain S. Wisialko, J. 
Steeger. Back row: Coach Blaisdell, K. McCoy, S. Norstrum. S. MacMullen, K. 
McCafferty, E. Thenalt, K. Smith. 

J.V. Volleyball 
Front row (left to right): D. McCoy, S. Padell, S. Roach, M. Winklemas. Back row: 
Coach Roach, L. Mackey, C. O'Malia, J. Marshall, D. Thenalt, A. Ayerbe. 







BetterThan Good. 

Boys' Varsity Basketball 
Front row (left to right): B. MacLellan, B. Warren, J. Smith, J. MacLellan, J. Ward. 
Back row: C.DeSisto, B. Bartow, M. Beder, S. Harrington, G. Hill, C. Bell, Coach 

Boys' J.V. Basketball 
Front row (left to right): E. Wisialko, D. Beltramini, S. Kohler, J. Pinciaro, C. 
Maynard. Back row: M. Cummings, J. Howard, B. Ward, D. Morse, J. Kane, Coach 

Boys' Basketball 

Under the second year tutelage of Coach Bob Bonn, our Wolverines com- 
piled a lofty 16 wins and 4 losses second place in the Tn-Valley League, and 
the qualification for the Eastern Massachusetts Tournament. However, win- 
ning basketball is a tradition in Westwood. The 1979-1980 season will 
probably be best remembered for the increased attendance, at home 
games, by the enthusiastic fans, the warmly appreciated appearances of our 
newly created band, and the informative game programs, published by the 
Westwood Booster's Club. 

This year's team was co-captained by Jeff Smith and John MacLellan. Jeff 
led the team in scoring and rebounds, while John, the point guard, was 
second in scoring, and first in assists and steals. Jeff and John were se- 
lected to the Tn-Valley League All-Star Team. Jim Ward, despite missing five 
games due to injuries, made a tremendous offensive contribution, with his 
deadly outside shooting. Chad Bell, with his crowd-pleasing jumping ability, 
was a strong factor with his rebounding and timely scoring. Chad was also 
selected as an honorable mention to the all-star team. Scott Harrington was 

Mr. Hustle, offensively and defensively. Chris DeSisto, after displaying true 
round ball talent, sustained a severe knee injury, and missed the entire 
second half of the season. Billy MacLellan, with his ball handling and 
defensive skills, wasan excellent man off the bench. Mark Beder performed 
nobly in key situations, when one of the starting big men had to be sub- 
stituted. Gerard Hill, Bill Bartow, Stefan Kohler, and Brian Warren com- 
prised a strong bench making significant contributions to this successful 

Finally, an analysis of this team's achievements would be incomplete 
without mentioning the contributions, physical and psychological, of the 
new trainer, Mike Ryan. His intensity, compassion, and enthusiasm were 
significant assets. 

Bob Bonn, after two years of coaching, has compiled an overall record of 
thirty wins and ten losses. He is an intelligent and dedicated man, with the 
ability to motivate his players. We are fortunate to have such an individual 
in our school's coaching ranks. 

saw = i'qyjj -w 




Varsity Captains 
Jeff Smith. John MacLellan. 




Girls' Varsity Basketball 
First row (lett to right): Manager K. Forsberg, 
E. Nee, Captain L. Walsh, C. Berkland, D. 
Losardo. Second row: K. Carey, C. McCoy, B. 
Carver, Captain S. MacMullen, K. McCoy, C. 
O'Maha, C. Aaron, Coach Delaney Smith. 


Girls' J.V. Basketball 
First row (left to right): N. Warren, Captain C. Cavanaugh, K. Smith, D. Shanning, L. Brooks. Back row: L. McDonald, L. Darcy, 
Captain E. Surgrue, C. Mason, J. Marshall, L. Mackey, B. Fitzhenry. 


The Girls' Varsity Basketball Team, under Coach Kathy Delaney-Smith, 
went undefeated and took the Tri-Valley League Championship once again. 
Led by co-captains Lynne Walsh and Sue MacMullan, the girls also made a 
phenomenal showing in statewide competition. 

The J.V. team under the direction of Coach Julia McKissock, also had a 
very impressive season. The team captained by Caroline Cavanaugh and 
Erin Sugrue, shows much promise for future years. With such talented un- 
derclassmen, Westwood's remarkable basketball dynasty is sure to con- 


The difference between 
good and great. 


The fast 
was the 

Boy's Cross Country 
Front row (left to right): Dave Babineau, Mike Devlin, Eric McKenna, Captain Skip Mason, Tom Devlin, Gary 
Yesallian, Coach Cummings. Back row: Coach Fishier, Captain Jerry Laughlin, Mike Ferry, Ken Lundberg, Kevin 
Carson. Missing: Joe Kelliher, Steve Ausevich, Dave Babineau, Phil Murphy, Bill Singer. 


Cross Country Team 
200 Nahatan St. 
"There is no finish line." 
C.C., The Skin and Bone Brigade . . . Likes: quality humor, eight workouts, good tunes, 
twelve-ounce curies . . . Migel, "F", Geraldo, Skip, Lumpy, Kevin, Randus, Doey, Big G, 
Aus, The Devs, Ricster, Zinger, Wiz, other assorted coobers and skeebers . . . "How can we 
sprint if we can't even breathe?" ... Pet Peeves: fatigue, "good" laughs, 5-2 records, be- 
ing called track wimps . . . "You'd better laugh, 'cause he's the coach." . . . Dislikes: 
speedwork, Saturday morning meets, sharing a bus with E.M.O., and her Field Hockey 
Singers . . . Favorite people: Coaches Fishier and Cummings, our many loyal fans and Dot- 
tie the busdriver . . . found on the roads, in pain, at Laughlin's . . . "Where . . . the . . . 
#%& ... is ... the ... finish line!?!" 


Girls' Cross Country 

The guys at the meets . . . fall foliage . . . Sycamore . . . Peg's guys . . . pulling a somebody ... no 
medals and cheap ribbons . . . what are you running today . . . coaches' jokes ... "I can't run today, 
I'm too out of shape" . . . Monday practice hangovers. 

Behind the enthusiasm and leadership of Coach Roger Cummings and Captain Diana Petrakos, 
the 1980 girls' cross country team had an extremely successful season. Their final record was 7-1; 
the only loss to Medway, was due to injuries. The girls' most impressive performance was a third 
place finish in the Coaches' Invitational in which they competed against thirty other teams. 

A special congratulations to Chrissy Kelly, who placed seventh in the All-State Meet! Chrissy was 
also chosen to the Globe All-Scholastic Team. 


Girls' Cross Country 
Front row (left to right): Coach Cummings, Crissy Kelly, Captain Diana Petrakos, Susie Montambo, Coach 
Fishier. Back row: Lisa Eads, Peggy Mason. Missing: Captain Valerie Allen. 



Winter Track Team (Girls') 

Morning practice . . . Rocky ... I can't find the shot put . . . 
I'm starving! ... The bus is broken down?! . . . Fish's treat at 
MB's . . . team warm-ups . . . speed workouts . . . Roger's 
jokes . . . Harvard . . . "Louder! I can't hear you! ... The 
videotape makes me look fat ... "You're such a Mr. 
Fischler!?!" . . . Broken clipboards?! . . . Where's the finish 
line?! . . . team spirit . . . 

For the second straight year, the Girls Winter Track Team 
went undefeated and captured the Tri-Valley League title. Co- 
captains Diana Petrakos and Mary White led the team to their 
most successful season ever, finishing with an 8-0 record. 

The tremendous enthusiasm and talent the girls displayed 
all season emabled them to race away with the TVL League 
Meet championship. 

The girls also made a phenomenal showing in the Class B 
State Meet, placing fourth overall. Outstanding performances 
included: Chrissy Kelly, first: Valerie Allen, second: Susie 
Montambo. fifth: and the mile-relay team of Kelly. Dresens. 
Allen and Mitchell, fifth. 

The team could not have been champion tracksters without 
the spirit, direction, and dedication of their coaches. Roger 
Cummings and Harvey Fischler. 

Boys' Winter Track 

The Continuing Adventures of Captain Ned . . . "What 
do you mean. 'We're stuck here' 7 " ... The Sweeney- 
Photo Memorial 245-yard dash . . . "This is baggage" 
. . . Ger's aromatic feet . . . "Hey Rog, splinter any clip- 
boards lately?" . . . MacEI's organic flamethrower . . . 
ROLL OVER!" Drs. Ferry and Brady stalk the un- 
suspecting heart attack victim . . . JRS and his Holliston 
grin ... Sir Charlesman, Master of Tunes ... "You 
know. I'm not trying to get on your case, or nothing, but 
... " ... Blueberry. Oges. Coober. Fro-man. Captain 
"0 ". Hoodwinks, and . . . THE STALLION! . . . "See you 
at Shrewsbury, Toods" . . . 

The Winter Track team, led by Co-Captains Mike 
Ferry and Buzz Scarlata. enjoyed a fine season, winning 
the League Meet. League Relays and the Class C state 
relay meet. Sparked by the championship performances 
of Ferry in the mile and Scarlata in the 600, the team 
went on to place third in the Class D State Meet. The 
team wishes to extend a special thanks to Coaches Cum- 
mings, Fischler, and Tucelli for making this season a 
memorable one. 

Winter Track Team 
First row (left to right): J. Laughlin. K. Lundberg. S. Mason. S. Darling. 
Scales. D. MacElhiney. C. Redden. Captain R. Scarlata. Captain M. Ferry. B 
Brady. R. Oglivie. P. Murphy. Second row: R. Scollms. C. Sallale. K. Fowler 
M. Devlin, D. Howitt J. Mulgrew. G. Yessailian. S. Dowd. Third row: T. Devlin 
W. Sweeney. T. Fitzpatnck. J. Smith. C. Cavanaugh. L. Guerini, R. Morrison. A 
Sweeney. S. Ausevich. Fourth row: B. Fitzhenry, J. Shaughnessy. G. Maus. J 
Howard, D. Kellegher. A. Hart. P. Maher, B. Roach. Fifth row: M. Devlin. B 
Carter. S. Fitzpatnck. P. McDermott. D. Brown, S. Dacey. 

Winter Track Team 
First row (left to right): C. Kelly. L Legge. M. White. Captain Diana Petrakos. 
V. Allen, E. Winn, S. Montambo. Second row: L. O'Brien. S. Curwen, M. 
Wmkelmes. A. Heffron. P. Brady. T. O'Tolle. L. Chapin. Third row: L. Eads. A. 
Schiavo. C Williams. S. Roach. J. Dressens, J. Mitchell. M. Mcguire, P. 
Ballantme. M. DeSimone. 



Symbol of 


Boys' Swim Team 

This year's swim team, under the tremendous guidance of 
newly-found aquatic sage William "Call me Coach Bill" 
Wentworth found only a mediocre number of wins this year (5- 
7), but was more successful than any other Westwood Club in re- 
cent memory. At the start of the season, Coach Bill pre- 
dicted only the butterfly record would be broken, but records 
were smashed up until the last meet, totalling an incredible 
seven new Westwood High Records. 

Aiding Coach Bill were managers Jennifer Cloney and Lauren 
Riley, who did a great job and put in a great deal of time. Cap- 
tains John Mason and Dan Dion, both divers, were in top form, as 
was junior Mike Berlin, in diving competition this year, although 
John missed the first part of the season due to a foot injury. 

Seniors Darren Glover and Barry MacQuarrie were fierce com- 
petitors throughout the season in the breast stroke, as was 
awesome butterfly man Esteban Herrera. Seniors John Wells and 
Fran Callaghan excelled in freestyle events, and Fran was reluc- 
tantly converted into a distance man. 

A very firm foundation on this club were the dependable 
Juniors. Bob Brawley, Kevin Cloney, and Scott Beaton proved 
themselves invaluable in any stroke or distance. John Curwen 
and Mike Falkson were tenacious sprint distance men. Brian 
Gavin and Rob Halligan were solid in long distances as was 
promising sophomore Jack Lodge. In addition to being an excep- 
tional backstroker, Frank Hunt consumed over 300 pairs of swim 
goggles over the course of the season. 

The sophomores were a goldmine of talent, this year, and 
provided us with a few weird scenes. Remi (Reen eye) Leveckis 
pared well in many events. Kevin Glynn is an up-and-coming 
medley swimmer as is Bob Prevett. Dave Callaghan is a new 
member this year, a free styler, and improved much this season. 
Scott Bernstein was a relay man beyond compare. Frank Marston 
and Rob Manning were riddled by illness, but should come back 
strong as should solo freshman Chris Peterson. 

This year's team was a polished, and refined one and should 
be able to break .500 next year. Says Coach Bill: "Heeeeeelp!!" 

Girls' Swim Team 

"Do it in the pool" ... put on side two . . . turn it up . . . 
what's your excuse . . . underwater fights . . . "It's 4:00, 
let's go" . . . pizza parties . . . diets . . . Springfield states in 
brown Celica ... Ice cream fights ... no more 100's . . . 
ten seconds' rest . . . Fun! 

The 1979 Girls' Swim team had a rather disappointing 
season. Under the direction of their new coach, Bill 
Wentworth, the girls were moved into a higher league 
where the competition was tougher. Co-captains Maura 
Winslow and Leslie Ferraro remained undefeated 
throughout the season. 

With about 20 returning lettermen, there is much to look 
forward to in the 1980 season. 

Boys' Swim Team 
First row (left to right): M. Berlin, J. Lodge, F. Callaghan, M.Glynn, C. Peterson, F. Hunt. Second row: R. 
Manning, R. Prevett, D. Callaghan, R. Halligan, F. Marston, R. Leveckis, Coach Bill Wentworth. Third row: R. 
Brawley, J. Wells, S. Beaton, K. Cloney, captain J. Mason, captain D. Dion, M. Faulkson, B. Mcquarne, E. 
Herrera. Missing: S. Bernstein. 

Boys' Swim Team (Seniors) 
(left to right): B. McQuarne, captain J. Mason, captain D. Dion, J. Wells, E. Herrera, F. Callaghan. 

Swim Team (Girls') 
First row (left to right): Captain M. Winslow, Captain L. Ferraro. Second row: N. Crawford, K. Caraini, C. 
Meagher, J. Tibbets, P. Casey. P. Runci, L. Reilly. K. Williams, M. Fitzpatnck, K. Kelly, L. Legge. L. Mac- 
Donald, C. Forsberg. Third row: J. Cloney, S. Manton, P Brady, B. Berlin, S. Hoban, J. Collins, A. Kelly, J. 
Manton, K. Cloney. K. Huskins, J. McGinnis, B. Casey, H. Williams, Coach Wentworth. 





Captains: (left to right): Alex Williams, Nancy Rogers, Steve Lane. 



Ski Team 

Front row (left to right): Captain N. Rogers, D. Ganem, P. Hurley, C. Forsberg, H. Stone, C. Penza, L. 
O'Brien, N. Sullivan, K. Harris. Back row: R. Thompson, J. Lambert, M. Montella, A. Gendron, J. Hurley, 
Coach Colucci, P. Casey, J. Thompson, J. Stone, P. Church, S. Montambo. 

No snow . . . Colucc-man . . . always finish . . . "Do we have to climb up?" ... Of 
course the lift doesn't work! . . . Channel 4 and Roger Twibell with sports . . . WHS 
Ski Team on TV?! . . . Oh no . . . another DQ . . . team spirit. 

The 1980 Ski Team led by captains Nancy Rogers, Alex Williams, and Steve Lane, 
and their new coach Mr. Colucci had a fine season. Although there was not much 
snow the team had a few meets at Blue Hills. Outstanding racers included: John 
Hurley, Rick Thompson, Scott Montambo, Jordan Stone, and Julie Thompson. 

Senior members of the team wish them the best of luck next year! 



A *f, 

•*■■* £«.■ 

1 1 *fc. 



Gymnastics Team 
Front row (left to right): Captain R. PalPis, C. Collins, M. Arute, M. Borden, E. Dratch, P. Goodale. Back 
row: Coach Beverly Smith, L. Ferrari, J. Cloney, M. Quinn, K. O'Rourke, K. Hanlon. 

The shrinking team ... a year without bars . . . Wow! Two people on beam . . . 
"Byt Beverlyyyy!!!" . . . auxiliary gym . . . Will you make up my routine? . . . Tragedy 
. . . striptee music . . . hour rides on the bus . . . Cheezit's ... Can I leave early? . . . 
three people at practice?? . . . Charleston . . . whining . . . Chinese food ... We are 
off to see the wizard, alkaline! . . . sharing the gym . . . Shut her up! . . . Lisa, put on 
my music! .. . Better luck next year! 

The Girls' Gymnastics team was extremely small this year. Westwood had no gym- 
nast on the bars and only two competitors on the beam. Although their season was 
rather disappointing, their sportsmanship and enthusiasm were fantastic. Captain 
Rose Pal lis helped carry the team through much tough competition. 

The girls would like to thank their coach, Beverly Smith for her help and direction 
throughout the season. 


Varsity Hockey 
Front row (left to right): A. Aymie, B. Kenney, J. Gavin, B. Murphy, T. 
Boyd, Captain J. Malloy, E. Gavin, H. Irvine, manager J. Ogden. Back 
row: B. Reisstelder, J. Mazzarella, C. Malloy, R. Johnson, G. Tesda, C. 
Mundt, D. Masison, D. Manchester, D. Clay, D. Quinlin. Missing: C. 

J.V. Hockey 

Front row (lett to right): A. Pecarro, C. Foehl, P. Melanson, A. Aymie 
M. Lizza, P. McCarthy, D. Malloy. Back row: M. Ciarti, J. Draper, P 
Fallon, B. Kenney, N. McDevitt, R. Swartz, P. Duray, M. White, E 
Brown, G. Snyder. 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Clement 

Maureen Bulger 

Dorothy H. Saltmarsh 

Priscilla J. Congdon 

Carolyn D. Bergen 

Patricia A. Curran 

Mrs. Eda Saccone 

Richard J. Stack 

Natalie B. Carey 

Virginia B. McCoubrey 

Lucy and Pete Case 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Giovino 

Mariana Giovino 

Adrienne Giovino 

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Barton 

Tom and Pat Skelly 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Connell 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles DeAngelis 

Mary Beth and Sully 

Glenn, Donna, Sue and Debbie 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Toffoloni 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Margeson 

Mr. George L. Mason Family 

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Mason III 

Mr. Davis 

Mr. Beurman 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kelly 

Mr. and Mrs. McDevitt 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry DeAngelis 

Mr. Keegan 

Westwood Teachers' Association 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Baker 

Mildred and Lestor Gaynor 

Bobby and Page 

Bruce Smith 

Miss H. Joan Dillon 

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Scales 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wolfe and 

Kim, Shane and Sam 
Mr. and Mrs. James Perry 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Nolan 
Mr. and Mrs. William Holbrook 
Libby Wentzell 
Herb and Joanne Peterson 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Keller 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Saccone 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Fleming 
Morse Family 
Fredric Henry Yeomans 
Mr. and Mrs. Croke 
Gail Troilo 

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Fowler 
The parents of Michael Reardon 
Mr. Robert Dion 
Mr. and Mrs. O'Sullivan 
Richard and Harriet Ogilvie 
John Lennon 
Mr. and Mrs. William Mulroy